Golf action

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

Aug. 13 was ace day for the Brick Landing Plantation LGA. The low net score of the day won ace of the month honors.

The first flight winner was Jean Lakey with a 66. Keith Webb was second with a 72 and Irene Dowdy was third with a 74. Barbara Karkut won the second flight with a 62. Shirley Dowd was second with a 63 and Cathy Shanley was third with a 71. Peggy Campana won the third flight with a 61 and took ace of the month honors. Bernice Logan placed second in the flight.

Birdies: Jean Lakey on No. 2; Bonnie Giehl on No. 2; Jackie Seidler on No. 4 and No. 15 and Cathy Shanley on No. 4. Barbara Karkut had a chip-in on No. 3 and Peggy Campana chipped in on No. 1.



The weekly tournament was Aug. 11. The format was individual flighted stroke play with handicaps. First flight, net scores: 1. Al Zyga, 63; 2. John Kupstas, 70; 3. Joe Whalen, 71. Second flight, net scores: 1. Bob Melleky, 64; 2. Bill Shanley, 66; 3. Ted Lide, Ralph McLean, 67.

The Brick Landing Men’s Club shootout was Saturday. Ed Lakey, Dwight Christenbury, Dave Igelman and Brian Walker were first (+8.5 points). John McGuirt, Tom Edwards, Bob Gorman and Bob Melleky tied for second with Jim Edes, Bob Brown, Ted Lide and Alan Morrissey (+7.5 points). Individually: Jack Ryan was first with +9.0 points, Bob Melleky second with +8.0 points and Bob Brown third with +7.5 points.


Following are the results from the Brunswick County Ladybirds tournament played Aug. 11 at Ocean Ridge on the Lion’s Paw course:

First flight, low gross: T-1. Dale Calhoon, 84 (Brick Landing), Jan Howard, 84 (The Lakes), 2. Judy Hardin, 86 (Meadowlands). Low net: Doris McLaughlin, 69 (Ocean Ridge), T-2. Brenda Hughes, 70 (The Lakes), Mickie Underhill, 70 (Ocean Ridge), Diana Wells, 70 (Carolina National). Fewest putts: T-1. Laura Botto, 32 (Lockwood Folly), Sally Manifold, 32 (Meadowlands). Second flight, low gross: Penny Sillery, 84 (Carolina National), 2. Irene Dowdy, 86 (Brick Landing). Low net: T-1. Sue Kane, 69 (Ocean Ridge), Mary Alice Jerome, 69 (Sea Trail), T-2. Linda Parks, 70 (Oak Island), Mil Crane, 70 (Carolina National). Fewest putts: Sue Durbin, 30 (Meadowlands). Flight three, low gross: Eileen Reddy, 95 (Meadowlands), T-2. Ann Smith, 96 (Brunswick Plantation), Grace Bradicich, 96 (Ocean Ridge). Low net: Ann Turner, 69 (Ocean Ridge), 2. Bev Farmarco, 70 (Carolina Shores). Fewest putts: Sue Wood, 29 (Oak Island). Flight four, low gross: T-1. Marge Layden, 96 (Sea Trail), Julie Burton, 96 (Sea Trail), Sandy Donovan, 96 (St. James) 2. Laura Lagenaur, 97 (Brunswick Plantation). Low net: Donna Morris 68 (Sea Trail), Sue Sadlon, 69 (Brunswick Plantation). Fewest putts: Lynn Weldman, 30 (Sea Trail). Flight five, low gross Mary Hankes, 102 (Ocean Ridge), Karen Entwhistle, 105 (Carolina National). Low net: Geri Conroy, 72 (Brunswick Plantation), Lynne Moore, 74 (St. James). Fewest putts: Camille Cantello, 31 (Brunswick Plantation). Flight six, low gross: T-1. Karen Anderson, 103 (St. James), Emily Campbell, 103 (Brunswick Plantation), 2. Ruth Linder, 110 (Brierwood). Low net: 1. Kathy Rosenberg, 73 (Brunswick Plantation), 2. Gloria Lee, 74 (Sea Trail). Fewest putts: T-1. Sharon Donahue, 34 (Carolina Shores), Evelyn Claus, 34 (Brunswick Plantation).


Results of the fewest-putts event Aug. 10: 1. Geri Conroy and Therese Georgens, 33; 2. Alcina Davis and Karen Buchelt, 34; 3. Kathy Lucyszyn, Emily Campbell and Barbara Berinoto, 35. Birdies: Therese Georgens at Azalea No. 2, Grace Byrne at Azalea No. 8 and Evelyn Claus at Azalea No. 4. Chip-ins: Geri Conroy at Azalea No. 9.


Results of the match August 12 at Carolina Shores: A flight, Bill Malloy and Roger Polidon tied for first (65); B flight, Guy Lachapelle (66); C flight, Jim Quigley (65). Closest to the pin: No. 3, Roger Polidon 6 feet; No. 7, Ted Olczak 6-0; No. 12, Jim Beairsto 6-0; No. 17, John Duthie 2-6.


The Calabash VFW Golf League played its modified Stableford match Aug. 1 at Farmstead Golf Links. First: Tony Nye, Joe Williams, George Bourgeois and Dave Enfeld at +11. Second: Mark Mason, Andy Ward, Bill Hertline and Charlie Guerreri at +7.5. Third: Vince Krasniewicz, J. Oxley, John Goss and J. Nearhoof at +6. Fourth: Bobby Poulton, Dick Sobota, John Koester and Rod Rodriguez at +5.5. Finishing fifth at +4 were Joe Ribaudo, Rich Marnell, Ken Anthony and Pete McGerr. Low rounds of the day were John Goss, Tony Nye, Mark Mason and Jim Milstead, 81; Lee Harrison and Bobby Poulton, 82; John Koester, Dave Enfeld, Billy James and Andy Ward, 83. Bobby Hall had three skins. George Bourgeois and Charlie Gurreri had one skin each.

Lockwood Folly Country Club was the site for the Calabash VFW modified Stableford weekly match Monday. First: Pete McGerr, Pat Perryman, Bob Quinlan and Bob Haight at +11. Second: George Berts, Gary Hardy and Joe Ribaudo at +3.5. Third: John Goss, Bobby Poulton, Dennis Wise and Bobby Hall at +1. Fourth: Dave Enfeld, Mark Mason, Dick Sabota and Bob Champion at even. Fifth: Durwood Jackson, Ken Anthony, Tony Nye and Ray Ketcham at -0.5. Mark Mason had two skins. Jim MIlstead, Billy James, and Lee Harrison had one skin each. Low rounds of the day were Tony Nye, 76; Lee Harrison, 79; Bobby Poulton, 81; Dennis Wise and Gary Hardy, 82;, Dave Enfeld and George Berts, 83.


Results of the match Aug. 11 at Brierwood. Gross A: 1. Dick Wilson and Larry Frazier, 85; 3. Bob Earp, 88; 4. Jim Burke, 90. Gross B: 1. Mike Donahue, 92; 2. Corbin Ledford, 96; 3. John Ciemniewski and Don Cheery, 100. Net A: 1. Jim Burke, 66; 2. Dick Wilson and Larry Frazier, 71; 4. Steve White, 75. Net B: 1. Corbin Ledford, 67; 2. Mike Donahue, 70; 3. John Ciemniewski and Don Cherry, 74. Fewest putts: Dick Wilson and Jim Burke, 29; Eric Mayo and Steve White, 31; Bill Allen, 32; Ralph Phillips and Larry Frazier, 33. Closest to the pin: A: Jim Burke; B: Steve White.


Here are the results from an event Aug. 11. Flight one, Low net: Connie Koch, 68; Marilyn Greenfield and Jane Schlesser, 69. Flight two, low net: Evelyn Buckner, 65; Kathy Gustafson and Cathy Wood, 67. Flight three: low net, Pat Barclay, 59; Amberleen Britton, 61; Lois Godfrey and Susan Czarnecki, 62. Birdies were made by Susan Czarnecki and Connie Koch. Chip-ins were made by Carole McNeil and Pat Barclay.


Results of the Aug. 13 game, best nine, using two par-3s, two par-5s and five par-4s and one-half handicap. Patty Buck was first with a 27.5. Marlene Cleary was second with a 28 and Blanche Johnson third with a 28.5. Fewest putts: Marlene Cleary (29). Chip-ins: Marlene Cleary (at 7) and Patty Buck (at 5). Birdies: Marlene Cleary (at 11). Marlene Cleary had the low gross of the day with an 88 and Patty Buck had low net with a 66.


On Aug. 10 at Farmstead, Sid Pennington, Hugh Chinn, Cliff Musselman and a blind draw placed first with a 153. The members of each foursome were assigned nine designated holes and two nets were required per hole. Ron Doeblin, Ned Meier, Jody Serensits and Joe Gallo were second.

On Aug. 12 at Farmstead, Joe Meo, Hugh Chinn, Sid Pennington and a blind draw were first with a 138. Format for the day was reverse cha-cha-cha. Placing second were Ned Meier, Jen Dearborn, Jody Serensits and Rich West.

Joe Meo, 92, beat his age, shooting an 89.


Results of the Crow Creek Men’s Golf Association match Aug. 11. Each team, consisting of the four flights, used best three gross quota points on each hole; however, one of the best three best gross scores used on each hole must be the player with the gold square. “A” was assigned the five holes ranked with the lowest handicap (1-5). “B” was assigned the five holes ranked with the next lowest handicap (6-10). “C” was assigned the four holes ranked with the lowest handicap (11-14). “D” was assigned the four holes ranked with the lowest handicap (15-18). First: David Hannah, Artie Stoecker, Joe Russell and Ed Darrow. Second: Richard Bye, John Huntey, Mike Murphy and John Buddemeyer. David Hannah shot a gross score of even-par 72.


On Aug. 10, The Crow Creek Ladies played the game T’s and F’s. Flight 1: Stephanie Gamsby at 28.5 and Joan Hannah at 37.5. In flight 2, Sandy Pilney was first with a 40.5 and Sue Pennell second with a 40.5. Joan Hannah had a birdie on Nos. 11 and 12 and Bev Ibbott had birdies on Nos. 16 and 18.


Results of the Stableford match Aug 11 at Meadowlands. Front: Bill Blewett, Ted Fletcher, Pat Finnigan, Mike Naudus, +19. Back: Ray Willbank, Jacob McLamb, Paul Hourigan, Bill Tyson, +23.5. Overall: Ray Willbank, Jacob McLamb, Paul Hourigan, Bill Tyson, +34.5; Dan Bruscella, Gary Sessi, W. Curtis Brenk, +31.5; Bill Blewett, Ted Fletcher, Pat Finnigan, Mike Naudus +30.5.


Seven teams joined the Stableford tourney, with the winners Steve Jones, Tony Languell, Don Rose and Chet Drouin finishing at +13. In second at +11 were Leo Jarmusz, Bill Marsh, Paul Jordan and Bob Fyock. Third at +7 were Joe McDonough, Jim Barnett, Don Currutt and Earnie Schober. Fourth at +6 were Joe Fioravanti, Harry Creamer and Ron Mac Dowell.


The Grand Strand Seniors Men’s Golf Association played its weekly event Aug. 10 at Tradition Golf Club in Pawleys Island, S.C. The format is stroke play with handicap. Each flight is awarded a low-gross and low-net winner. This week it had 70 golfers, so there were four flights, A through D. All par-3s have closest-to-the-pin awards for white and gold tees. The following are the winners for this week: A flight: Bud Knittel (74 gross), John Webb (64 net). B flight: Wes Filipow (82 gross), Jerry Nadley (64 net). C flight: Jack Davison (84 gross), Frank Reynolds (60 net). D flight: Ray Mara Jr. (95 gross), Ed Barber (64 net). Closest to the pin: White tee: No. 2, Gary Amidon, 1 feet, 11 inches; No. 5, Rich Larsen, 10-1; No. 12, Bob Cantwell, 24-2; No. 15, Dave Salisch, 2-8. Gold tee: No. 2, Nick Samela, 6-10; No. 5, Peter Perog, 1-3; No. 12, Jimmy Fox, 8-0; No. 15, Bernie D’Aloisio, 3-2.


Results of the total putts event Aug. 13 at Lockwood Folly. First: Laura Botto, 32 putts (tiebreaker, first-nine putts). Second: Georgine Pascale, 32 putts. Third: Barbara Esposito, 33 putts.


On Aug. 10, the Meadowlands Missfits Ladies Golf League played at Meadowlands Golf Course. Low gross: 1. Bev Ibbott 86; T-2 (match of cards), Judy Hardin and Donna Phelps with 88s. Low net: 1. Linda Blewitt, 66; 2. Nancy Griffin, 68, 3. M.J. Labant, 69. Birdies: Phyllis Welch on No. 16 and Linda Blewitt on No. 8. Chip-ins: Phyllis Welch on 12 and 16, Linda Blewitt on No. 8, Barb Finn on No. 5 and Nancy Griffin on No. 12.


Results for the Sunday couples event played Sunday at Panther’s Run. The game was a cha-cha-cha: count one low net on the first hole, two low nets on the second hole, three on the third hole and repeat. First: George Brooks, Pat Brooks, Lew Hankes, Mary Hankes, -25. Second: Bob Kirkpatrick, Jane Kirkpatrick, Larry Wright, Diane Wright, -22. Third: Guy Giancarlo, Kathy Giancarlo, Tom Best, Marie Best, -20.

Birdies: Lew Hankes at 8, Pat Brooks at 18, George Brooks at 18, Guy Giancarlo at 2 and 13, Tom Best at 8, Frank Burianek at 17, Diane Wright at 18, Glenn Christiansen at 8. Low nets: Diane Wright, 63; Kathy Giancarlo, 65; Grace Bradicich, 66; Pat Brooks, 66; George Brooks, 68; Tom Best, 69.


Results of the match Aug. 10 at Panther’s Run (three nets on the front nine, four nets on the back nine). 1. Rich Scaler, John Wehner, Carl Schuster, Dick Connolly (-12); 2. Rich Kane, Ed Gruver, Ed Sandidge, Bob Larkin II (-10); 3. George Brooks, Bob Fatzinger, Henry Ferris, Bill Edwards (-7); 4. John Lukasik, Mike Ratchfod, George James, Rich O’Connor (-6). Gross: Ed McCloskey (73). Net: Don Rowland (66). Closest to pin: at 6, George James; at 17, Dick Connolly.

Results of the match Aug. 12 at Tiger’s Eye (three nets on the par-3s, two nets on the par-5s, one net on the par-4s; nine holes, front and back nines). Front nine, first: Ed McCloskey, Ed Gruver, Chappy Jones, Bob Ludman (-10). Second: Ed Sandidge, Dick Arnold, Joe Neal, Rick McCafferty (-9). Back nine: first: Walt Stachura, Gordon Wicke, Fred Bank, Bill Sasser (-11, match of cards). Second: Russ Burdette, Phil Harrington, Bob Hartman, Lew Hankes (-11).


On Aug. 10, George Cassidy eagled the 380-yard par-4 18th at Panther’s Run, using a driver and holing out a 4-iron from 180 yards.


The game Aug. 11: Play all 18 holes but count the par-4s fours for game score, one-half handicap. Low net wins. 1. Jane Duvall, 31.5; T-2. Bonnie Whitaker and Carol Christie, 34; 4. Ro Martere, 34.5; T-5. Fran Killgoar, Candace Cochrane and Judy Nicoletti, 35.5.

Birdies: Judy Nicoletti, Sand No. 2 and Sand No. 7; Bonnie Whitaker, Sand No. 8; Candace Cochrane, Sand No. 3; Fran Killgoar, Sand No. 6. Chip-ins: Judy Nicoletti, Sand No. 7; Bonnie Whitaker, Bay No. 9; Ro Martere, Bay No. 7.


The team of Bob Davis, Bob Lange, Jack Gkorman and Ray O’Donnell scored a 154 and won the weekly Players Golf Association tournament played Aug. 13 at Farmstead Golf Course. The game was three low nets on odd holes and two low nets on even holes. Second with a score of 155 were Ernie Weeks, Dick Pearce, Don Clark and Bill Kasper. Third with a 159 were Nick Samela, Wil Garvin, Ray Girard and Bob Flack. Closest to the pin were Bob Butkevicius at 6, Jack Gorman at 3, Ray Girard at 12 and Dick Pearce at 17.

Bob Davis scored a +8 and won the weekly Players Golf Association Tournament played July 16 at Meadowlands Golf Course. Game played was modified Stableford system. Finishing second was a three-way tie at +5 among Bob Lange, Dick Pearce and Jim Marsh. Fifth at +4 were John McCloy and Carl Price. At +2 were Ray O’Donnell and Bill Russell. Closest to the pin were Ernie Weeks at 5, Bob Davis at 8 and 11 and Don Clark at 15.


The game last week at Carolina Shores was best nine with one-half handicaps. A match of cards had to be used to determine the winner: Kathy Hahl over Donna Powers with a net 23. Third was Sharon Clark with a net 25. Low gross: Sharon Clark, 100; Kathy Hahl, 102; Donna Watkins, 103. Low nets: Kathy Hahl, 71; Donna Powers, 72; Sharon Clark, 73. Sharon Clark had a chip-in on 5 and had the fewest putts (29).


Results of the match Aug. 9 at the Maples Course . Game was one low net of couple. First: John and Sharon Markatos with a -13. Second: Charlie and Sharon Winter with a -12 (match of cards). Third: Denny and Bobbie deLagarde with a -12. Fourth: Jim and Pat Gooding with a -11 (mc). Fifth: Lou and Loretta DeVita with a -11.


Results of the Stableford team match Aug. 12 at the Maples Course. First: Sandy Reynolds, Sue Shacklton, JoDonna O’Leary, Irene Jones, +19 (match of cards). Second: Joan Mason, Gail Cafaro, Maureen Foley, +19. Third: Bobbie deLagarde, Flo Hill, Donna Morris, Cheri Lambert, +18.

Birdies: Joan Mason, No. 2. Pat Gooding, No. 2. Sharon Winters, No. 5. Joan Scheidle, No. 8. Gail Cafaro, No. 17. Joan Scheidle, No. 17.

Chip-ins: Maureen Foley, No. 4. Bobbie deLagarde, No. 10. Joan Scheidle, No. 17. Loretta DeVita, No. 18.