Golf action

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon


The Beachcombers played at Brierwood. Low gross: Reese Evans, 78; Jim Ritter, Jim Beairsto, 88. Low net: Ritter, 64; Evans, 68; Beairsto, 69. Team (two low nets each hole): Ritter, Evans, Bob Smith and Beairsto, 22-under par. Golfer of the week was Evans.


Rita DuGan, Fran Thomas, and Randy Coates were first at 1-over par in the Brierwood nine-hole mixed scramble Feb. 24. Finishing second was the team of Marianne Nobes, Ralph Trimmer, and Bob Nobes. The team of Sharon Beavers, Glen Green and John Beavers were third.


On Feb. 22 at Farmstead, Sid Pennington, Ron Doeblin and John Ogden were first with a 33 after a rain-shortened nine-hole event. Teams scored two nets on the par-3s and one net on all the others. Frank Janton, Hugh Chinn and Joe Gallo were second.

On Feb 24 at Meadowlands, Frank Janton, George O’Connell, John Ducey and Cliff Musselman were first with a 138. Teams scored three nets on holes 1-6, two on 7-12 and one net on 13-18. Placing second were Ned Meier, Steve Maiorca, Hugh Chinn and John Ogden.

On Friday at Meadowlands, Sid Pennington, John Ducey and Cliff Musselman were first with a 66. The three-man teams scored one net per hole. Ron Doeblin, Steve Maiorca and Joe Gallo were second.


Results of the event Feb. 24 at Carolina Shores. In the A flight, Joe Franklin was first. (65). In the B flight, Bob Ebert was first (65). In the C flight, Jim Filkins was first (66). Closest to the pin: At No. 3, Don Eisenman, 14 feet. At No. 7, Jake Mathieu, 4-9. At No. 12, Mike Coleman 1-11. At No. 17, Jim Barker 3-11.


Results of the match played Feb. 23 at Carolina Shores. Gross A: 1. Dick Wilson, 88; 2. Bill Allen, 89; 3. Ron Mayo, 91. Gross B: 1. Corbin Ledford, 96; 2. Eric Mayo, Ralph Phillips, 97; Ron Watson, 99. Net A: 1. Ron Mayo, 68; 2. Mike Donahue, 70; 3 Dick Wilson, 73. Net B: 1. Ron Watson, 68; 2. Ralph Phillips, 69; 3. Ray McDowell, 70.

Closest to the pin at No. 17 in flight A, Bill Allen; flight B, Ralph Phillips. Fewest putts: Ray McDowell, 26; Steve White, 29; Dick Wilson, 31; Ralph Phillips, Bill Allen, Ron Watson, 32.


Results Friday at Carolina Shores. The game was one net on holes 1-6, two nets on holes 7-12, three nets on holes 13-18. First at 128 were Joe Broderick, Gary Hertling, Joe Fioravanti and Frank Talak. Second at 138 by a match of cards were Bill Marsh, Kerry Jarrell, Jim Burke and a draw. Third at 138 were Keith Rogerson, Bill Gibbs, Nick Depalo and Wayne Burchfield. Low gross: Wayne Burchfield, 80. Low net: Gary Hertling, 68. Closest to pin at No. 3, Art Hahl; at No. 7, Joe Fioravanti; at No. 12, Dick Boyle; at No. 17, Keith Rogerson. Gross-score skins: Keith Rogerson, Gary Hertling (two), Art Hahl and Wayne Burchfield (two). Net skins in flight A: Art Hahl, Keith Rogerson, Larry Enright and Gary Hertling. In flight B: Kerry Jarrell and Joe Fioravanti.


In the Carolina Shores Niners’ low gross and low net tournament Feb. 18, Phyllis Gumbrell was first in low gross and low net in flight A. In flight B, Susan Jarrell was first in low gross and low net. Rose Mary Jones was second in low gross and low net.


Results of the Stableford match Feb. 23 at Farmstead. Front: Jim Marsh, Roger Gietzen, Bob Mecleary, +7; Back: Tim Oliver, Duane Durbin, Richard Smith, Bill Cleaver, +5. Overall: Jim Marsh, Roger Gietzen, Bob Mecleary, +6.5; Bob Wiltbank, Martin Meyer, Gary Sesse, Gordon Much, +5.5; Tim Oliver, Duane Durbin, Richard Smith, Bill Cleaver, +5. Individuals: A, Tim Oliver, +0.5; B, Roger Gietzen, +8.5; C, Tony Mantini, Gary Sessi, +3; D, Bill Cleaver, +4.5. Superflight: Roger Gietzen, +8.5.


Results of the event Feb. 24. The format was three-two-one. First: Karen McCloskey, Michelle Sherwood, Jan Cameron and Reggie Harrington (22 under). Second: Jeanne Maxon, Barb Seelos, Kathy Giancarlo and Val Ratchford (13 under). Third: Diane Wright, Linda Buck, Ann Turner and Becky Williams (10 under).

Birdies: Jeanne Maxon on hole No. 6 and Karen McCloskey on No. 2. Chip-ins: Diane Wright on hole No. 12, Jan Cameron on No. 6 and Reggie Harrington on No. 18. Chip-in birdies: Jeanne Maxon on No. 5 and Carol Dunham on No. 11.

Results of the lucky nine even Monday at Lion’s Paw. Teams of four count two nets on every hole. At the end of the round, the team selects the scores for nine of the holes (two par-3s, two par-5s and five par-4s. First: Karen McCloskey, Diane Wright, Michelle Sherwood and Jan Cameron (53). Birdies: Barb Seelos at No. 6. Low gross: Karen McCloskey, 88; low net, Michelle Sherwood, 64.


Results of the team event Feb. 24 on the Maples Course. First: Pam Fisher, Flo Hill, Loretta DeVita, Virginia Foulds, 109. Second: Joan Mason, Bobbie deLagarde, Maureen Foley, draw, 111 (match of cards). Third: Pat Gooding, Gail Cafaro, Julie Burton, Gloria Lee, 111 (match of cards). Fourth: Jo Larson, Sue Shackleton, Diane Scheck, Denise Kenny, 111 (match of cards).

Birdies: Mary Alice Jerome, No. 1. Jo Larson, No. 2. Kathy Blaine, No. 3. Loretta DeVita, No. 3. Nancy Santisi, No. 3. Flo Hill, No. 5. Pat Gooding, No. 7. Bobbie deLagarde, No. 11. Pat Gooding, No. 11. Sue Shackleton, No. 11. Chip-ins: Mary Alice Jerome, No. 1. Jo Larson. No. 2. Flo Hill, No. 5. Jo Larson, No. 10. Mary Couch, No. 11. Pat Gooding, No. 11. Sue Shackleton, No. 11.


The Sea Trail Men’s Golf Association played individual low gross tourney Feb. 23 on the Byrd Course. A flight: 1. Monte Beebe, 77; 2. Ron Dubas, 78; 3. Bill Muckridge, 85 (match of cards); 4. Lou DeVita, 85. B flight: 1. Lee Sutton, 85; 2. John Barton, 86 (mc); 3. Jim Hitchcock, 86; 4. Scott Bernreuther, 87. C flight: 1. Dennis deLagarde, 88 (mc); 2. Bob Mason, 88; 3. John Markatos, 88; 4. George Hill, 89. D flight: 1. Dick Sellers, 89; 2. Bo Sellers, 93; 3. Tom Robbins, 94; 4. Dan Davis, 95. E flight: Charlie Schorpp, 87; 2. Roy Cundiff, 88; 3. Vince Brown, 92 (mc); Jim Gooding, 92. D flight: 1. Bill Connor, 95; 2. Dick Lawson, 100; 3. Ches Burton, 101; Doc Seely, 102.


Twenty-nine players entered the Sableford tourney at Carolina Shores. The winning team at +11 was Joe Fioravanti, Dick Boyle and Don Rose (seated). In second were Larry Enright, Ron Buck, Bob Bosman and Nick DePalo at +10. In third at +1 was Harless, Elkins, Elswick and Bladerson. In fourth were Tony Languell, Joe McDonough, Bill Teschler and Mal Mac Raild.


Results of the net two best-ball event Feb. 16: 1. John Sloper, Dennis Gartland, Mike Sprague, -11; 2. Mike Sullivan, Jimmy Trotter, Ralph Eckley, -3. Low score, gross: John Sloper 75.

Results of the modified Stableford event Feb. 18: 1. Wayne Norman, Tom Simmons, Mike Sprague, +4. Low scores, gross: Charlie Moore, 75; Wayne Norman, 76; Mike Sullivan, 78; John Sloper, 79.

Results of the net two best-ball event Feb. 21: 1. Don Critzman, Mike Allocco, Mike Travers, Ralph Eckley, -18; 2. Charlie Moore, Bill Creekmore, Tom Simmons, John Sloper, -16. Low scores, gross: Charlie Moore, 71; Don Critzman, 72; John Sloper, 74; Mike Sullivan, 76; Wayne Norman, 78; Ralph Eckley, Mike Sprague, Mike Travers, 79.

Results of the modified Stableford event Feb. 23: 1. Mike Sullivan, +5; Tom Simmons, +3; Mike Sprague, +2; Harold Dunlap, +1. Low Scores, gross: Harold Dunlap, 74; Mike Sullivan, 72.