Golf action

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon


The Beachcombers played at Carolina Shores. Low gross: Reese Evans, 85; Harry Haggerty, 86; Dan O’Connell, 87; Jim Fitzner, 88. Low nets: O’Connell, 68; Fred Ortiz, 70. Team two best balls per hole: O’Connell, Ortiz, Haggerty and Bill Cameron at 29 under. Golfer of the week was O’Connell.


The Brick Landing Ladies Golf Association played an even-holes only match March 18, with net strokes on even-number holes totaled for score. Dale Calhoon was first with a 37 and Irene Dowdy second with a 40 in the first flight. Shirley Dowd was first in the second flight with a 46. Nancy Dickerson was first in the third flight with a 40. Irene Dowdy had a chip-in birdie on No. 15.


The Brierwood Men’s Golf Association had its monthly golf and luncheon Saturday. The game of the day was two best balls of the foursome. There was a tie for first at -21 between the team of Jim Robinson, Tom Arney, Bernie Gruzlewski and Odie Johnson and the team of Bill Tonking, Marty Brkal, Dennis Shea and a draw. In third was the team of Hollen Groff, Dave Harper, Tom Kronyak and Tom Kronyak Jr.


Hilda Hall, Honey Gruzlewski, Deloris Gausch and Odie Johnson shot an even-par score in winning the Brierwood nine-hole mixed scramble March 17. Finishing second at 2-over par was the team of Marian Johnson, Fran Thomas and Randy Coates. The team of Jean Bowen, Sharon Beavers, Glen Green and Bob Nobes took third. Chris Miller, Marianne Nobes, Ralph Trimmer and Bernie Gruzlewski were next.


In a Brierwood Women’s Golf Association tournament March 16, the format was substitute par for worst hole on each nine holes minus full handicap. In the first flight, Sue Janovic was the winner with a net 57. In second was Cindy Northup with a net 72. Sue Janovic had fewest putts (33). In the second flight, Marianne Nobes was the winner with a net 56. In second was Pat Kronyak with a 64. Pat Kronyak had the fewest putts (31). Marianne Nobes had a chip-in on No. 11 and Sue Janovic a birdie on No. 3.


Results of the ladies’ golf league event March 15. Net, first flight: Grace Byrne, Kathy Toeppner, 71; Becky Seibert, 73; Janet Iekel 77. Second flight: Kathy Lucyszyn, 73; Linda Rothenberger, 80; Sue Sadlon, 81. Third flight: Wanda Woodlief, 75; Trish Lemmon, 79; Evelyn Claus 84. Birdies: Grace Byrne at Dogwood No. 9, Kathy Toeppner at Magnolia No. 7.


On March 15 at Farmstead, Steve Maiorca, Hugh Chinn, Jody Serensits and Joe Meo placed first with a 148. Teams scored two nets per hole. Placing second were Ned Meier, Jerry Rubin, John Methvin and Joe Gallo.

Joe Meo, 92, shot a 91.

On March 17 at Meadowlands, Ned Meier, Jen Dearborn, Hugh Chinn and Joe Meo placed first with a 125. The teams scored one net and one gross on handicap holes 1-12 and one gross on 13-18. Jerry Rubin, Boomer Needham, George O’Connell and John Ogden were second.

On Friday at Meadowlands, Ned Meier, John Ducey and Joe Gallo placed first with a 71. Placing second were Steve Maiorca, Ron Doeblin and John Methvin.


On March 19 the Calabashers played at Woodland Valley. In the Stableford format, the winning threesome was Denny Wise, Tony O’Brien and Art Willms with 15 points.

The low gross was 82, by Denny Wise.


Results of the event March 17 at Carolina Shores. In the A flight, Bill Malloy was first with a net 66. In the B flight, John Owens was first with a net 72. In the C flight, Bob Matteson was first with a net of 67. Closest to pin at No. 3 was Ralph Capuano, 8 feet, 2 inches; at No. 7, Herb Johnson, 5-9; at No. 12, as Rich Adduce, 7-0; at No. 17, Ted Acton, 4-8.


The Calabash Tee-Birds played their weekly modified Stableford match March 10 at Sandpiper Bay. First: Durwood Jackson, Pat Perryman and Ray Ketcham at +0.5. Second: Don Fidura, Billy James, Frank Morrone and Lee Harrison at -4.5. Two teams tied for third at -10: Ken Anthony, Rick Ballweg, Rich Marnell and Willie Keefe and the team of Dave Enfeld, Jack Liberstein, Tony Nye and Chet Burton. Don Fidura, Jack Liberstein, Rich Marnell and Tony Nye had one skin each. Low rounds of the day were Lee Harrison, 82, and Tony Nye, 83.


The Calabash VFW played its weekly modified Stableford match March 15 at River Hills. First: Rick Ballweg, Pat Perryman, Tony Nye and Billy James at +11. Second: Durwood Jackson, Bob Sobota, Mark Mason and Jim Milstead at +6. Third: Bob Quinlan, Andy Ward, Vince Krasniewicz and Bruce Kertcher at +4. Fourth: Ken Anthony, Pete Mcgerr, Bob Champion and Mike Connolly at +2.5. Finishing fifth at -5 were Ray Ketcham, Tom Childs, Jerry Way and John Parisi. Lee Harrison had two skins. Rick Ballweg, Mike Connolly and Any Ward had one skin each. Low rounds of the day were Rick Ballweg, 75; Lee Harrison, 77; Vince Krasniewicz and Tony Nye, 83.


Rick Ballweg carded an eagle March 15 on the 464-yard, par-5 seventh hole at River Hills. He hit his first two shots with a driver and an 8-iron and then holed out a 9-iron shot.


Results of the event March 16 at Brierwood. Gross A: Larry Frazier, Bill Allen, 84; Bob Earp, 85; Dick Wilson, 89. Gross B: Eric Mayo, 95; Corbin Ledford, 99; John Ciemniewski, 101. Net A: Steve White, Bill Allen, 70; Larry Frazier, 71; Dick Wilson 74. Net B: Ron Watson, 71; Eric Mayo, 72; Don Cherry, Corbin Ledford, 73.

Closest to the pin at No. 9: Bill Allen. Fewest putts: Dick Wilson, Larry Frazier, 27; Steve White, Bob Earp, Corbin Ledford, 28; Bill Allen, 30; Ralph Phillips, 32.


Results of the ladies’ league event March 9. Flight one, gross: Marilyn Greenfield, 78. Net: Pat Schutzmann, 67; Ann Phlegar, 67; Diana Wells, 70. Flight two, gross: Mary Beth Mato, 86. Net: Susan Desloge, 62; Elaine Pipino, 67; Mary Schuler, 68. Flight three, gross: Maggie Holcomb, 97. Net: Randi Fisher, 68; Donna Agopsowicz, 70; Carol Rogers, 70; Jane Erdtmann, 72; Marianne Caruanna, 73. Flight four, gross: Colleen Brosh, 99. Net: Evelyn Buckner, 69; Louise Widmyer, 72; Flight five, gross: Cathy Genander, 107. Net: Bobbie Walker, 71; Ronnie Oehme, 72.


The opening-day scramble was played March 16 at Carolina National. Sixty-eight members of the Winding River WGA played nine-hole and 18-hole events. Net scores: 1. Marilyn Greenfield, Louise Widmyer, Carol Rogers and Martha Koletar, 57. T-2. Jane Schlesser, Karen Entwistle, Maggie Holcomb and Ronnie Oehme; Honey Martin, Carol McAndrews, Jane Dereshinsky and Colleen Esposito, 59. T-3. Eileen Allen, Susan Czarnecki, Kathy Andrew and Gerri Tacinelli; Mil Crane, Susan Hadenchuk, Vicki Duke and Cathy Genander; Jonquille Curwen, Donna Agopsowicz, Bobbie Walker and Barbara Caiazza, 60.


Gerri Tacinelli scored a hole-in-one on the 124-yard Heron fifth hole during the Carolina National WGA event March 16. She used a 4-hybrid.


The Annual St. Patrick’s Day Tournament, Nine and Dine, was played March 14. The total low-net game was won by the foursome of Dick and Doris Pearce and Rose Mary and Steve Jones. In second were Phyllis Gumbrell, Joanne Riedel, Betty Kibblehouse and a draw. In the low-gross, low-net tournament March 18, Nancy Harthausen won low gross and low net in flight A. In flight B, Halla Cramer was first in low gross and low net. Second in low gross was Rose Mary Jones. Rose Mary Jones and Gwyn DeRenne tied for second in low net. Gwyn DeRenne had a birdie on the 12th hole.


Results of the event March 18. Marie Strickler, low gross, 90. Low net, Bev Farmarco, 70; Fran Pritchard, 71. Dottie Meader had the fewest putts.


Results of the event on a cold March 16. The format was three-man teams and two-man teams playing a net quota format. Winners of the three-man teams at 8 points were Jerry Zimmerman, Jim Smith and Walt Fedyna. In second at 6 points was the team of Artie Stoecker, Carl Graves and Ed Scanlan. Winners of the two-man teams at 7 points was a tie between the team of Pat Connelly and John Kluzer and the team of John Huntey and the Coach. In third were Ray Schatz and Bob Lesko. Individual flight winners: A, Walt Fedyna, +5; B, John Kluzer, 7; C, Jim Smith, 4.


Crow Creek foursome winners Friday: Bob Meclery, Ed Kerr, John Parisi and Ted Peters swept the front at 6.5 points, the back at 6 points and overall at 12.5 points. Flight winners: A, Ray Seger, +5 points; B, Jerry Way, +3 points; C, John Parisi, 6.5 points. Closest to pin on at No. 8: Ed Kerr, 10 feet, 2 inches.

On March 17 at Crown Park, winning the front at 5.5 points and overall at 6.5 points was Jerry Way, Bill Soucy, Mickey Blaze and John Bowles. Winning the back at 2.5 points were Ed Kerr, John Parisi, Jim Donlon and Ted Peters.


Results of the modified Stableford event March 16 at Meadowlands. Front: Pat Slattery, Keith Heyn, Dan Bruscella, Glen Haffield, +3; Jakob McLamb, Dick Puskar, Richard Smith, Ken Dube,+2; Adam Peters, Duane Durbin, Bill Cleaver, Gordon Much, +1.5. Back: Jim Marsh, Bill Tyson, Dick Klesius W.Curtis Brenk, +7; Martin Meyer, Tony Mantini, Jim Poole, Mike Naudus, +5; Bob Wiltbank, Ted Fletcher, Paul Hourigan, Nick Caldararo, +3.5. Overall: Jim Marsh, Bill Tyson, Dick Klesius, W. Curtis Brenk, +7; Jakob McLamb, Dick Puskar, Richard Smith, Ken Dube, +5.5; Martin Meyer, Tony Mantini, Jim Poole, Mike Naudus, +5. Flights: A, Pat Slattery, +8; B, Ted Flecther, +4; C, Jim Poole, +4; D, Nick Caldararo, Bill Tyson, +5.5. Superflight: Pat Slattery, +8.


The Grand Strand Seniors Men’s Golf Association played its weekly event March 15 at Carolina Shores Golf and Country Club at Carolina Shores. The format is stroke play with handicap. Each flight is awarded a low-gross and low-net winner. This week it had 86 golfers, so there were six flights, A through F. All par-3s have closest-to-the-pin awards for white and silver tees. The following are the winners for this week: A flight: Mitch Jordan (77 gross), Tony Giresi (67 net). B flight: Dave Miles (83 gross), Nick Samela (64 net). C flight: Fred Stretton (84 gross), Hugh McCole (68 net). D flight: Fredi Hohorst (86 gross), Roy Teasley (65 net). E flight: John Spring (93 gross), Woody Chenault (67 net). F flight: Ed Carney (98 gross), Jim Fox (69 net). Closest to the pin: White tee: No. 3, Steve Tufts, 7 feet, 1 inches; No. 7, Steve Tufts, 11-0; No. 12, David Tasker, 2-6; No. 17, Roddy Funderburk, 5-3. Silver tee: No. 3, Bob Lange, 8-8; No. 7, Mike Stelo, 11-11; No. 12, Steve Jones, 2-0; No. 17, Dick Pearce, 4-10.


The Meadowlands Missfits played their spring member-member tourney March 15 at Farmstead. The format was low gross, low net. Gross: 1. Donna Phelps and Judy Hardin, 80; 2. Bev Ibbott and Deni Maynard, 81; 3. Jeannette Burton and Phyllis Welch, 85; 4. Grace Kim and Judy Johnson, 85 (tie broken by a match of cards). Net: 1. Pat Hamrick and Sue Hobgood, 57; 2. Bonnie Johnson and Billie Shelton, 62; Nancy Creech and Barb Sammons, 63; 4. Barb Finn and Yvonne Kadahl, 63. Closest to the pin on No. 3 was Bonnie Johnson. Joan Montour was closest to the pin on No. 15.


Results of the event Sunday at Tiger’s Eye. The format was a Stableford net. 1. Wally Milnichuk, Dick Duffy, Pat Brooks, Kathy Wicke, 141 points; George Brooks, Bob Plebanek, Peggy Jones, Linda Buck, 140 points; 3. Greg Bivona, Carole Milnichuk, Eric Dunham, Colleen Plebanek, 138 points.

Birdies: Linda Buck at 1, Wally Milnichuk at 14 and 18, Pat Brooks at 10, Eric Dunham at 12, Sally Duffy at 4 and 6, Chappy Jones at 4. Low nets: Linda Buck, 69; Don Rowland, 69; Carole Milnichuk, 69; Wally Milnichuk, 68; Chappy Jones, 64.


March 15, Tiger’s Eye, flighted format. A flight, gross, Dennis Miller (74). B flight, gross, Wayne Underhill (81), Guy Giancarlo (84); net, Ed Gruver (64), Don Rowland (68). Closest to pin on hole 6: John Olio team.

March 15, Panther’s Run, two net scores. 1. Russ Johnson, Bill Hall, Glenn Hess, Clyde Crowl (-21, match of cards); 2. Jack Siddle, Don Bridwell, Bill DeHaan, Ted Pounds (-21); 3. George Cassidy, Gary Halberstadt, Bert Kuthe, Bob Ludman (-17).

March 17, Lion’s Paw, modified Stableford format. 1. Joe James, Dick Sherwood, Craig VanHorn, Rick Reuter (98 points, mc); 2. Phil Harrington, Vince Barbera, Dave Powers, Paul Socha (98 mc); 3. Roger Buck,, Pete Seelos, Bill Smith, Bill DeHaan (87); 4. Tom Russell, Chappy Jones, Frank Burianek, Brian Roe (86); 5. Bill Wakefield, Terry Zuk, John Wehner, Ted Pounds (82); 6. Ed McCloskey, Gordon Wicke, Eric Dunham, Bob Ludman (81). Closest to pin: at 3, Joe James team; at 11, John Wehner team. Low gross: Ed McCloskey (76), Tom Russell (77). Low net: Bill DeHaan (66); Rick Reuter, Wayne Underhill, and Vince Barbera (68); Phil Harrington (69).


The game March 16: At the end of the round, pick your three best par-3s, par-4s and par-5s. Use one-half handicap. Low net wins. Piper to Bay: 1. Wanda Green, 29; 2. Mary Stern, 29.5; 3. Sharon Pies, 30.5, T-4. Jean Hartwell and Betty Swain, 31. Sand to Piper: T-1. Barbara Swanson and Patty Lawton, 29.5; T-3. Mary Dickerson and Ethel Nobles, 32. Birdies: Barbara Swanson, Sand No. 7; Michaela Richardson, Piper No. 3.


Players Golf Association results of March 18 at Meadowlands Golf Course. Game played was individual Stableford format. Tying for first at 3 points were Bill Kasper, Bob Butkevicius and Roy Teasley. Tying for fourth with 1 point were John Calabrese and Jim Marsh. Closest to the pin were Jim Marsh at Nos. 5 and 11, Bob Butkevicius at No. 8 and John Calabrese at No. 15.


The format Friday was Chicago. Finishing in first with a 76 and +12 on his points was John Radziewski, who was teamed with Billy Sirk. The team total was +14.5. Second was a +11 by Otto Nelke and Don Moore. Third at 10.5 were Mike Casagrands and Harvey Stratton. Fourth at 9.5 were Chris Christie and Norm Burgess. Fifth were Bernie Fowler and Al Hooker at 6.5.Closest to the pin at No. 6 on the Sand course was John Radziewski. Gene McDonald was the closest to the pin on Sand No. 8.


Playing at Carolina Shores, Sharon Clark had low gross with a 102 on a match of cards over Jean Falls. Kathy Hahl was third at 103. Clark also had fewest putts (29), had a birdie on No. 12 and a chip in on No. 3. Martha Hannon chipped on No. 8. Low net: Kathy Hahl (68), T.J. Bagley (69) and Sharon Clark (71).


Man in the box was the format March 17. Sand to Piper flight: In first with a score of -12 were Chris Christie, John Whalen, Lee Parker and John Wilkes. In second with a score of -8 was Lance Lewin, Mike Finkelstein, Frank Alcaraz and a draw. Piper to Bay flight: Taking first with a -18 was the team of Bob Eason, Al Bowman, Bobby Bryce and Mike Casagranda. In second was Stan Opalka, Al Hooker, John Grossglass and Al Paynter at -12. Bay to Sand flight: Phil Whitaker, Joe Matere, Jack Hinte and a blind were the winners at -20. Second at -13 were John Radziewski, Gene McDonald, Dean Montgomery and Bill Croxton.

March 15 was the first round of the 2010 President’s Cup. All players are flighted and play for low gross and low net scores. After four rounds, the top-six low-gross and low-net players will be chosen for the final round of competition for the Cup.eeFirst flight, low Gross: eeChris Christie and Phil Whitaker, 81; eeBob Nicoletti, 83; eeBob Eason and Barney Evangelista, 85. eeFirst flight, low net: eeGary Swanson, 65; eeJohn Radziewski and Don Capretta, 66; eeAl Hooker, 68. Second flight, low gross: Charles Richardson, 89; eeAl Bowman, Mike Matlock, Bob Arace, 90. eeSecond flight, low net: Tom Townsend, 69; ee Harvey Stratton, Tony De Marte, Paul Backman and Dean Montgomery, 73. Third flight, low gross: Bill Pohlman, 92; eeBill Croxton, 95; Mike Donovan, 96. Third flight, low net: Frank Alcaraz, 69; Tom Ioven, 71; Bill Lester, 72.


The Sea Trail Couples Golf Association played its annual Battle of the Sexes tournament March 14. The couples played against each other and one point was awarded for the low net of the twosome. The men won 22.5-17.5.


Results of the net tournament March 17 at the Sea Trail Maples Course. First: Gail Cafaro, Gloria Lee, Jeanine Berger, a draw, 133. Second: Joan Mason, Jo Donna O’ Leary, Betsy Slover, a draw, 134 (match of cards). Third: Gloria Wimmer, Louisa Clatterbuck, Madeline Dubas, Joyce Hellmann, 134 (match of cards). Fourth: Gayl Michael, Judy Pusey, Betty Ann Potvin, Denise Kenny, 136. Birdies: Hal White, No. 11. Joan Mason, No. 12. Jeanine Berger, No. 13. Joan Mason, No. 13. Sharon Winter, No. 13. Gail Cafaro, No. 17. Sharon Winter, No. 17. Betsy Slover, No. 17. Chip-ins: Denise Kenny, No. 4. Jeanine Berger, No. 10. Madeline Dubas, No. 11. Denise Kenny, No. 14.


Two-man teams, 36-point Stableford was the format for the Sea Trail men’s golf tournament March 16 on the Byrd Course. A flight: 1. Mike Depauw and Gene Scheck, -1; 2. Dick Couch and Jim Hitchcock, -2; 3. Bill McNeil and Tony Novalis, -4. B flight: 1. Dan David and Norm Melanson, -2; 2. John Barton and Frank Martorelli, -6; 3. John Goodrich and Ron Jenei, -7. C flight: 1. Roy Cundiff and Charlie Schorpp, +5; 2. Jim Gooding and Dick Sellers, -2; 3. Joe Carpinello and Mike Jerome, -6. D flight: 1. Ches Burton and Howard Van Dusen, +4 (match of cards); 2. Ralph Gardner and Ed Seidel, +4; Hank DeMattia and Rick Ikeda, +3.


The March Sea Trail Lady Niners couples tournament was played Sunday on the Maples Course. Front nine: 1. Darlene and Greg De Crane and Mickie and Jack Borders; 2. Katie Bodner and Jim Hardie and Cherle and John Rothermel. Back nine: 1. Joan and Bob Bobinski and Charlene and Allen Doolittle; 2. Betty Hewell and Dan Davis and Marie and Ray Dillon.