Golf action

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

The Beachcombers played a tournament of four-man teams using two low nets Friday at Carolina Shores. The winners with a score of 127 (-17) were Stu Cleveland, Paul Michal, Ed Kinney and Gary Gutheil. In second at 128 (-16) were Dan O’Connell, Bill Cameron, Hal Riebesehl and a draw. Low gross: Harry Haggerty, 80; Jim Fitzner and Paul Michal, 83; Gary Gutheil, 88. Low nets: Bill Cameron, 69; Paul Michal, 70. Harry Haggerty was voted golfer of the week.


The Brick Landing Men’s Club shootout was Saturday. Jim Barrett, Dick Brown, Bob Mularczyk and Jim McAvoy were first (10.0 points). Ray Audette, Glen Gayheart, Larry Agrimonti and Alan Morrissey were second (5.0 points). Jim Edes, Neil Nucci, Owen Letter and Dave Igelman were third (+0.5 points). Individually, Alan Morrissey was first with 7.5 points. Jim McAvoy was second with 6.0 points. Dick Brown was third with 5.0 points.


The Turkey Tournament was played Nov. 16. First: Ellie Allen and Gary Kershner on Azalea and Gail and Bill Jennings on Dogwood. Second: Mardell and Jim Ridge on Azalea Becky and Steve Seibert on Dogwood. Third: Denise and Brian Kantner on Azalea and Sam and Joanie Miller on Dogwood. Closest to the pin for the women were Alcina Davis and Fran Watson; for the men, Paul Zimmerman and Lee Wish.


On Nov. 16 at Farmstead, Joe Meo, Rich West, Von Hincher and Ned Meier were first with a 145. Format for the day was cha-cha-cha. Placing second were Jim Kennedy, John Ducey, Joe Gallo and a draw.

On Friday at Meadowlands, John Methvin, Ron Doeblin, Sid Penington, Steve Maiorca and George O’Connell placed first with a 234. The five-man teams scored three nets per hole. Pete Wish, Jim Kennedy, Cliff Musselman, Von Hincher and John Ducey were second.


George O’Connell eagled the 439-yard, par-5 14th hole at Meadowlands. He used a driver and a 3-wood to reach the green and sank the putt.


The CVGA played its weekly event at Crown Park. Format was three low nets per hole. Winning team at 26 under was Bob Ebert, Bill Bowden, Don Eisenman and Denny Wise. Closest to the pin: Loren Ruck, Hal Riebesehl and Mike McCormack. Low gross: Denny Wise (80).


The Calabashers played at the Valley of Eastport Golf Course. The format was twosomes total net. The winning team was Rod Rodriguez and Woody Knox at 138. Bob Allard and John Duthie were second at 139. Third was the team of Mike McCormack and Bill Bowden at 145.


Results of the flight A vs. flight B event played Nov. 17 at Carolina Shores. A beat B 4.5-3.5. Ralph Phillips of B beat Bill Allen of A 2 and 1. Larry Frazier of A beat Ron Watson of B 2 and 1. Dick Wilson of A beat Ray McDowell of B 5 and 4. Ron Mayo of A beat Don Cherry of B 3 and 2. Eric Mayo of B and Mike Wiler of A tied. Mike Donahue of B beat Norm Ellis of A 6 and 5. John Ciemniewski of B beat Steve White of A 2 and 1. Jim Burke of A beat Tom O’Reilly of B 6 and 5.


A closing-day scramble was played Nov. 17 at Carolina National Golf Course. Eighty-four members participated, which included the nine-hole members and the 18-hole members. Flight one: first, Jonquille Curwen, Lynn Gobrick, Karen Entwistle and Mary Shea; second, Diana Wells, Beth Patria, Nancy Salerno and Barbara Accurso; third, Honey Martin, Pat Steele, Colleen Brosh and Jenny Chiappetta. Flight two: first, Wendy Burroughs, Pat Barclay, Pat Lawler and Elaine Eggers; second, Mil Crane, Susan Czarnecki, Nora Sandor and Jackie Craft; third; Diane Sloat, Randi Fischer, Bobbie Walker and Fran Jarrett.

Closest to the pin: Heron No. 5, Sue Mukoda; Heron No. 8, Wendy Burroughs; Egret No. 5, Linda Bergstrom; Egret No. 7, Donna Agopsowicz.

Awards were presented to the players for their achievements throughout the tournament season. The Most Improved Golfer for the 18-hole golfers was Dawn Cloutier. The Most Improved Golfer for the 9-hole golfers was Randi Fischer.


Results of the turkey shoot (low net) Nov. 20. First-flight winners: Wayne Burchfield, George Bridges, George Balbach, Dan Roberts, Mike Devereux, Ike Ikens, Keith Rogerson and Jerry Strickler. Second-flight winners: Gary Hertling, Dick Polonski, Buddy Broadnax, Gene Sanborn, Nick DePalo, Joe Clark, Bob Fyock and Joe Broderick. Closest to the pin: at 3, Mike Devereux; at 7, Bob Barrett; at 12, Jerry Strickler; at 17, George Balbach. Skins: Gary Stewart, George Balbach, Keith Rogerson, Jerry Strickler, and Dick Polonski.


The Grand Strand Seniors Men’s Golf Association played its weekly event Nov. 16 at Heron Point Golf Club in Myrtle Beach, S.C. The format is stroke play with handicap. Each flight is awarded a low-gross and low-net winner. This week it had 72 golfers, so there were four flights, A through D. All par-3s have closest-to-the-pin awards for white and gold tees. The following are the winners for this week:

A flight: Mike Depauw (76 gross), Tony Giresi (62 net). B flight: Bob Drake (83 gross), Tom Bohsen (67 net). C flight: Tony Languell (89 gross), Dave Salisch (69 net). D flight: Chuck Dembrosky (93 gross), Ed Barber (67 net). Closest to the pin: White tee: No. 4, Tom Conboy, 2 feet, 3 inches; No. 6, John Young, 5-4; No. 11, Dave Salisch, 18-5; No. 17, Roddy Funderburk, 8-9. Gold tee: No. 4, John DeBona, 2-3; No. 11, Tom Beaver, 8-6; No.17, Frank Masi, 9-11.


The Lockwood Folly Men’s Golf Association Turkey Cup tournament was played Nov. 16. The format was drawn two-man teams in four flights. A: 1. Bill Schmidt and Tony Regnier; 2. Fred Krug and Carl Teagardner. B: 1. Joe Troiano and Jack Fuchs; 2. Charlie Roland and Tim Tarska. C: 1. John Markell and Ray Compton; 2. David Mills and Dave Notter. Gold flight: 1. Bob Kelly and Paul Hursh; 2. Jim Bowers and Doug Wilburn.


The Meadowlands Missfits played best T’s and F’s Nov. 16 at the Meadowlands Golf Course. 1. Eileen Reddy, 61; 2. Barb Sammons, 68; 3. Janis Ortmeyer, 69; 4. Bev Ibbott, 70; 5. Anna Merritt, 71; 6. Barb Finn, Kaz Ratcliff and Phyllis Welsh, 72; 7. Donna Phelps, 74. Birdies: Janis Ortmeyer, No. 15; Judy Hardin, No. 8; Eileen Reddy and Pat Meyer, No. 5. Chip-ins: Donna Phelps, No. 3; Claudette Weter, No. 15 and Linda Blewitt, No. 2.


Results of the odd-and-even match played Nov. 17 at the St. James Players Club. First: Susan Scott, Pat Ronay, Patty Dugan and Marie Pugh (-23). Birdies: Alice Christiansen at No. 11. Low gross: Susan Scott, 95; low net: Val Ratchford at No. 6.


Results of the event Sunday at Panther’s Run. The format was one net per couple. Front nine: 1. Pam and Fred Bank, -11; 2. Pat and George Brooks, -7; 3. Margaret and Jerry Dinda, -7. Back nine: 1. Peggy and Chappy Jones, -5; 2. Linda and Roger Buck, -5; 3. Kathy and Al Bassett, -3. Low net: Fred Bank, 67.

Birdies: Linda Buck at 2, Margaret Dinda at 2, Al Keegan at 6, George Brooks at 10 and 11, Sue Kane at 17. Chip-ins: Kathy Bassett at 1, Judy Keegan at 6, Roger Buck and Pat Russo at 10.


Results of the event Nov. 16 at Lion’s Paw (three net scores with one required hole assigned). 1. Rich O’Connor, Bill Johnston, Bill DeHaan, Bill Smith (-14); 2. Russ Burdette, Charlie Augone, John Lukasik, Al Bassett (even). Low gross: Ed McCloskey (74); low net: Al Bassett (69). Closest to pin at 17: Jim Story.

Results of the event Nov. 17 at the St. James Players Club (one net on odd-numbered holes and two nets on even-numbered holes. 1. Ed McCloskey, Earl Miller, Joe Neal, blind draw (-25); 2. Bob Larkin II, Rich Scaler, Bill DeHaan, Bob Wayne (-20); 3. Guy Giancarlo, John Pugh, Glenn Christiansen, Al Bassett (-16); 4. Doug MacDonald, Andy Guida, Kurt Lindstrom, a draw (-15). Low gross: Ed McCloskey (72). Low net: Bob Wayne (64).


Turkey winners for the Players Golf Association annual turkey shoot were John McCloy, Jim Marsh, Dick Pearce, Bob Butkevicius and Bob Davis, who won their foursome match. Next low nets were Hal Moore, Jack Gorman, Don Clark, Nick Samela and Ray O’Donnell. Overall low net was Jim Marsh with a 59. Closest to the pin were Nick Samela at 3, Ernie Weeks at 6, Jim Marsh at 12 and Bob Butkevicius at 17.


The net format Nov. 17 was deduct two worst holes on each nine, one-half handicap. Piper to Bay: 1. Judy Nicoletti, 52; 2. Joanne Clements, 53; 3. Lynn Hamlin, 55; 4. Mary Stern, 58. Sand to Piper: 1. Kathy Manning, 50.5; 2. Ginny Stout, 53; 3. Deanna Donnelly, 54; 4. Keety Fitzpatrick, 56.5. Birdies: Judy Nicoletti, Bay No. 3; Karen Spinelli, Piper No. 3. Chip-ins: Ann Leahy, Bay No. 1.


Results of the match Friday. The format was best ball in a two-man team, playing with your partner. Don Moore and Barney Evangelista scored a -13 to take first. Second was a tie at -11 between the team of Jim Creighton and Lou Zotter and the team of Otto Nelke and J.J. Whalen. Third was also a tie, at -9, between the team of Ron Robichaud and Harvey Stratton and the team of John Hannigan and John Grossglass. Closest to the pin: No. 3 Piper, Gene McDonald; No. 6 Piper, Al Paynter.


Low gross at Carolina Shores: Lin Penta (101), Dolores Sanborn (102) and Karen Hertling (103). Low net: Dolores Sanborn (70), Lin Penta (72) and Martha Hannon (72).

Karen Herting birdied No. 17.


The format Nov. 16 was 5-5-5-3: count one best ball for the first five holes, two best balls for the next five holes, three best balls for the next five holes and all four scores for the final three holes. Sand to Piper: first went to Lou Zotter, Ed McTighe, John Grossglass and a draw, -13. Second were Chuck Denny, John Hannigan, Doug Williams and Mike Casagranda, -12

Piper to Bay: The low score for the day, -25, by Al Hooker, Wayne Purdy, Jeff Smith (79) and John Wilkes. Second went to Don Moore, John Whalen, Mike Matlock and Scott Matlock, -16. Third went to Chris Christie, Barney Evangelista, Tom Townsend and Bill Spellicy, -8.


The Sea Trail MGA played individual low net from the gold tees Nov. 17 on the Jones Course. A flight: 1. John Markatos, 68; 2. Lee Sutton, 69; 3. Lou DeVita, 71; 4. Ron Dubas, 73. B flight: 1, Jim Hitchcock, 66; 2. Tom MacDonald, 68; 3. Dennis deLagarde, 71; 4. Lou Perna, 73 (match of cards). C flight: 1. Brad Dague, 69; 2. Jack Dambaugh, 71; 3. Bob Miller, 73 (mc); 4. Al Kozel , 73 (mc). D flight: 1. Vince Brown, 67; 2. Tom Layden, 69; 3. Mike Jerome, 70; 4. Bo Sellers, 71 (mc). E flight: 1. Wayne McKee, 69; Bob Fox, 71; 3. John Hogan, 74; 4. Frank Santisi, 75. F flight: 1. Howard Van Dusen, 68; 2. Paul Laputka, 72; 3. Ches Burton, 77; 4. Vince Ignatowicz, 80.