Golf action

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

The team of Liz Boyer, Sue Janovic, Ralph Trimmer and Bob Nobes came in first at 1-over par in the Brierwood nine-hole mixed scramble Jan. 20. Fran Thomas, Rita Dugan, Carola Hornfeck and Larry Boyer were second. Glen Green, Marianne Nobes, Bob Janovic and Chuck Hornfeck were third.


On Jan. 18 at Farmstead, Steve Maiorca, Ned Meier, Boomer Needham and John Ogden placed first with a 148. Format for the day was cha-cha-cha. Frank Janton, Ron Doeblin, John Ducey and Joe Meo placed second on a match of cards, beating out Sid Pennington, Jerry Rubin Joe Gallo and a draw.

On Jan. 20 at Meadowlands, Sid Pennington, Steve Maiorca, Boomer Needham and Joe Meo placed first with a 147. Teams scored two nets per hole with each player designated four holes for scoring. Ned Meier, Jerry Rubin, George O’Connell and a draw placed second.

Ninety-two-year-old Joe Meo beat his age by shooting an 89.

On Friday at Meadowlands, Ron Doeblin, Steve Maiorca and John Ducey placed first with an 85. The threesomes scored one net on the par-4s and par-5s and two nets on the par-3s. Sid Pennington, Von Hincher and Joe Gallo were second.


Results of the Calabash Elks Golf League match Jan. 20 at Carolina Shores. In the A flight, Jake Mathieu was first with a 64. In the B flight, Earl Stone was first with a 70. In the C flight, Lynn Harbold was first with a 67.

Closest to the pin: On No. 3, George Malina 12 feet. On No. 7, Jake Mathieu, 7-6. On No. 12, Jake Mathieu 6 feet. On No. 17, Bob Ebert 11 feet.


The T-Birds played their weekly modified Stableford Jan. 20 at Crown Park. Finishing first at +15.5 were Jerry Zimmerman, Ray Ketcham, Ed Grampietro and Frank Morrone. Second: Benny Bruno, Dave Enfeld, Durwood Jackson and Rich Marnell at +9. Third: Bobby Hall, Bill Hertline, Pat Perryman and Rick Ballweg at +8. Fourth at even were Ken Anthony, Tom McCormack, J.J. O’Donnell and John Goss. Ed Grampietro, Rick Ballweg and Lee Harrison had one skin each. Low rounds of the match were Lee Harrison, 79; Rick Ballweg, 80; and Tony Nye, 81.


Lee Harrison carded an eagle Jan. 20 on the 463-yard par-5 ninth hole at Crown Park. He teed off with a 3-wood, reached the green on his second shot with a 3-wood and sank the putt.


The Calabash veterans played their weekly tournament Jan. 18 at Farmstead. The format was 1-2-3 team competition. Winners were Hank Olson, Dan Winsett and Don Eisenman on a match of cards with Bob Keil, John Yencick and Bill Bowden. Winning total was 118. Closest-to-the-pin winners were Joe Roundy, Olson, Ron Newman, Keil and Bowden.


The Calabash VFW played its weekly modified Stableford match Jan. 18 at the Sea Trail Byrd Course First: Vince Krasniewicz, Ken Anthony, Durwood Jackson and Ed Kerr at +7.5. Second: Chet Burton, Bobby Poulton, T. Ford, and Tom O’Brien at +5. Third: Dick Sobota, Pete McGerr, John Koester and Tom Childs at +4. Fourth: Ray Barno, C. Murray, Charlie Lengyel and Bill Muckridge at +2. Fifth at -4 were Bob Sobota, John Goss, Jay Bertha and Bill Hertline. John Goss, Ed Grampietro, John Koester and Ray Barno had one skin each. Low rounds of the day were Lee Harrison, 80; Ken Anthony and John Koester, 82; and Jake Mathieu, 83.


Results of the match played Jan. 19 at Brierwood. Gross A: 1. Dick Wilson, 84; 2. Bill Allen, 91; Steve White, 94. Gross B: Eric Mayo, 92; 2. John Ciemniewski, 98; 3. Ray McDowell, 99. Net A: 1. Dick Wilson, 69; 2. Steve White, 76; 3. Bill Allen, 78. Net B: Eric Mayo, 68; Ray McDowell, 70; 3. John Ciemniewski and Ron Watson, 72.

Closest to the pin at 9: Bill Allen. Fewest putts: Ray McDowell, 29; Bill Allen, 30; Corbin Ledford, 31; Jim Burke, Larry Frazier, Ralph Phillips and John Ciemniewski, 33.


On Jan. 14, The Carolina Shores Niners played a low gross/low net tournament. First low gross in flight A was Betty Kibblehouse and first low net was Phyllis Gumbrell. Phyllis Gumbrell was second low gross and Betty Kibblehouse was second low net. Flight B low gross: Joanne Riedel was first and Rose Mary Jones second. Low net: Joanne Riedel was first and Rose Mary Jones second.


Results of the Crow Creek Men’s Golf Association match Jan. 19 in which these formats were used: three-man team total net quota points and individual best net quota points. Team: 1. Chris Yentema, Carl Graves and Artie Stoecker, +5 points; 2. The team of Jim Bulakowski, Ray Hickey and Ed Scanlan tied with the team of Dick Reardon, Rich Murphy and Jack Corrick (even); 3. Brian Nordberg, Jake Manning and Ron Perry (-2). Individual A: Carl Graves at +2 points; B: Rich Murphy at +4 points; C: Ed Scanlon at +1 points.


Results of the modified Stableford match played Jan. 19 at Meadowlands. Front: Duane Durbin, Steve Lawson, Bob McKissock, Dick Cecil, +4.5. Bill Blewitt, Jim Poole, Al Lowrie, Gordon Much, +4.5. Tony Mantini, Jim Marsh, Bill Southard, W. Curtis Brenk, +4.5. Back: Duane Durbin, Steve Lawson, Bob McKissock, Dick Cecil, +15. Rick Ellwanger, Ed Hobgood, Dick Turner, Mike Naudus, +9.5. Overall: Duane Durbin, Steve Lawson, Bob McKissock, Dick Cecil, +19.5. Tony Mantini, Jim Marsh, Bill Southard, W. Curtis Brenk, +7. Bill Blewitt, Jim Poole, Al Lowrie, Gordon Much, +6. Indivdual: A, Jake Mathiew, +7; B, Jim Marsh, +5.5; C, Bob McKissock, +11; D, Dick Cecil, +5.5. Superflight Bob McKissock, +11.


The Grand Strand Seniors Men’s Golf Association played its weekly event Jan. 18 at Tradition Golf Cub on Pawleys Island, S.C. The format is stroke play with handicap. Each flight is awarded a low-gross and low-net winner. This week it had 98 golfers, so there were six flights, A through E. All par-3s have closest-to-the-pin awards for white and gold tees. The following are the winners for this week:

A flight: Monte Beebe (77 gross), Bob Dougan (66 net). B flight: Bill Favro (89 gross), Eric Pope (70 net). C flight: Bill Smith (86 gross), Tom Brydon (67 net). D flight: Rich Larsen (87 gross), Angelo Bertolozzi (70 net). E flight: Leroy Phillips (94 gross), Sal Fiorintino (70 net). F flight: Woody Chenault (97 gross), Lefty Gomes (70 net). Closest to the pin: White tee: No. 2, Bob Davis, 11 feet, 7 inches; No. 5, Wayne Johnson, 6-1; No. 12, Jim Smith, 2-8; No. 15, Larry Mathias, 11-7. Gold tee: No. 2, Angelo Bertolozzi, 9-9; No. 5, Ed Wydro, 8-10; No. 12, Marshall Beaver, 0-6; No. 15, Bob Cantwell, hole-in-one.


Using an 8-iron, Bob Cantwell aced the 130-yard 15th hole Jan. 18 at the Tradition Golf Cub on Pawleys Island, S.C., while playing in a Grand Strand Senior Men’s Golf Association event.


The Meadowlands Missfits played their weekly tournament Jan. 18 at Farmstead Golf Course. The game was blind partners, low net. 1. Frances Pritchard and Donna Phelps, 154; 2. Phyllis Welch and Sue Durbin, 155; 3. Eileen Reddy and Anna Merritt, 157. Chip-ins: Bonnie Johnson at No. 15 and Sue Durbin at No. 9. Birdies: Bonnie Johnson at No. 15 and Denni Maynard at No. 11.


Results of the two-nets event Sunday at Lion’s Paw. 1. Phil Harrington, Pam Fitzgerald, Fred Bank, Carol Russo, -18; 2. Roger Buck, Peggy Rowland, Pat Russo, Judy Keegan, -17; 3. Al Keegan, Pat Brooks, Albert Bassett, Kathy Wicke, -14.

Low nets: Pam Fitzgerald, 63; Phil Harrington, 66; Al Bassett, 68. Birdies: George Brooks at 11, Pam Bank at 6, Eric Dunham at 16, Phil Harrington at 13, Pam Fitzgerald at 2.


The format Jan. 20 at Tiger’s Eye was cart partners. Each foursome recorded two low nets. Each of the low nets had to come from two different carts.

First: Karen McCloskey, Linda Buck, Susan Carano and draw Margo Russell (11 under, winning on a match of cards). Pat Brooks, Pam Bank, Kathy Giancarlo and Carol Dunham were second. Patsy Mays, Lorraine Crosby, Val Ratchford and draw Liz Waldren were third at 6 under.

Pam Bank chipped in for birdie on No. 6. Peggy Rowland had a chip-in at 14 and Sue Kane at 18. Low gross was Karen McCloskey with an 83.


Results of the two-net scores event Jan. 18 at Panther’s Run: 1. Steve Westfall, Ed Gruver, Fred Bank, Paul Socha (-18); 2. Kevin Cotter, Roger Buck, Earl Miller, Hugh Carano, -15 (match of cards); 3. Jim Story, Ron Hiserodt, Dave Patterson, Gary Halberstadt, -15. Closest to pin: at 11, Ted Pounds. Low gross: Jim Story (73).

Results from the event Jan. 19 at Pine Lakes International (two nets on even holes, three nets on odd holes. 1. Rich O’Connor, George Cassidy, Don Rowland, Al Bassett (-18); 2. Mario Ranalli, Andy Guida, George Woodard, Kurt Lindstrom (-14); 3. Ed McCloskey, Ed Gruver, Chappy Jones, Gene Allen (-13); 4. Lee Jones, Bill Bixler, Alex Brooker, Lou Branflick (-12); 5. Tom Oxenfield, Stan Mays, John Pugh, Bob Hartman (-9).

Results from the event Jan. 20 at Tiger’s Eye (two net scores): 1. Dave Janowski, Wilbur Browning, George Woodard, Brian Roe (-23, mc); 2. Ed McCloskey, Roger Buck, Frank Burianek, Bob Ludman (-23); 3. Doug MacDonald, Mel Scott, John Olio, Mike Ratchford (-22); 4. Dennis Miller, Guy Giancarlo, Jim Crosby, Dick Duffy (-21); 5. Bob Dugan, George Brooks, Chappy Jones, Pat Russo (-20). Closest to pin: at 2, Ed McCloskey; at 11, Bob Hartman. Low gross: Ed McCloskey, 72; Dennis Miller, 75; Roger Buck, 77; Dave Janowski, 79. Low net: Roger Buck, 63; John Wehner, 66; Fred Bank, 67; Jim Crosby, 68; Dave Janowski, 68; George Woodard, 69; Ed McClosley, 69.


The game Friday was three-man scramble. The course was wet from the rain the previous day and night, so the field was small. Everyone played the Sand and Piper courses. The winning team was Don Moore, Greg Scalzi and Mike Casagranda, who shot a -4.


The game Jan. 20 was count all four point totals each hole. A and B players get points based on gross scores, C and D players count net score points. Sand to Piper flight:

With 128 points, the team of Chris Christie, Ed Killgoar, Mike Matlock and

Tom Ioven won. The team of Stan Apalka, Greg Scalzi, Tony Hanna and Ron Donley tied with the team of Don Capretta, Al Roeder, Bob Arace and Frank Testa for second with 111 points.

Piper to Bay flight: Chuck Denny, Al Bowman, Jeff Smith and Chuck Maglio won with 138 points. Bob Knisley, Wayne Purdy, Guy Tavel and Dick Eby were second with 133 points.

Bay to Sand flight: First with a day’s high point total of 139 were Lou Zotter, Al Hooker, John Grossglass and Bill Lester. Sam Milora, Jim Creighton, Joe McEllroy and John Wilkes were second with 137 points.

On Jan.18, the format was play the first hole from the silver tee, play the second hole from the gold tee and play the third hole from the red tee. Repeat throughout the round and count three net scores each hole.

Sand to Piper flight: Don Moore, Tony Hanna, Gordy Coulson and Billy Sirk combined to score a -24 for first. Jim Creighton, Gary Swanson, Jack Hinte and Ron Donley shot a -17 for second.

Bay to Sand flight: Phil Whitaker, Guy Tavel, Norm Burgess and Mike Casagranda shot -24 and won. Chuck Denny, Bob Radcliffe, Tom Townsend and Bill Lester shot -15 for second.


Results of the match Jan. 20 at the Jones Course (par-4s only, one-half handicap). First flight: 1. Pat Gooding, 43 (match of cards); 2. Joan Mason, 43; 3. Marti Kennedy, 44.5. Second flight: 1. Mary Lou Dunbar, 37; 2. Judy Pusey, 41; 3. Sharon Winter, 42.5.

Third flight: 1. Lynn Wiedman, 42; 2. Bobbie deLagarde, 43; 3. Betty Ann Potvin, 44.

Fourth flight: 1. Carrie Wiles, 40; 2. Ruth Apalinski, 40.5; 3. Loretta DeVita, 44.5 (match of cards).

Birdies: Jo Larson, No. 5; Cheri Lambert, No. 5; Pat Gooding, No. 13; Bobbie deLagarde, No. 13. Chip-ins: Marge Layden, No. 7; Mary Lou Dunbar, No. 8; Janet Jacobson, No. 10; Louisa Clatterbuck, No.13; Bobbie deLagarde, No. 16.


The Sea Trail Men’s Golf Association played an individual low-net tournament Jan. 19 on the Maples Course. A flight: 1. Dick Couch, 66; 2. Ron Dubas, 70 (match of cards); 3. Gene Method, 70; 4. Bob Mason, 71 (mc); 5. Eric Schultz, 71. B flight: 1. Jim Hunt, 63; 2. Gary Fagan, 65; 3.Jim Foley, 67; 4. John Goodrich, 71(mc); 5. Bo Sellers, 71. C flight: 1. Charlie Schorpp, 68; 2. Frank Santisi, 69; 3. John Olson, 70 (mc); 4. Joe Carpinello, 70; 5. Frank Marorelli, 71. D flight: 1. Paul Laputka, 68; 2. Jim Gooding, 69; 3. Bob Leahy, 72; 4. Howard Van Dusen, 73; Mike Pozdol, 74.


Nine teams and 33 players entered the Stableford tourney. The winners were Bob Barrett, Tony Sneska, Steve Jones and Bill Harniman at +5. In second by a match of cards was the team of Earnie Schober, Sandy Howard, Ed DuPuis and a draw. Third with a score of +1 went to George Bridges, Ron Buck, Bill Gibbs and Joe Lowry. In fourth was Dick Boyle, Mal Mac Raild, Bob Fyock and Ron MacDowell.