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By Staff Brunswick Beacon


The Beachcombers played a modified Stableford tournament June 26 at Palmetto Greens The winners at +30.5 were Gary Gutheil, Dan O’Connell, Jim Beairsto and Bob Smith. Second went to Larry Bollinger, Stu Cleveland, Paul Michal and Ed Kinney with a +20. Low gross for the day were Paul Michal and Gary Gutheil, 81; Dan O’Connell, 83; Hal Riebesehl, 85; and Jim Beairsto, 87. The honors for low net were Dan O’Connell, 61; Paul Michal, 63; Gary Gutheil and Hal Riebesehl, 64; Jim Beairsto, 67; Bill Cameron, 68; and Larry Bollinger, 69.


The June 25 league play game of the Brick Landing Plantation LGA was T’s and F’s. Gross scores were counted only on holes starting with a T or an F with half handicap used for the net score. In the first flight, Jean Lakey was first with a 28. Irene Dowdy was second with a 34 and Dale Calhoon took third with a 36. The second-flight winner was Barbara Karkut, with a 30. In second was Cathy Shanley (31) and Pat Christenbury was third (32). The third flight was won by Peggy Campana, with a 27. Peg Agrimonti came in second (32) and Shirley Dowd and Bernice Logan tied for third (33).

Barbara Karkut birdied No. 4 and Dale Calhoon had birdies on No. 1 and No. 11. Peg Agrimonti had a chip-in on No. 11 and Lois Huber chipped in on No. 7. Peggy Campana holed out for par from the bunker on No. 14.



Results of the weekly tournament June 23. The format was two best nets on even holes, three best nets on odd holes. 1. Glen Gayheart, Ed Lakey, Bob Melleky and a blind at -35. 2. Bill Kosanke, Ken Horton, John McGuirt and Bob Mularczyk at -32. 3. Dave Biesack, Ted Lide, Neil Nucci and Jim McAvoy at -32.



The Brick Landing Men’s Club Shootout was Saturday. Ray Audette, Dick Brown, Bud Hollowell and Bill Wells were first (+15.5 points). Bobby Jones, John McGuirt, John Stafford and Dave Igelman were second (+12.0 points). Dave Biesack, Larry Agrimonti, Ray Collins and Bob Grabb were third (+10.0 points).

Individually, Ray Audette was first with +9.5 points. Randy Weller was second with +8.5 points. John Stafford was third with +8.0 points.


The game June 25 was points. Chuck Hornfeck, Morris Hall, Marty Brkal and Joe Brust were first with 100 points. Dave Harper, Jim Pope, Dick Bayton and Les Craft were second with 95. George Edwards, Mike Prokop, Tom Bowden and Bob Sterner were third with 89.

On Saturday, the format was two best ball. In first at 28 under were Paul Salerno, Dave Harper, Odie Johnson and Dennis Shea. In second at 22 under were Wayne McGlothlin, Jim Roach, Dick Bayton and a blind draw. In third at 14 under were Marty Brkal, Ralph Trimmer, Chuck Hornfeck and Morris Hall.

The game Monday was two best ball. In first at 21 under were George Edwards, Chuck Hornfeck, Joe Brust and a blind draw. In second at 19 under were Paul Salerno, Dave Harper, Tom Bowen and Les Craft. In third at 17 under were Bob Sterner, Ralph Trimmer, Bob Snopek and a blind draw.



Liz Boyer’s tee shot on No. 9 slowly rolled by the pin, within inches, setting up a short, decisive putt for a birdie and the winning difference for her team. With a 2-under par score, the team of Boyer, Sharon Beavers, Fran Thomas and Bob Nobes won the Brierwood nine-hole mixed scramble June 24. One stroke behind was the team of Carola Hornfeck, Nancy McGlothlin, Chuck Hornfeck and John Beavers. Marianne Nobes, Glen Green, Ralph Trimmer, and Wayne McGlothlin came in third at even par.


The format for the Brierwood Women’s Golf Association event June 23 was even holes, one-half handicap. Flight 1: Sue Janovic was first with a net of 35. Tied for second were Mona Dye and Marje Roach, with a net of 38. The fewest putts were made by Sue Janovic and Marje Roach, with 29. In flight 2, Betty Gabor and Janice Owens had a net of 36 for first. In second were Sara Baynton and Ruth Linder, with a net of 40.

The fewest putts was by Betty Gabor, with 28. In flight 3, Jean Lacerenza was first with a net of 38. In second was Gloria Brkal, with a net of 42. Florence Hopkins had fewest putts, with 31.

Chip-ins were by Betty Gabor on No. 8, Florence Hopkins on No. 3 and Jean Lacerenza on No. 17. Birdies were by Mona Dye on No. 2 and Betty Gabor on No. 8.


Winners of the tournament June 11 at Farmstead Golf Links. First flight, gross: 80, Mona Dye from Brierwood; 82, Joan Mason from Sea Trail. Net: 72, Sherry Marsh from St. James; 91, Dianne Hoffman from Lockwood. Putts: 32, Dale Calhoun from Brick Landing.

Flight 2, gross: 88, Alcina Davis from Brunswick; Janis Ortmeyer from Meadowlands; Jan Howard from the Lakes, Karla Reens from St. James; 89, Judy Hardin from Meadowlands. Net: 91, Ann Phlegar from Carolina National; 92, Penny Sillery from Carolina National. Putts: 29, Elsa Bonstein from Brick Landing.

Flight 3, gross: 91, Mary Bergere from Sea Trail; 93, Mary Alice Jerome from Sea Trail.

Net: 73, Pat Hamrick from Meadowlands; 75, Jan Bohlinger from Sea Trail, Joann Barton from Sea Trail. Putts: 31, Mary Shaack from Brierwood.

Flight 4, gross: 93, Sue Durbin from Meadowlands; 95, Patti Kelly from St. James. Net: 71, Mil Crane from Carolina National; 74, Linda Parks from Oak Island, Nancy Griffin from Meadowlands. Putts: 35, Carole Schuster from Ocean Ridge.

Flight 5, gross: 98, Sylvia Keegan from St. James, Marylu Prescott from Oak Island; 99, Lynn Weidman from Sea Trail. Net: 73, Kathy Reidway from St. James, Hilda Cummins from Lockwood; 79, Sue Woods from Oak Island, Cindy Northrup from Brierwood, Birgit Carpenter from Sea Trail, Barbara Paolicelli from Carolina National.

Putts: 34, Ellen Lyons from Brunswick.

Flight 6, gross: 96, Sandy Donovan from St. James; 98, Marge Laydan from Sea Trail, Sue Sadlon from Brunswick. Net: 70, Kay Teagardner from Lockwood; 71, Diane Sheck from Sea Trail. Putts: 33, Pat Copple, Oak Island.

Flight 7, gross: 102, Dianne Lucarelli from Brierwood, Rosemarie Fessbender from Carolina National; 104, Fran Hursh from Lockwood. Net: 73, Carrie Wilson from Brunswick; 74, Linda Gelinas from Carolina National. Putts: 36, Maggie Holcomb from Carolina National.

Flight 8, gross: 109, Emily Campbell from Brunswick; 110, Dorrie MeCurn from Sea Trail; Mary Hankes from Ocean Ridge; Evelyn Claus from Brunswick. Net: 111, Dottie Russo from Carolina Shoes; Marianne Nobes from Brierwood; 112, Kay Gregory from Lockwood. Putts: 30, Gloria Lee from Sea Trail.


The game June 15 was crisscross. In first was Joan Harris and Carrie Wilson, 27.5. In second was Rene December, 28. In third was Alcina Davis and Donna Stangroom, 29. Birdies: Alcina Davis at Dogwood No. 2, Grace Byrne at Dogwood No. 4, Debbie Gurreri at Magnolia No. 7 and Helen Kaehler at Magnolia No. 7. Chip-in: Evelyn Haley at Magnolia No. 3.

Results of the flighted net event June 22. A: Moe MacDonald, 72. B: Janet Iekel, 70. C: Barbara Johnson, 66. D: Dianne Lucarelli, 76. E: Debbie Gurreri, 71. Birdies: Moe MacDonald at Dogwood No. 3, Sharon Beckett at Dogwood No. 4. Chip-in: Pat Haniquet, Dogwood No. 5.


On June 22 at Meadowlands, Cliff Musselman, Boomer Needham, Von Hincher and Bob Jaeger placed first with a 140. Format for the day was cha-cha-cha. Placing second with a 149 were Ron Doeblin, Steve Maiorca, Joe Meo and Joe Gallo.

On June 24 at Farmstead, Jerry Rubin, Bob Jaeger, Jody Serensits and Hugh Chinn placed first with a 135. Teams scored three nets on holes 1-6, two nets on 7-12 and one net on 13-18. Placing second on a match of cards with a 144 were Jim Kennedy, Tom Bridges, Cliff Musselman and Joe Gallo. Third: Sid Pennington, Rich West, Boomer Needham and Joe Meo. Meo, age 92, again beat his age with a 90.

On Friday at Farmstead, Von Hincher, Cliff Musselman, Ron Doeblin and Sid Pennington placed first with a 123. Teams scored two nets on the par-3 and par-4 holes and one net on the par-5 holes.


The CVGA played its weekly tournament June 22 at River Hills Country Club. The format was 1-2-3 (one low net on the par-5s, two on the par-4s and three on par-3s). The winning team with a -30 was Gary Gutheil, Don Eisenman, Bob Ebert and Wash Dayton. Closest to the pin: John Yencik, Wash Dayton and Bill Bowden.


Results of the June 24 Calabash Elks Golf League match at Carolina Shores. In the A flight, Ted Olczak was first (65). In the B flight, Mike McCormack was first (65). In the C flight, Guy Lachapelle was first (63).

Closest to the pin: On No. 3, Mike McCormack, 3 feet. On No. 7, Jim Beairsto and Ted Olczak, 6-0. On No. 12, Rich Adduce 6-0. On No. 17, George Malina, 5-6.


Results of the event June 23 at Brierwood. Low gross, A: Steve White, 81; Dick Wilson, 83; Noel Christie, 89. B: John Ciemniewski, 88; 2. Mike Donohue, 89; 3. Ralph Phillips, 92. Low net, A: Steve White, 63; 2. Noel Christie, 66; 3. Dick Wilson, 68. Low net, B: John Ciemniewski, 62; 2. Ralph Phillips, 64; 3. Mike Donohue, 65.

Closest to the pin at 17: In A, Noel Christie; in B, Mike Donohue. Fewest putts: Steve White and Noel Christie, 29; Dick Wilson, 30; Corbin Ledford, 33; John Ciemniewski, Raleigh Putnam and Ralph Phillips, 35.


Results of the match June 26 at Carolina Shores. The format was score the three low nets on each hole. First: Gary Stewart, Ed Morris, Dick Polonski and a blind draw, 189. Second: Bill Marsh, Frank Talak, Mal MacRaild and John Kain, 193. Third: Arnie Northrop, Ron Buck, Bob Fyock and Rich Boyle 196 (won match of cards). Fourth: George Balbach, Gary Hertling, Roger Thompson and Buddy Broadnax, 196 (mc). Low gross: Gary Stewart, 77. Low net: Dick Polonski, 63. Skins: Bill Marsh, Ron Buck, Frank Talak, Mal MacRaild, Bob Fyock and Gary Hertling. Closest to the pin: John Dougherty at No. 3, Ed Morris at No. 7, Ron Buck at No. 12 and Frank Talak at No.17.


Results of the Crow Creek Men’s Golf Association match June 23 in which two formats were used: two-man blind draw and individual best net quota points. Two-man team winners: Brian Nordberg and Walt Fedyna for a team total of +10. Individual best net quota points: first, Walt Fedyna (+12); second, John Huntey (+7); third, Ray Hickey (+5).


In a modified Stableford match Friday at Crow Creek, front-nine winners at +6.5 were Herb Johnson, Mike Hedfield, Ted Peters and Fred Langston. Donnie Studds, Jerry Way and Ron Ladonne took the back at +11 and overall at +13. Flight winners: A, +5.5, Donnie Studds, John Koester and Herb Johnson; B, +3.5, Ted Peters; C, +6, Ron Ladonne; and D, +2, Hank Mattutat. Closest to pin at No. 8: Herb Johnson, 8 inches; No. 13, Donnie Studds; 12-3.


Ted Peters eagled the 450-yard, par-5 sixth hole Friday at Crow Creek, using a driver, a 3-wood and a pitching wedge.



Results of the modified Stableford played June 23 at Farmstead: Front: Dick Turner, Keith Heyn, Paul Hourigan, Rick Gilordi, +6; Adam Peters, Richard Smith, Jim Poole, Russ Thompson, +4. Back: Fred Johnson, Larry Zub, Bill Tyson, W. Curtis Brenk, +3.5; Dick Turner, Keith Heyn, Paul Hourigan, Rick Gilordi, +3. Overall: Dick Turner, Keith Heyn, Paul Hourigan, Rick Gilordi, +9; Pat Weese, Tony Mantini, Bill Southard, +3.5; Fred Johnson, Larry Zub, Bill Tyson, W. Curtis Brenk, +3.

Individuals: A, Bill Blewitt, +5.5; B, Tony Mantini, +4.5; C, Paul Hourigan, +8.5; D, Jakob McLamb, Pat Finnegan, +5.5. Superflight: Paul Hourigan, +8.5.


Winners of the Al Graham Stableford tourney last week were Steve Jones, Mal Mac Raild, Buddy Broadnax and Ed DuPuis. They shot a +9, edging out seven other teams. Second went to Jim Barnett, Jerry Strickler, Ron Mac Dowell and Charlie Harless. They won via a match of cards with the team of Don Rose, Earnie Schober, Boots Bromwell and a blind draw. Both teams had +8. Fourth with a +7 were Leo Jarmusz, Joe McDonough, Bob Barrett and Dick Polonski.


The Grand Strand Seniors Men’s Golf Association played its weekly event June 22 at Heron Point Golf Club in Myrtle Beach, S.C. The format is stroke play with handicap. Each flight is awarded a low-gross and low-net winner. This week it had 60 golfers, so there were four flights, A through D. All par-3s have closest-to-the-pin awards for white and gold tees. The following are the winners for this week: A flight: Monte Beebe (77 gross), Ernie Weeks (60 net). B flight: Bob Kennedy (85 gross), Jim Moloney (67 net). C flight: Ray Mara (87 gross), Frank Masi (67 net). D flight: Ron Wetherington (91 gross), Fred Klatt (63 net). Closest to the pin: White tee: No. 4, Curt Miel, 11 feet, 0 inches; No. 6, Curt Miel, 39-5; No. 11, Mitch Jordan, 16-3; No. 17, Monte Beebe, 12-7. Gold tee: No. 4, Don Clark, 10-7; No. 6, Frank Masi, 35-6; No. 11, John McCloy, 10-2; No. 17, Dick Pearce, 7-7.

Lockwood Folly LGA

Results of the fewest putts event June 25. 1. Susann Thompson and Gerry Brewer, 32 putts; 2. Mary Ward, 33. Birdies: Laura Botto at 2 and 6. Chip-ins: Kathy Spinoso at 2, Pat Morris at 9, Susann Thompson at 10 and Pam Humenay at 13.


Results of the league match June 22 at the Meadowlands Golf Course. 1. gross, Denni Maynard, 83; net, Judy Hardin, 67; 2. gross, Linda Blewitt, 89; net, Dorine Stoecker, 68. 3. gross, Thelma Albrecht, 94; net, Delores Dulaski, 66. Some of the winners were determined by a match of cards.

Birdies: Donna Phelps, No. 1; Denni Maynard, No. 5 and 9; Bev Ibbott, No. 3; M.J. LaBant, No. 5; Linda Blewitt, No. 6; Mary Griffin, No. 3; Thelma Albrecht, No. 3; Sur Durbin, No. 9. Chip-ins: Delores Dulaski, No. 3. Fewest putts: 1. Sue Durbin, 28; Donna Phelps 30.


Results of the event June 24 at Panther’s Run (one net on the par-5s, two nets on the par-3s and par-4s). 1. Michelle Sherwood, Grace Bradicich, Joan Marsh and Liz Waldron (-21). 2. Pat Brooks, Frankie Neal, Margaret Dinda and Margo Russell (-19). Low gross, Pat Brooks, 83. Low net, Pat Brooks, 64. Birdies: Pat Brooks, No. 6. Chip-ins: Cathy Story at 11, Grace Bradicich at 14, Katie Glanton at 14.

Results of the event June 20 at Lion’s Paw. Format was one low net on holes 1-6, two low nets on holes 7-12, three low nets on holes 13-18. Par is 146.

First at 21 under (125) were Patsy Mays, Diane Wright, Skip Lindstrom and Marita Sasser. Second at 17 under (129) were Pam Fitzgerald, Peggy Jones, Judy Keegan and Olive Larson.

Birdies: Patsy Mays at No. 3 and Diane Wright at No. 4. Chip-in birdie: Patsy Mays at No. 5. Chip-in: Judy Dwyer at No. 1. Low gross: Patsy Mays, 82. Low net: Judy Gully, Skip Lindstrom, Peggy Rowland, 70.



Results of the Ocean Ridge Sunday mixed couples event played June 28 at Panther’s Run. The game counted one low net score on odd-numbered holes and two low net scores on even-numbered holes. T-1. Phil Harrington, Brian Roe, Dusty Burianek and Judy Harlow (blind draw) and Larry Wright, Glenn Christiansen, Judy Keeganand Colleen Plebanek, -21. 2. John Harlow, Don Rowland, Pat Brooks and Marita Sasser, -19. 3. Al Keegan, Bob Plebanek, Alice Christiansen and Diane Wright, -18.

Birdies: George Brooks at 7, Judy Harlow at 17 (chip-in), Pat Brooks at 12, Al Keegan at 5 and 7. Other chip-ins: Phil Harrington at 2 and Don Rowland at 18. Low nets: Larry Wright and Dusty Burianek, 68; Glenn Christiansen, 67; Phil Harrington, Brian Roe, George Brooks and Pat Brooks, 66; Reggie Harrington, 65.


The Piperettes played a tourney June 23 in which only holes that started with T or F were counted, one-half handicap, low net wins. 1. Ann Leahy, 29; 2. Jane Duvall, 30.5; T-3. Loretta Delamere and Jacquie Bridge, 31; T-5. Judy Nicoletti and Ginny Stout, 32.5.

Birdies: Judy Nicoletti, Sand No. 1 and Sand No. 3; Joyce Westcott, Sand No. 6 and Sand No. 8; Carol Christie, Sand No. 2 and Bay No. 6. Chip-ins: Joyce Westcott, Sand No. 8; Ginny Stout, Bay No. 7; Carol Christie, Sand No. 5.


Bob Davis, Don Clark and Wil Garvin scored a 117 and won the weekly Players Golf Association tournament June 25 at Farmsted Golf Course. Game played was cha-cha-cha. Second with a 121 were Ernie Weeks, Bob Lange and George Griffin. Third at 124 were Bob Butkevicius, Alex Olmsted and Carl Price. Fourth at 126 were Ray Girard, Ernie Schober, Bill Kasper and Ray O’Donnell. Closest to the pin were Bob Lange at 3, Bob Davis at 6, Bob Butkevicius at 12 and Ray Girard at 17.


The game Friday was individual low net score. Taking first was Gene “I shot a 73 today” McDonald, who, with his 12-handicap subtracted, had a net 61. Second, but a stroke behind, was Mike Matlock. Third in a four-way tie at 63: Bernie Fowler, Otto Nelke, Barney Evangelista and Al Bowman. Bob Arace was next with a 64. Denny Sams and J.J. Whalen shot 65s. Closest to the pin: Gene McDonald on Sand No. 2 and P.J. Jones on Bay No. 5.


Playing at Carolina Shores, the game for the Renegades this week was T’s and F’s, using one-half handicaps. (Only count holes that begin with a T or an F.) The winners were Donna Watkins, Carol Groner and Barbara Malina, who in with scores of 31. Low-gross winner was Carol Groner (92), on a match of cards over Donna Watkins. Barbara Malina was third at 98. Low-net winners were Donna Watkins with a 64, Carol Groner with a 66 and Teddy Altreuter with a 67 on a match of cards over Barbara Malina. Carol Groner had fewest putts (29). Donna Powers had a chip-in birdie on 17 and Teddy Altreuter had a birdie on 7.


Sea Trail men played two-best net balls per foursome on the Jones back-nine and Byrd front-nine courses June 23. All played from red, white and blue tees on successive holes. A flight: 1. Bill Connor, Jack Dambaugh, Charlie Hanlon and Jim Rademaker, 121; 2. Joe Carpinello, Lou DeVita, Tom Robbins and a blind draw, 123; 3. Fred Abernethy, George Hill, Bill Locke and Ben Madura, 124. B flight: 1. Jerry Burbank, Ralph Gardner, Tony Imondi and Gene Method, 125; 2. Gregg DeCrane, Bill McNeil, Tom Smith and BobThwaites, 126; 3. Scott Bernreuther, Frank DeMattia, Pete Hauver and Mike Pozdol, 127.



Results of the member-guest tourney June 24 at the Jones Course. 1. Carol Gartner and Donna Tsiros, 49; 2. Pam Fisher and Hanneke Nagelkerke, 52.75; 3. Gloria Wimmer and Lajuanna Lovett, 54; 4. Mary Lou Dunbar and Debbie Johnson, 54.25; 5. Jan Bohlinger and Andi Evans, 54.5; 6. Sandy Reynolds and Debbie Morey, 55; 7. Libby Wilson and Linda Bye, 57.25 (match of cards); 8. Joan Mason and Gen Conroy, 57.25 (match of cards); 9. Maria Alvarez and Linda Smith, 58 (match of cards); 10. Mary Couch and Ruth Vadnais, 58 (match of cards).

Closest to the pin: Member, Flo Hill, 2.2 inches; guest, Debbie Morey, 2.5 inches.

Closest to the line: Member, Donna Morris, 4.5 inches; guest, Linda Culverwell, 0.5 inches. Longest drive: Member, Diane Carcich, guest, Ximena White.