Golf action

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

Lockwood Folly Men

The Lockwood Folly Men’s Golf Association crowned Jerry Lyons its club champion after a two-day tournament May 3-4. Lyons shot a 157 gross score in the two-day tournament.

Fred Krug won the senior club championship (age 62 and over). Don Kehoe is the super senior club champion (age 72 and over). Russ Kleinbauer is the net club champion.

The Lockwood Folly Memorial Cup Match Play Tournament concluded May 2. Jim Platukis defeated Allen Ayling two and one to win the cup. George Gisel finished third and Beecher Washburn fourth.

Lockwood Folly Ladies

Gerry Brewer and Sandy Lehmann tied for first in the May 1 event with 32. The game was O.N.E.S. with scores counted on holes beginning with O, N, E and S and subtracting half their handicap. Barbara Esposito, Myrna Robinson and Kay Teagardner tied for second with 33.

Birdies were scored by Fran Sampson (No. 8) and Bobbi Platukis (No. 11).

Chip-ins were recorded by Judy Galletto (No. 14), Pat Suter (No. 12), Sandi Emerson (No. 5), Fran Hursch (No. 17), Gail Cataldi (No. 17), Gerry Brewer (No. 12), Carolyn Schreiber (No. 10) and Myrna Robinson (No. 16).

Brierwood Men

Jim Davis, Dave Harper, Maureen Brignoli and Sandy Bloom won the Sunday Scramble April 27 with -9. Frank Bringoli, Jerry Lula, Pat Kronyak and Marge Harper were second with a 3. Wayne McGlothin, Tom Kronyak, Sherry Pittman and JoAnne Davis were third with -2.

Bob Nobes, Tom Arney, Ralph Trimmer and Tom Kronyak won the two best ball event April 28 with -29. Bob Snopek, Marty Brkal, Mike Prokop and Tom Bowen were second with -24. Bernie Gruzlewski, Bill Miller, Guy DeRasmo and Jim Pope were third with –23.

The May 1 game consisted of counting three best balls on par threes, two best balls on par fours and one best ball on par fives.

Dave Harper, Mike Profop, Ted Narazinski and Jack Harrison were first with -27. Al Bloom, Joe Brust, Odie Johnson and Dick Baynton were second with -20. Bernie Gruzlewski, George Edwards, Bill Miller and Jim Pope were third with -15.

Brunswick Plantation Ladies

The Brunswick Plantation Ladies Golf Association played a tournament April 14.

Renee December, Donna Stangroom, Diane Tufts and Gail Colwell finished first. Alcina Davis, Gerry Gosselin, Helen Kaehler and Marge Neilson took second. Nancy Smyka, Janet Iekel, Sue Sadlon and Dianne Lucarelli were third.

A pick a partner tournament was April 28. In the magnolia /dogwood flight, Gloria Banta and Jeannette Shaughnessey were first with 62. Helen Kaehler and Marsha Clark were second with 63.

In the azalea/magnolia flight, Pat Moreau and Dianne Lucarelli were first with 62. Karen Buchelt and Mae Drezek tied for second with Phyllis Tucker and Jean Baxter with 64.

An event was played May 5 with scoring based on net scores.

In the dogwood flight, Janet Iekel and Barbara Berinoto tied for first with 34. Evelyn Haley was third with 35.

In the azalea flight, Evelyn Claus was first with 34. Carrie Wilson was second with 35. Kathy Rosenberg finished third with 36.

Chip-ins were recorded by Gerry Gosselin (magnolia No. 1), Dianne Lucarelli (dogwood No. 2) and Linda Rothenberger (magnolia No. 1).

Celie Cionek recorded a birdie (dogwood No. 4).

Sea Trail Ladies

The Sea Trail Ladies played a tournament April 30 at the Byrd Course. The game was converting the worst hole per nine to par.

In the first flight, Nadine Cybyske was first with 60. Hal White was second with 65 (match of cards). Linda Perna was third with 65. Gloria Wimmer finished fourth with 67 (match of cards).

In the second flight, Gail Cafaro was first with 53. Mary Alice Jerome was second with 62. Sue Shackleton was third with 64 (match of cards). Lorrain Kazan finished fourth with 64.

In the fhird flight, Nancy Santisi won with 63 (match of cards). Marge Layden took second with 63. Madeline Dubas was third with 65 (match of cards). Joanna Brawley was fourth with 65.

In the fourth flight, Eileen Barr was first with 53. Betty Vallillo was second with 68. Janet Keppler took third with 68. Betsy Slover was fourth with 69.

Birdies were scored by Eileen Barr (No. 11), Gail Cafaro (Nos. 2 and 6), Mary Alice Jerome (No. 6), Nadine Cybyske (No. 6), Barbara King (No. 5), Mary Bergere (No. 11) and JoAnn Barton (No. 17).

Chip-ins were recorded by Eileen Barr (No. 11), Lorrain Kazan (No. 14), Linda Perman (No. 13), Lynn Weidman (No. 15) and Mary Bergere (No. 11).

Carolina National Women

The Carolina National Women’s Golf Association played a four-man team event April 29.

Dottie Reynolds, Marianne Caruana, Diane Sloat and Kari Soldwedel were first with 115. Penny Sillery, Chris Peacock, Amber Britton and Jane Dereshinsky were second with 116. Mary Beth Mato, Cathy Genander, Evelyn Buckner and Bobbie Walker took third with 118.

Sandpiper Bay Men

The Sandpiper Bay Men played a team event April 30. The scoring consisted of counting one best ball on the first six holes, two on the next six holes and three on the last six holes.

In the Sand to Piper flight, Al Hooker, Bill Lester, Jeff Smith and Joe Magri were first with -25. Lou Zotter, Al Roeder, Lee Parker and John Wilkes were second with -19.

In the Piper to Bay flight, Gary Swanson, Mike Finkelstein, P.J. Jones and a blind draw were first with -20. Bob Nicoletti, Gary Ferguson, Pat Dibble and Jack Dobson were second with -19.

In the Bay to Sand flight, John Hannigan, Ron Yuricek, Don Capretta and Jim King tied for first with Ron Thompson, Charles Richardson, Tom Ioven and a blind draw with -31. Mike Phipps, Bob Arace, Al Paynter and a blind draw were second with -22.

The game April 28 was one, two, three. Scoring was based on counting one best ball on the first three holes, two on hole four through six and three on holes seven through nine. The format is the same on the second nine.

In the Sand to Piper flight, Dan Copeland, Vince Niland, Mike Matlock and Victor De La Cruz were first with -24. Mike Finkelstein, Jack Hinte, James Baker and a blind draw were second with -22.

In the Piper to Bay flight, John Nicholson, Barney Evangelista, Tom Townsend and Bill Pohlman won with -30. Lou Zotter, Sam Milora, Doug Williams and Jim Braddock tied Al Hooker, Wayne Purdy, Dan Norman and Larry Barr for second.

In the Bay to Sand flight, John Radziewski, Don Capretta, Bill Spellicy and a blind draw were first with -34. Dan Alsup, Don Moore, Chris Christie and Joe Arace were second with -33.

Ocean Ridge Couples

The Ocean Ridge Couples League played a tournament May 4 at Lion’s Paw. Scoring was based on counting two net scores per hole, one from the men and one from the women.

Norm Fitzgerald, John Pugh, Sally Duffy and Marlyn Olio were first with -26. John Olio, Wayne Cameron, Joan Hill and Peggy Jones were second with -22 (match of cards). John Hill, Don Rowland, Toni Roe and Carol Weaver were third with -22. George Brooks, Lynn Furman, Pam Bank and Pam Hartman were fourth with -21 (match of cards). Bill Johnston, Bob Bradicich, Sue Kane and Diane Wright were fifth with -21. Larry Wright, Fred Bank, Kathy Wicke and JoAnne Messerlie were sixth with -20.

Birdies were scored by John Hill, Joan Hill, Chris Messerlie, Pat Brooks, Jan Cameron, Lynn Furman, George Brooks (three) and John Weaver.

Chip-ins were made by Toni Roe, Peggy Jones, Dick Duffy, Pam Fitzgerald, John Weaver (birdie), Sue Kane, Diane Wright, Grace Bradicich and Judy Keegan.

Lowest net scores were Jan Cameron (62), Peggy Jones (63), Beverly Furman (64) and Judy Keegan (64).

Crow Creek Men

The Crow Creek Tuesday Men’s League played an event April 29. The scoring was based on total team quota scores.

Bob Lesko, Walt Fedyna and Jack Corric were first with 11. David Hannah, Artie Stoeker and Ray Hickey were second with 9. Bob Bazydlo, Richard Bye and Paul Sleavensky were third with 4.

Individual flight winners were Walt Fedyna, A flight (9); Artie Stoecker, B flight (8) and Jack Corrick, C flight (5).


The Piperettes played a tournament April 29. The scoring was based on counting holes that begin with T or F and half-handicap.

In the Piper to Bay flight, Mique Luckett and Michaela Richardson tied for first with -31. Deanna Donnelly and Donna Phelps tied for third with -32. Lynn Hamlin, Candy Jones and Mary Dickerson tied for fifth with -33 .

In the Sand to Piper flight, Ethel Noble, Cathi Birmingham and Angie Nicholson tied for first with -31. Betty Swain and Diane Rauch tied for fourth with -32. Ann Leahy finished sixth with -32.

Birdies were scored by Judy Nicoletti (Piper No. 3), Candy Jones (Bay No. 4), Mique Luckett (Bay No. 4), Donna Phelps (Piper No. 6), Kathie McIlroy (Piper No. 6) and Billie Shelton (Piper No. 1).

Chip-ins were recorded by Candy Jones (Bay No. 4), Donna Phelps (Piper No. 6), Michaela Richardson (Piper No. 6), Billie Shelton (Piper No. 1) and Kathie McIlroy (Piper No. 6).


The Rebels played at Sandpiper Bay May 2. The game was net score with a blind partner.

Bob Arace and Joe Cramer took first with 125. Bill Pohlman and a blind draw tied for second with Wayne Purdy and Lou Zotter. John Radziewski and Bill Spellicy were fourth with 137.

Closest-to-the-pin winners were John Hannigan (Bay Course) and Billy Sirk (Piper Course).

Carolina Shores Ladies

The Carolina Shores Ladies Golf Association played an event May 1. The game was Ts and Fs with half-handicap.

Patty Buck took first place with 30. Sue Greiner was second with 33.

Chip-ins were recorded by Marie Strickler (No. 8), Marlene Cleary (No. 2) and Barb Juergens (No. 6).

Birdies were scored by Bernice Morris (No. 12) and Marlene Cleary (No. 2).

Patty Buck had low putts with 27. Marie Strickler had low gross with 87. Patty Buck had low net with 64.

Brick Landing Men

The Brick Landing Men’s Sports Club had a tournament April 29.

Dave Biesack, Bob Grabb, Don Seidler and Jim McAvoy were first with -24.

The Men's Saturday Shootout was played May 3.

Jim Barrett, Cal Calhoon, Larry Agrimonti and Ted Lide were first with 14. Butch Cunningham, Bill Kosanke, Pete Fedeli and Jack Blair were second with 12. Ken Urban, Dick Brown, Bill Healy and Bud Hollowell were third with -1/2.

Individual winners were first place, Norm Harding (8); second place, Bud Hollowell (5 ) and third place, Cal Calhoon (5).

Norm Harding scored an eagle (2) on No. 18.

Carolina Shores Men

The Carolina Shores Country Club Men’s Golf Association played an event May 2. The scoring consisted of counting one net score on the first six holes, two net scores on the next six holes and three net scores on the final six holes.

Keith Rogerson, Clyde Juergens, John Kain and Roger Thompson were first with 111. John Dougherty, Bob Barrett, Don Erickson and a blind draw were second with 119. George Balbach, Rich Hamilton, Bill Gibbs and a blind draw were third with 121. Art Hahl, Mal McRaild, Nick DePalo and Will Groner were fourth with 122.

George Balbach had low gross. Roger Thompson had low net.

Closest-to-the-pin winners were Rich Hamilton (No. 3), Gerry Strickler (No. 7), John Dougherty (No. 12) and Mal MacRaild (No. 17).

Skins were won by Mal MacRaild, John Kane, Joe Fioravanti, Roger Thompson, Will Groner, Gary Stewart, Art Hahl and Bob Barrett.


The Beachcombers played May 2 at Cypress Bay.

In low gross, Gary Guthiel and Paul Michal tied with 82. Stu Cleveland had 85, Jim Beairsto and Randy Cogdill tied with 88.

In low net, Gary Guthiel had 66. Ed Kinney had 67. Reggie Auten, Randy Cogdill and Paul Michal tied with 68. Bob Smith had 69.

In team play, three low nets per hole were counted. Reggie Auten, Randy Cogdill and Dick Conley won with -25.


The Calabashers played Carolina Shores Country Club May 2. The format was a modified Stableford.

Ed Delany, Tony Bird, Bob Allard and Rene Allard won with 15. Larry Bollinger, Wash Dayton, and Tom Batson were second with 8.


An event was played April 28 at Farmstead. Teams counted two net scores per hole.

Hugh Chinn, Jim Kilgo, Joe Meo and a blind draw won with 116. Cliff Musselman, John Methvin, Von Hincher and Sid Pennington were second with 117.

An event was played April 30 at Meadowlands. Teams scored three nets on par fives, two nets on par fours and one net on par threes.

Sid Pennington, Jen Dearborn, John Ducey and Joe Gallo were first with 129. Hugh Chinn, Bob Jaeger, Boomer Needham and Joe Meo were second.

The event played May 2 was at Meadowlands. The five-man teams scored two nets and one gross per hole.

John Ducey, Steve Mairorca, Ned Meier, Ron Doeblin and Sid Pennington were first with 208. Larry Laws, Jim Kennedy, Von Hincher, Art Thompson, and Joe Gallo were second with 212.

Closest-to-the-pin winners were Steve Maiorca (No. 5), Jim Kennedy (No. 8), Art Thompson (No. 11) and Ron Doeblin (No. 15).

Brierwood Mixed Scramble

The Brierwood Golf Nine Hole Mixed Scramble was April 30.

Fran Thomas, Marianne Nobes, Glen Green, Walt Brennan and Haywood Edmundson were first with -2. Chris Miller, Barb Wilson, Odie Johnson and Bob Nobes were second with even par. Rita DuGan, Carola Hornfeck, Walt Wilson and Ralp Trimmer were third with 1.


The Renegades played May 1 at Carolina Shores Country Club. The game was odd and even. Scoring consisted of counting two players’ scores on even-numbered holes and the other two players’ scores on odd-numbered holes.

Teddy Altreuter, Pat Soule, Carol Groner and Kay Craig were first with 200. Dolores Sandborn, Donna Powers, Carolyn Bossman and Jane Mahncke were second with 206. Kathy Hahl, Martha Hannon, Barbara Malina and Pauline Millosky were third with 211.

Low-gross winners were Carol Groner (95), Dolores Sanborn (100 match of cards) and Paulina Millosky (100 match of cards).

Low-net winners were Carol Groner (65), Donna Powers (66) and Pauline Millosky (69).

Martha Hannon had low putts with 29.

Chip-ins were recorded by Jane Mahncke (No. 13), Betty Weaver (No. 5), Barbara Malina (No. 5) and Gloria Schroppe (No. 5).

Gloria Schroppe scored a birdie (No. 12).

Carolina Shores Niners

The Carolina Shores Niners played a tournament April 24.

In flight A, Janice Gavin won low gross. Phyllis Gumbrell was second. T.J. Bagley won low net. Joanne Riedell was second.

In flight B, Mary Fran Ryon won low gross and low net. Beverly Shaw was second in low fross and Halla Cramer was second in low net.

Ellie Girard scored a chip-in (No. 4).

An event was played April 17.

In flight A, Janice Garvin won low gross and low net. Phyllis Gumbrell was second in low gross and T.J. Bagley was second in low net.

In flight B, Gwynn DeRenne was first in low gross and low net. Beverly Shaw was second in low gross and Lana Golden was second in low net.

Ellie Girard scored a chip-in (No. 17).

The Players Golf Association

The Players Golf Association held its weekly tournament at Meadowlands. Scoring consisted of counting two low nets per team.

Ernie Weeks, Dick Pearce, Bill Kasper and Ernie Schober were first with 112. Pat Jones, Bob Lange, Carl Price, Ray O’Donnell and John McCloy were second with 117. Bob Davis, Alex Olmsted, Bill Favro and Jack Gorman were third with 120. Bob Butkevicius, Will Garvin, Mike Phipps and Nick Samela were fourth with 129.

Closest-to-the-pin winners were Bob Davis (Nos. 5 and 11), Dick Pearce (No. 8) and Mike Phipps (No. 15).

Dick Pearce recorded an eagle at the par-five, fourth hole. He used a driver, three-wood and one putt.

Farmstead/Meadowlands Men

An event was played April 29. The format was a modified Stableford.

On the first nine, Adam Peters, Ron Mayo and Larry Robinson were first with 8. Ray Laconte, Steve Lawson, Glenn Haffield and Russ Thompson were second with 5. Bill Blewitt, Dic Cecil, Bill Southard and Ken Dube were third with 4.

On the second nine, Bill Favro, Paul Hourigan, Don Bruscella and Ken Ellis were first with 10. Larry Zub, Keith Heyn, Gary Sessi and Sivert Claesson were second with 5. Bill Blewitt, Dic Cecil, Bill Southard and Ken Dube were third with 1.

In the overall, Bill Favro, Paul Hourigan, Dan Bruscell and Ken Ellis were first with 10. Adam Peters Ron Mayo and Larry Robinson were second with 7. Bill Blewitt, Dic Cecil, Bill Southard and Ken Dube were third with 5.

Flight winners were Adam Peters, flight A (7) ; Paul Hourigan, flight B (5); Bill Southard, flight C (8); Nick Caldararo and Dan Andrews, flight D (5).

Bill Southard was the super flight winner.

Ocean Ridge Ladies

The Ocean Ridge Ladies Golf Association held a Charity Scramble April 28 at Lion’s Paw. The event was held to benefit West Brunswick High School. More than $300 and several bags of supplies were collected for the school.

Jan Henson, Suzanne Gallagher and Ann Turner won the event with 70. Pat Brooks, Marie Pugh and Ruth Ray were second with 71. Patsy Mays, Myriam Harding, Jan Cameron and Judy McClellan were third with 72. Grace Loyack, Katie Glanton, Diane Wright and Susan Halberstadt were fourth with 73 (match of cards). Ruth Woodard, Patti Dugan, Joanie Marsh and Roberta Drummond were fifth with 73.

Birdies were scored by Pat Brooks (Nos. 13 and 17), Joanie Marsh (No. 6), Katie Glanton (No. 11), Patsy Mays (No. 13), Pam Fitzgerald (No. 17) and Kathy Giancarlo (No. 11).

Chip-ins were recorded by Frankie Neal (No. 6), Pat Brooks (No. 3), Patti Dugan (No. 7), Katie Glanton (No. 2), Diane Wright (Nos. 15 and 16), Shirley Lukasik (No. 18), Kathy Wicke (No. 6) and Judy McClellan for birdie (No. 6).

Calabash Elks

The Calabash Elks played an event April 30 at Brierwood.

In flight A, Jerry Way won first place and Ed Kerr was second.

In flight B, Robert Herre won first place and John Parisi was second.

In flight C, Lynn Harbold won first place and Richard Hartley was second.

Closest-to-the-pin winners were Mike McCormack (No. 3), Bob Matteson (No. 9), Ray Bucks (No. 14) and Bob Pidgeon (No. 17).

Ocean Ridge Men

The Ocean Ridge Men’s Golf Association played April 28 at Lion’s Paw. The scoring consisted of counting three net scores.

Tom Johnson, Russ Johnson, Norm Fitzgerald and Paul Hardican were first with -17 (match of cards). Ed McCloskey, Reece Hoben, Larry Wright and Frank Thomas were second with -17. Jim Story, Bill Bixler, David Ayres and Emil Gnam were third with -16. Chuck Gibson, Greg Kent, John Pugh and Bill DeHaan were fourth with -15. Bill Walker, Bob Larkin 1, Bill Prophet and John Lukasik were fifth with -14.

Emil Gnam scored an eagle at the par-four No. 1 at Lion's Paw. He used a driver and seven-wood.

The event played April 30 at Panther’s Run was a flighted net score event.

In the first flight, George Brooks had 66, Kevin Cotter had 69 and Doug MacDonald had 70.

In the second flight, Ray Stanley shot 68, Vince Barbera shot 69 and Bruce Billings shot 72.

In the third flight, Dick Connolly shot 71, John Olio shot 72, Bob Hartman shot 73 (match of cards) and Gary Halberstadt shot 73.

In the fourth flight, Bill Hotop led with 63. Glenn McLellan shot 67. Bob Theiss shot 70 and Lynn Furman finished with 71.

In the fifth flight, John Lukasik shot 65 and Ted Pounds had 68.

Brick Landing Ladies

The May 1 match was a blind scoring goal event. A number was drawn between 68 and 80 after the start of play. The player whose net score was closest to the goal won.

In the first flight, Ketih Webb was first at even. Elsa Bonstein and Dale Calhoon tied for second at one off.

In the second flight, Betty Grace Grabb won at two off. Lois Huber and Irene Dowdy tied for second at five off.

In the fhird flight, Peggy Campana, Pat Bumgardner and Mary Tacea tied for first at one off.

Birdies were scored by Keith Webb (No. 7), B.G. Daniel (No. 7), Elsa Bonstein (No. 6) and Dale Calhoon (No. 3).

Chip-ins were recorded by B.G. Daniel for birdie (No. 18), Irene Dowdy for birdie (No. 15) and Vivian Rowe (No. 5).

Al Graham Stableford Tourny

Jim Garrigan, Joe Fioravanti, Frank Talak and Steve Jones won the Al Graham Stableford Tourney April 30.

John Crane, Don Errickson, Nick DePalo and Joe Lowry were second with 2 (match of cards). Gary Hertling, John Kain, Boots Bromwell and Sandy Howard finished third with 2.

Skins were won by Tony Languell, Joe Lowery, Jerry Strickler, John Crane and Keith Rogerson.