Golf action

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

Carolyn Bosman made a hole-in-one Feb. 7 at the third hole at Carolina Shores. She used an 8-iron on the 80-yard hole.


The Beachcombers played a two low nets tournament Friday at Woodland Valley. The winners with a score of 119 (minus 25) were Reggie Auten, Randy Cogdill, Dennis Davidson and Dennis McCann. Finishing second with a score of 125 were Bob Byrne, Hal Riebesehland Gary Gutheil. Low gross for the day was Reese Evans, 76, and Randy Cogdill, 88. Low nets were Evans, 68, Jim Beairsto, 71, McCann, 72, and Bob Smith, 72. Reese Evans was voted golfer of the week.


The Brick Landing Men’s Sports Club weekly tournament was Feb. 10. Format was two best nets.

Flight 1 net: Gene Bonstein was first at 64. Al Zyga was second at 68. Bill Fredericks was third at 71. Flight 2 net: Bob Melleky was first at 66. Jim Campana and Eric Nelson tied for second at 68. Flight 3 net: Owen Letter first at 63. Ron Wetherington was second at 66. Austin Duncan was third at 72.

The Men’s Club shootout was Saturday. Bill Fredericks, Tom Edwards, Bob Grabb and a blind draw were first (+14.0 points). Rick Skorney, Buddy Hollowell, Eric Nelson and a blind draw were second (+11.0 points). Gene Bonstein, Al Zyga, Bob Melleky and Dick Giehl were third (+10.0 points).

Individually, Tom Edwards was first at +11.5 points. Eric Nelson was second at +9.0 points. Dick Giehl was third at +5.5 points.


In the two best balls event Feb. 9, the team of Al Ostrager, Dave Harper, Jim Pope and Morris Hall finished first at 26-under par. Harvey Hundley, Mike Prokop, Bob Janovic and Joe Brust were second at 19 under. George Edwards, Odie Johnson, Jack Harrison and a blind draw were third at 18 under.

In the event Feb. 13, the format was one best ball on the par 5s, two best balls on the par 4s and three best balls on the par 3s. In first was the team of Bernie Gruzlewski, Tom Kronyak, Lees Craft and a blind draw. In second at 14 under was the team of Dave Harper, Dick Baynton, Marty Brkal and Bob Sterner. In third at 13 under was the team of George Edwards, Odie Johnson, Jack Harrison and Chuck Hornfeck.


The team of Rita DuGan, Carola Hornfeck, Dennis Shea, and Odie Johnson won with a 1-over par score in the Brierwood Wednesday nine-hole mixed scramble Feb. 11. The team of Liz Boyer, Marian Johnson, Fran Thomas and Chuck Hornfeck tied for second with the team of Glen Green, Sharon Beavers and John Beavers.


The Brierwood Women’s Golf Association played Feb. 10 and the format was low gross, low net. In the first flight, Marje Roach had a low gross of 87 and Sherry Pittman tied Sara Lula with a low net of 73. Tied for fewest putts in that flight were Roach and Lula at 30.

In flight 2, Cindy Northrup had a low gross of 104, while Mickey Salerno had a low net of 76. Sue Janovic had fewest putts at 31. In flight 3, Rita Dugan had a low gross of 108 while Jean Billie had low net of 72. Florence Hopkins had fewest putts of 33.

Chip-ins were by Sarah Lula on No. 4, Mary Schaack on No. 5 and Florence Hopkins on No. 15.


Results of the Ladies’ Golf League event Feb. 9 (nine blind holes). Dogwood-Azalea: First, Celie Cionek, 28.5; second, Pat Wish, 35.5; third, Kathy Patrick, 36. Azalea-Magnolia: First, Becky Siebert, 30.5; second, Alcina Davis, 32; third, Nancy Smyka, 34.5.

Birdies: Mae Drezek, Azalea No. 2; Karen Buchelt, Azalea No. 4; Becky Seibert, Azalea No. 5; Alcina Davis, Azalea No. 9; Nancy Smyka, Dogwood, No. 8.

Chip-ins: Karen Buchelt and Eleanor Tucker at Azalea No. 9.


Results of the event played Friday at Carolina Shores Golf Club. Stableford was the format. Two teams tied at +3: the team of Charlie Weber, Rod Rodriguez, Art Willms and John Duthie and the team of Jay Valkenburb, Tom Nally, Woody Knox and Mike Mccormack.


In a tourney Feb. 11 at Carolina Shores, Mike Casper was first (63) and Ted Peters second (68) in the A flight. In the B flight, Charlie Schreck and Earl Stone tied for first (68) and John Duthie was second (69). In the C flight, Bob Ebert was first (60) and Ralph Capuano and Rich Marnell tied for second (70). Closest to the pin: On No. 3, Roger Polidon, 7 feet. On No. 7, Jim Barker, 4 feet. On No. 12, Jim Barker, 3-3. On No. 17, Frank Case 4, feet.


The Calabash VFW Golf League played its Jan 26 modified Stableford match at Woodland Valley. Finishing first with +6 1/2 were Bob Quinlan, Larry Clark, Ken Anthony and Bob Miele. Durwood Jackson, Ray Ketcham, John Goss and Bob Radcliffe were second at -2 1/2. With -5, Pete Mcgerr, Pat Perryman, J.J. O’Donnell, and Tom O’Brien finished third. Larry Clark had the low round of the day, an 81. Larry Clark had two skins. Bob Quinlan, Bob Radcliffe, John Goss and Ray Barno had one skin each.

On Feb. 2 the match was played at Meadowlands. Durwood Jackson, Bill Nemeth and Chuck Lengyl were first at +16. Second went to R. J. Branham, Tony Nye, Bobby Poulton and Dick Sobota at +15 1/2. Art Dobbs, Bob Radcliffe, Pat Perryman and Jay Bertha were third at +13 1/2. Low rounds of the day were Larry Clark and Bobby Poulton with 80 and Bob Radcliffe and Chuck Lengyl with 82. Chuck Lengyl had two skins. Larry Clark, R. J. Branham, Jim Milstead and Benny Bruno had one skin each.


Results of the event played Feb. 10 at Brierwood Golf Club: Low gross, A flight, 1. Bill Allen, 81; 2. Dick Watson, 82; 3. Steve White, 89. B flight: 1. Pat Perryman, 91; 2. Ralph Phillips, 93; 3. Mike Donahue, 95.

Low net, A flight: 1. Dick Watson, 66; 2. Bill Allen, 68; 3. Noel Christie, 69. Low net, B flight: 1. Ralph Phillips, 65; 2. Mike Donahue, 68; 3. Pat Perryman, 69.

Closest to the pin on No. 14: flight A, Steve White; fight B, Tom O’Reilly. Fewest putts: Dick Watson and Noel Christie, 28; Mike Donahue, 30; Ralph Phillips, Bill Russell, Tom Ditzler, 31.



On Feb. 9 at Farmstead, Ron Doeblin, Steve Maiorca and Cliff Musselman placed first at 129. Three-man teams scored two nets per hole. Frank Janton, Von Hincher and John Methvin were second at 130.

On Feb. 11 at Meadowlands, Steve Maiorca, George O’Connell, Hugh Chinn and Jody Serensits placed first at 155. Teams scored a gross and a net on the par-3 and par-4 holes and a gross and two nets on the par-5 holes. Sid Pennington, Von Hincher, Bob Jaeger and John Ogden were second at 157. Placing third were Jim Kennedy, Jim Johnson, Joe Meo and Joe Gallo.

On Friday at Meadowlands, Sid Pennington, Ron Doeblin, Von Hincher, Cliff Musselman and Joe Gallo were first at128. The five-man teams scored two nets on the par-4 and par-5 holes and two gross on the par 3s. Ned Meier, Jim Kennedy, Jen Dearborn, John Ducey and Joe Meo placed second at 133.


Results of the Crow Creek Golf Club men’s Tuesday league for Feb. 10. The format was three-man team gross quota (each player’s net points are added for the team score). First: +15, Carl Graves, Don Manning, Paul Murray. Second, +3: Ray Schatz, Joe Russell, Ron Perry. Third, +2, the team of Jerry Dickson, John Kulzer and Ray Hickey tied with the team of Walt Fedyna, Ed Darrow and Gene Bellando. Individual winner in flight A: Carl Graves with +7; B, Ed Darrow, +6; C, John Huntey and Paul Murray, +6.


Results of the Fadeaways modified Stableford event Feb. 13 at The Thistle. Winning the front nine at +7 and overall at +5 were John Koester, Hank Beuke, Earl Dushane and Hanjk Mattutat. Winning the back nine at even were Jack Christensen, Ted Peters, Bob Mecleary and Mickey Blaze. Flight winners were Ted Peters in B at +3, Hank Mattutat in D at +1½, John Koester in A at +5; and Frank Case in C at +3½.


The Grand Strand Senior Men’s Golf Association played its weekly event Feb. 9 at Meadowlands Golf Club in Calabash. The format is stroke play with handicap. Each flight is awarded a low-gross and low-net winner. This week it had 130 golfers, so there were six flights, A through F. All par 3s have closest-to-the-pin awards for white and gold tees. The following are the winners for this week:

A flight: Charles Naspinski (76 gross), Curt Miel (65 net). B flight: Wes Filipow (81 gross), Miklos Buchelt (63 net). C flight: Ernie Weeks (82 gross), Tony Languell (66 net). D flight: Joe Lopez (85 gross), Fred Stretton (66 net). E flight: Roy Teasley (86 gross), Bob Molke (62 net). F flight: Clem Gagne (96 gross), Bernie D’Alosio (64 net). Closest to the pin: White tee: No. 5, Funderburk, 14 feet, 8 inches; No. 8, Bob Dandrow, 6-2; No. 11, Ron Lavoie, 18-7; No. 15, Bud Knittel, 10-7. Gold tee: No. 5, George Griffin, 13-7; No. 8, Clem Gagne, 3-8; No. 11, Gene Gordon, 6-4; No.15, Jim Tibbetts, 5-9.


On Feb. 8 the Lockwood Folly Country Club LGA played a Valentine’s mixer and the format was a modified scramble. First: Bob Brooks, Fran Hursh, George Gisel, Marilyn Myers. Second: Myrna Robinson, Dave Suter, Paul and Susann Thompson. Third: Jim and Carol Bowers, Sy and Charlotte Schaffler. Fourth: Charlie and Patti Roland, Joe and Lu Troiano. Fifth: Pat and Patti Hogan, Bob and Jean Risley. Sixth: Peter and Linda Issitt, Beecher and Cheryl Washburn. Seventh: Tom and Pam Humenay, Mickey and Karen Manor.

Closest to the hole at No. 1: Susann Thompson, Bob Grummond. Longest putt at No. 3: Sharon VanDusen, Jim Cummins.


Results of the tourney Feb. 9 at Farmstead. First flight, gross: 1, Phyllis Welch, 83; 2. Billie Ellwanger, 86. Net: 1. Judy Harden, 67; 2. Donna Phelps, 69. Second flight, gross: 1. Mary Jane Labant, 90; 2. Nancy Griffin, 90. Net: 1. Barbara Finn, 70; 2. Eileen Reddy, 70. Third flight, gross: 1. Ann Fiore, 92; 2. Lori Schommer, 96. Net: 1. Nancy Creech, 69; 2. Penny Crawford, 72.

Birdies: Nancy Griffin, No. 17; Phyllis Welch, Nos. 12 and 15; Miriam LaConte, No. 3; Barbara Finn, No. 3; Nancy Creech, No. 11; Sally Manifold, Nos. 4 and 17; Sigi Mayo, No. 6.

Chip-ins: Jeanette Burton, No. 13; Phyllis Welch, No. 15; Miriam LaConte, No. 16; Nancy Creech, No. 11; Sally Manifold, Nos. 8 and 14; Frances Pritchard, No. 2; Gwen Jerome, No. 18. Fewest putts: Phyllis Welch, Miriam LaConte and Linda Willard, 29.


Results of the Ocean Ridge Sunday couples event played Sunday at Tiger’s Eye. The game was an individual couples event with each couple counting all strokes and then deducting their total handicap. 1. Norm and Pam Fitzgerald at -2; 2. Phil and Reggie Harrington, Don and Peggy Rowland, both at +4; 3. Roger and Linda Buck at +7.

Birdies: Sally Duffy at Nos. 1 and 3, Linda Buck at No. 6, Ed Gruver at Nos. 7 and 10, Norm Fitzgerald at No. 4 (a chip-in) and No. 11. Other chip-ins: Pam Fitzgerald at No. 17. Low nets were Norm Fitzgerald at 68 and Roger Buck and Phil Harrington at 71.


Results of the event Feb. 11 at Panther’s Run. The format was odd-even: Foursomes counted one net on the even-numbered holes and two nets on the odd-numbered holes. First: Karen McCloskey, Dorothy Bahnick, Linda Buck, Mary Donahoe; 2. Patsy Mays, Mary Donahoe, Nancy MacDonald, Bev Furman; 3. Mickie Underhill, Ann Turner, Peggy Rowland, Pam Hartman; 4. Diane Wright, Margarte Dinda, Jan Cameron, Reggie Harrington.

Birdies: Reggie Harrington on No. 17, Michelle Sherwood on No. 1, Patsy Mays on No. 12, Sally Duffy on No. 6, Carol Milnichuk on No. 1. Chip-ins: Di Gruver on No.11 and Deb MacFarlane on No. 5. Closest to the pin: Reggie Harrington on No. 17.


Results of the Feb. 9 event at Panther’s Run (four nets on par 3s, three nets on par 4s, two nets on par 5s. 1. Ed McCloskey, John Olio, Dick Atkinson, Bob Ludman (-16); 2. Joe James, Gordon Wicke, Sandy Lonsinger, Bill DeHaan (-18); 3. Guy Giancarlo, George James, Bill Edwards, Kurt Lindstrom (-7, match of cards); 4. Kevin Cotter, Ed Gruver, John Wehner, Ted Pounds (-7). Closest to pin: No. 6, Carl Schuster; No. 17, team of McCloskey, Olio, Atkinson, Ludman.

Results of the Feb. 10 event at Sea Trail Maples (one net, two nets, three nets, repeat). 1. Ed McCloskey, John Wehner, Bob Theiss, Al Bassett (-24). Tying for second at -23 were Jim Story, Dick Jania, Joe Neal, Eric Edgerton; Howard Johnson, Mike Ratchford, Tom Waldron, blind draw; Doug MacDonald, Ed Gruver, John Pugh, Dick Treible.

On Feb. 12, a flighted event was played at Tiger’s Eye. Flight A: Bob Callihan (70 net, match of cards), Steve Westfall (70). Flight B: George James (66, match of cards); Dick Orndoff (66). Flight C: Ed Gruver (69), Hank Vogt (70). Flight D: Craig VanHorn (60), John Pugh (64). Low gross: Tom Russell (75). Closest to pin: No. 6, John Pugh; No. 17, George James.


The event Friday at Sandpiper Bay was low combined net score with a blind-draw partner. First: J.J. Whalen and Bill Zanzalari, 135. Second: Bob Knisley and Frank Gajderowicz, 138. Third: Jim Creighton and Al Bowman, 142. Fourth. Bob Zambri and Tim Salius, 143. Fifth: Billy Sirk and Bill Croxton, 144.

Closest to the pin at Piper No. 3: Billy Sirk. Closest to the pin at Piper No. 8: John Hannigan.


A fine day produced some fine scores as the Renegades played a game of best nine of 18, half handicap, at Carolina Shores. A three-way tie for first with a score of 32 went to Donna Watkins, Martha Hannon and Laura Duncan. Posting best low-gross scores were Donna Watkins, 98, Carol Groner, 99, and Jean Falls, 101, on a match of cards over Martha Hannon. The low-net winners were Martha Hannon with net 67, Laura Duncan with net 68 and Carol Groner with net 69. Donna Watkins had fewest putts, 32, and a birdie on No. 7. Pauline Millosky birdied No. 12. Sally Nolan and Lin Penta had chip-ins.


In the event Feb. 11, Texas scramble was the game: all players play off the best drive and count the three best net scores, full handicaps.

Piper to Bay flight: Led by Jack Hinte, his team scored a day high of -48 to take first place. Other team members were Dan Alsup, Bob Zanbri and Guy Tavel. Second was claimed by Lance Lewin, Bob Eason, Jeff Smith and Jack Dobson at -39. Third at -38 was the team of Chris Christie, Steve Logan, Bob Arace and Frank Gajderowicz.

Bay to Sand flight: Gary Swanson and his team of Hal Foley, Norm Burgess and Tom Ioven shot a -42 to take first. Second was a -38 by Lou Zotter, Chick Scinto, Tim Salius and Al Paynter. Third went to Al Hooker, Joe Martere, John Murphy and a blind draw.

In the event Feb. 9, the game was a plus 1 variation on the waltz: rather than 1, 2, 3, repeat, count two best on the first hole, three best on the second, four on the third, repeat.

Sand to Piper flight: First at -16 was the team of Don Baker, Chick Scinto, Bob Morley and Frank Gajderowicz. At -15 was the team of Gary Swanson, Hal Foley, Tim Salius and Mike Casagranda.

Third was a tie at -11 by the team of Lou Zotter, Ed Kilgoar, Mike Matlock and Tony Hanna and the team of J.J. Whalen, Ron Donley, John Wilkes and a blind draw.

Piper to Bay flight: With a -25, the team of Chuck Denny, Bill Snyder, Vince Snyder and Dick Eby finished first. Second at -18 was by the team of Don Moore, John Gruca, Billy Sirk and Jack Dobson.

A -17 for third was by Lance Lewin, Barney Evangelista, John Hannigan and Bill Zanzalari.


Results of the event Feb. 11 at the Jones Course (convert one hole to par, on-half handicap). Flight 1: 1. Gloria Wimmer, -66; 2. Pat Sutton, Lorraine Kazan, -69 ; 4. Joan Mason, -70. Flight 2: 1. JoAnn Barton, -64; 2. Sharon Winter, -66; 3. Louisa Clatterbuck, -68; 4. JoDonna O’Leary, Betty Ann Potvin, -70.

Flight 3: 1. Diane Scheck, Elaine Poston, -64; 3. Nancy Santisi -68; 4 Mary Lou Miller, Marlene DeHaas, -69. Flight 4: 1. Joyce Hellman -64; 2. Carrie Wiles, Donna Morris -67; 4. Gloria Lee -68.

Birdies: Kathy Blaine, No. 1; Betty Ann Potvin, No 2; Jo Ann Barton, No. 13; Pat DeMattia, No. 15; Donna Morris, No. 5; Judy Pusey, No.17. Chip-ins: Diane Scheck, No. 17; Jo Ann Barton, No. 11; Pat DeMattia, No. 15; Nancy Santisi, No. 7.


The Sea Trail Men’s Golf Association played a two-man team, best net ball tournament Feb. 10 at the Byrd Course. A flight: 1. Gary Fagan and Norm Melanson, 62 with a winning match of cards; 2. Wayne Hellmann and George Hill, 62; 3. Bob Miller and Ken Thode, 62; 4. Jack Dambaugh and Jim Foley, 62; 5. Frank Martorelli and Len Steiner, 63; 6. Brad Dague and Allen Doolittle, 64. B flight: 1. Ron Klein and Bob Perry, 60; 2. Lou Perna and Frank Santisi, 62 (match of cards); 3. Jim Hunt and Steve Wilson, 62; 4. Skip O’Leary and Charlie Schorpp, 63 (match of cards); 5. Niels Kaas and Ben Madura, 63; 6. John Bowles and Joe Carpinello, 64 (match of cards). C flight: Stan Tempsick and Lee Sutton, 59; 2. Scott Bernreuther and Ches Burton, 61; 3. Dennis deLagarde and Hank DeMatia, 63 (match of cards); 4. Terry Donahue and Tony Imondi, 63; 5. Rich Ikeda and Mike Luff, 64; 6. John Barton and George Spinatsch, 65. D flight: 1. Tony Novalis and Mike Pozdol, 60 (match of cards); 2. George Lynch and George Scheidle, 60; 3. Tom King and Tom Smith, 62; 4. Ron Dubas and Tom Kelleher, 63 (match of cards); 5. Dick Lawson and Bill McNeil, 63; 6. Lou DeVita and Howard Van Dusen, 67.


VFW Post 7288 Golf League played its weekly modified Stbleford event Feb. 9 at Farmstead Golf Links. First: Lee Harrison, Mark Mason, Jack Christensen and Bill McCormick at +24 1/2. Second: Art Dobbs, Chuck Lengyel, Chuck Murray and Rich Marnell at +16. Third: Tony Nye, Bobby Poulton, Denis Wise, and Pete Jelstrom at +4 1/2. Tied at fourth at +4 were Rod Rodriguez, Bill Nemeth, Mike Connolly and John Parisi and the team of Jim Small, Dennis O’Brien, Dave Enfeld and Ken Anthony. Sixth: John Goss, Bob Champion, John Koester and Dennis Herold at +3.

Thirty-six players participated in the skins game. Andy Ward, Tommy McCormack, John Koester, Tom Leach and Mike Connolly had one skin each. Low rounds of the day were John Koester, 77, Ed Kerr, 78, Jim Cadiz, 80, Lee Harrison and Chuck Lengyel, 81, Jim Milstead and Andy Ward, 82.