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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

During the Ocean Ridge Ladies Golf Association Groundhog’s Cry event Monday, Diana Gruver made a hole-in-one on the sixth hole at Lion’s Paw. It was her first hole-in-one.

In the Groundhog Cry event, players counted one net from each foursome but threw away the three highest net scores at the end of the round. And if a golfer’s shadow touched any part of the cup when he or she addressed the putt, the putt may be conceded.

First: Karen McCloskey, Peggy Jones, Diana Gruver, Jan Cameron.

Low net: Diana Gruver and Mickie Underhill, 70. Low gross: Karen McCloskey, 91.

Results of the Ocean Ridge Ladies Golf Association event Jan. 28 at Lion’s Paw. The format was teams of four counted total putts on each hole. First: 133 putts—Linda VanHorn, Doris McLaughlin, Sharon Simon, Bev Furman. Second: 138 putts—Patsy Mays, Peggy Jones, Reggie Harrington, Margo Russell. Third: 139 putts—Sally Duffy, Peggy Rowland, Judy McLellan, Gwen Fitzgerald. Fourth: 140 putts—Mickie Underhill, Grace Bradicich, Val Ratchford, Kathleen Bassett.

Birdies: Joanie Marsh at No. 6, Doris McLaughlin at No. 11, Patsy Mays at No. 9. Chip-ins: Joanie Marsh at No.10, Bev Furman at No. 17. Low net: Diana Gruver (70). Low gross: Patsy Mays (89).


The Brick Landing Men’s Sports Club weekly tournament was Jan. 27. The format was two best nets. The team of Chuck Dixon, Glen Gayheart, Mike O’Brien and Bob Melleky tied for first with Dave Biesack, Eric Nelson, Neil Nucci and Owen Letter (-32).

The Men’s Club shootout was Saturday. Chuck Dixon, Dick Brown, Owen Letter and a blind draw were first (+11.5 points). Glen Gayheart, Al Zyga, Eric Nelson and Alan Morrissey were second (+9.0 points).

Individually, Glen Gayheart was first with +9.5 points. Mike O’Brien was second with +7.0 points.


In a captain’s choice event Saturday at Brierwood, the team of Jim Robinson, Tom Bowen, Dick Baynton and Tom Kronyak finished first at 4-over par. In second at 5-over par was the team of Paul Salerno, Dave Harper, Chuck Hornfeck and Ralph Trimmer. In third at 6-over par was the team of Al Ostrager, Bernie Gruzlewski, George Edwards and Dennis Shea.

Closest to the pin at No. 3 was Chuck Hornfeck; at No. 14, Tom Kronyak; at No. 17, Dennis Shea.


The Beachcombers played a 1-2-3 tournament Friday Crown Park. The winners with a score of 114 (-22) were Reese Evans, Jim Ritter John Schmoll and Jim Beairsto. Second went to Ed Kinney, Reggie Auten, Randy Cogdill and Paul Michal with a 116 (-20). Low gross for the day was Reese Evans at 75 and Gary Gutheil at 80. Low nets were Jim Ritter at 67 and Evans and Gutheil at 68.


The Calabashers played a Stableford match Friday at the Eagles Nest Golf Course. The winning team at -3 was the threesome of Wash Dayton, Rod Rodriguez and John Duthie.


Results of the Jan. 28 Calabash Elks Golf League match at Carolina Shores: In the A flight, Ted Acton and Mike Casper were first (64) and Ed Kerr was second (65). In the B flight, Mike McCormack was first (65) and Bill Toomey was second (66). In the C flight, Guy Lachapelle was first (71) and Bob Schuster was second (72).

Closest to the pin: On No. 3, Ted Acton 3 feet. On No. 7, Guy Lachapelle 15-0. On No. 12, Bob Herre 9-0. On No. 17, Jim Barker 6-9.


Results of the event Jan. 27 at Brierwood. Low gross, flight A: 1. Dick Wilson and Bill Allen, 86; 3. Larry Frazier, 87; 4. Steve White, 89. Low net, flight A: Dick Wilson, 71; 2. Larry Frazier, 72; 3. Bill Allen and Steve White, 73.

Low gross, flight B: 1. Mike Donahue, 96; 2. Pat Perryman, 98; 3. Rom Watson, 108. Low net, flight B: 1. Mike Donahue, 72; 2. Pat Perryman, 75; 3. Ron Watson, 77.

Closest to the pin: flight A, Bill Allen; flight B, Jim Parsch. Fewest putts: Pat Perryman, 30; Dick Wilson and Steve White, 31; Larry Frazier, 33; Bill Allen 34; Ron Watson, 35.



On Jan. 26 at Farmstead, Ron Doeblin, Steve Maiorca, Jody Serensits and Joe Gallo placed first at 142. Teams scored one net and one gross per hole. Sid Pennington, Bob Jaeger, Joe Meo and John Ogden were second at 148.

On Jan. 28 at Meadowlands, Jerry Rubin, Bob Jaeger, Steve Maiorca and Jody Serensits placed first at 127. Team scoring was one net on holes one to six, two nets holes seven to 12 and three nets on holes 13-18. Jim Kennedy, John Ducey, Rich West and Cliff Musselman were second at 129.

On Friday at Meadowlands, Cliff Musselman, Von Hincher and Sid Pennington were first at 126. The three-man teams scored two nets per hole. Ron Doeblin, Jen Dearborn and Joe Gallo were second at 129.


Results of the men’s match Friday at Carolina Shores. (Score one low gross and two low nets.) First: Glen Ikens, Buddy Broadnax and Gene Sandborn. Second: Fank Talak, Keith Rogerson and Roger Thompson. Low gross: 77, Glen Ikens. Low net: 68, Keith Rogerson. Closest to the pin: at No. 3, Mal MacRaild; at No. 7, Frank Talak; at No 12, John Kain; at No. 17, Gary Stewart. Skins: Mal Mac Raild, Glen Ikens, John Kain, Jim Burke, Frank Takak and Buddy Broadnax.


Modified Stableford results of the tourney Jan. 27 at Meadowlands. Front nine: The team of Ray La Conte, Bill Favro, Jim Poole, Russ Thompson and the team of Adam Peters, Fred Johnson, Gary Sessi, Bob McLeary at +8.5. Back nine: 1. Bill Blewitt, Rick Ellwanger, Geoff Brown at +2.5; 2. Dick Turner, Howie Murphy, Jack Monahan, Mike Naudus at even. Overall: 1. Adam Peters, Fred Johnson, Gary Sessi, Bob McLeary at +6.5; 2. Ray La Conte, Bill Favro, Jim Poole, Russ Thompson at +3.5; 3. Roger Geitizen, Yvon Montour, Duane Durbin, Roger Rawley at +3.

Individual: A, Jake Mathieu, +8; B, Fred Johnson, +6.5; C, Duane Durbin, +3.5; D, Bob McLeary, +6.5. Superflight: Jake Mathieu, +8.


Seven teams played in the Carolina Shores Al Graham Stableford Jan. 28. The winning team at +7 was Arney Northrup, Tony Languell, George Bridges, Ron MacDowell. Second was awarded through a match of cards as two teams tied at ever par. Roger Thompson, Bill Teschler, Gary Hertling, Bill Marsh had the winning match of cards over Jim Burke, Frank Talak, Dan Roberts and Joe Fioravanti. Fourth went to Mal Mac Raild, Bob Barrett, Ray Girard, Glen Ikens at -1.


The Lockwood Folly Ladies Golf Association played a step-aside scramble Jan. 29. First: Kay Gregory, Ellen Lyons, Carolyn Puckett, Charlotte Schaffler, 77. Second: Laura Botto, Fran Hursh, Mary Ritterbusch, Kay Teagardner, 79. Third: Anne Bailey, Kathy Marks, Mary Ward, 80.


Results of the Jan. 26 tourney at Farmstead Golf Course. The game was blind nine holes. First: Phyllis Welch, 77; second: Sue Hobgood and Carol Boudreau, 79; fourth: Anna Merritt, 80.

Fewest putts: Nancy Griffin (27). Birdies: Bev Ibbott at No. 5, Janis Ortmeyer at No. 6, Judy Hardin at No. 12. Chip-ins: Nancy Griffin at No. 5.

Results of the crossover game Monday at Meadowlands Golf Course. 1. Donna Phelps, 56; 2. Phyllis Welch, 57; 3. Delores Dulaski, 60; 4. Linda Blewitt, 60.

Birdies: Phyllis Welch at No. 15. Chip-ins: Pat Hamrick at No. 2. Fewest putts: Linda Blewitt, 30; Sally Manifold, 31.


The Ocean Ridge Men held its ninth annual Winter Frolic tournament Jan. 23 at Panther’s Run. The event was shortened to one day because of a weather cancellation Jan. 21. The tournament was a flighted individual low-net competition, using 80 percent of handicap. No penalty strokes were assessed for out-of-bounds, water hazards, lost balls or other penalty situations. All ties were broken by a match of cards. First flight: 1. Tom Russell (71); 2. Rod Peterson (71); 3. Doug MacDonald (73); 4. George Cassidy (74). Second flight: 1. John Connolly, (72); 2. John Wehner (72); 3. John Pugh, (74); 4. Rick McCafferty (74); 5. John Weaver (75); 6. Rich Scaler (76); 7. Bill Edwards, (78).

A scramble was played Jan. 28 at Panther’s Run, requiring two drives per golfer in each foursome. 1. Dennis Miller, Bob Larkin II, George James, Chuck Fitzgerald (-11); 2. Doug MacDonald, Rick McCafferty, Dave Arnold, Glenn Hess (-5, match of cards); 3. George Brooks, Don Bridwell, Glenn Christiansen, Bill Hotop (-5); 4. Greg Lipscomb, Vince Barbera, Eric Dunham, Brian Roe (-5).

Closest to the pin on Nos. 2 and 11 was the team of Guy Giancarlo, Bill DeHaan, Ed Gruver, John Wehner.



On Jan. 27, Frank Burianek eagled the 357-yard 15th hole of Panther’s Run. He used a driver and an 8-iron on the par-4 hole.


Roy Teasley scored a net 63 and won the weekly Players Golf Association tournament at Farmstead Golf Course. Game played was individual low net. Second with a net 67 was Bob Davis. Third at net 69 was Bob Lange by a match of cards over Jim Marsh. Fifth was Wil Garvin at net 71. Sixth at net 72 was Ernie Weeks. Closest to the pin were Bob Lange at Nos. 3 and 17, Hal Moore at No. 6 and Roy Teasley at No. 12.


The format Friday at Sandpiper Bay was combined low net scores using a blind draw for partners. Two courses were used, so a partner was drawn from each side. With a total of 132, John Hannigan and P.J. Jones took first. Second was a 133 carded by Gene McDonald and Guy Tavel. Third went to a 135 by Wayne Purdy and Bob Arace. Billy Sirk and Bobby Bryce carded a 136 for fourth. Jon Radziewski and Mike Matlock took fifth with a 137.

Closest to the pin on No. 3 Bay was Joe Cramer. Closest to the pin on No. 5 Bay was Bob Arace.



On Jan. 28, the game was team Chicago: subtract the team handicaps from 36 and add results, that is the team goal score. Five points for eagle or better, three for birdie, two for par and one for bogey. Most total team points win the game.

Piper to Bay flight: Al Hooker, Joe Cramer, Mike Matlock and Jack Dobson scored a +16 to take first. Second was a +9 by Lou Zotter, Don Moore, Bob Knisley and Burnie Fowler.

Bay to Sand flight: A +11 by Tony Rossi, Vince Niland, Bob Arace and Don DeMore was good enough for first. Second at + 10 were Jim Creighton, Anthony Scinto, Mike Donovan and Al Paynter.

On Jan. 26, the local doubters about global warming put on their earmuffs, gloves and winter coats to brave the excessive lack of heat in the air and play the game of the day. The game was either individual low gross and net scores or medal play.

Piper to Bay flight: Low gross at 80 was a tie between Al Hooker and Chris Christie. Low net was a tie at 68 between Don Moore and Norm Burgess.

Second low gross was Lou Zotter at 83. Second low net was a tie at 69 between Al Bowman and Dennis Restiano.



Results of the Sea Trail LGA crossover game (with one-half handicap) Jan. 28 at the Maples Course. First flight: 1. Jo Larson, 26.5; 2. Mary Couch, 28; 3. Pat Sutton and Gloria Wimmer, 30.5. Second flight: 1. Marge Layden, 25.5; 2. Mary Lou Dunbar, 26; 3. Julie Burton and Loretta DeVita, 27. Third flight: 1. Carrie Wiles, 22.5; 2. Kate Goodrich, 24; 3. Susan Seidel, 26; 4. Donna Morris, 27.

Birdies: Mary Lou Dunbar at No. 11, Joan Mason at No. 3, Gloria Wimmer at No. 16. Chip-ins: Mary Couch at No. 3, Joan Mason at No. 2, Dorrie McGurn at No. 14.



Results of the four-man team Stableford tourney Jan. 27 at the Sea Trail Golf Resort’s Byrd Course. A flight: 1. Even (by match of cards), Bud Brandt, Roy Cundiff, Lou DeVita, Bob Mason; 2. even, Joe Carpinello, Dennis deLagarde, Skip O’Leary, Frank Santisi. B flight: 1. +3, Charlie Hanlon, Niels Kass, Wayne McKee, Len Steiner; 2. even, John Barton, Jim Foley, John Goodrich, Burt Kellogg. C flight: 1. +15, Dick Couch, Gary Fagan, Frank Martorelli, Howard Van Dusen; 2. even, Ron Dubas, Wayne Hellman, Gary Keife, Tom Smith.



Southport Christian School will hold its 14th annual golf tournament Feb. 28 at The Members Club in St. James Plantation. The fee to play is $60 per person, or $240 per team, which includes greens fee, cart fee and lunch. Mulligans and other opportunities will be offered for purchase before the 9:30 a.m. shotgun start.

Various sponsorship levels are also available, welcomed and tax-deductible.

For more information about sponsoring the tournament or to sign up a team, call SCS at 457-5060.