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Gruzlewski aces 9th hole at Brierwood men's tournament

By Staff Brunswick Beacon

Bernie Gruzlewski had a hole-in-one Monday while playing in a Brierwood Men’s Golf Association event. Gruzlewski aced the 142-yard hole using a 5-wood.

The BMGA game Monday was best ball. In first at 19 under was the team of Dave Harper, Chuck Hornfeck, Jim Pope and Rich Hornfeck. In second at 10 under was the team of Paul Salerno, Bernie Gruzlewski, Tom Bowen and Bob Janovic.

The game Feb. 16 was points. In first, with 81 points, was the team of George Edwards, Bernie Gruzlewski, Tom Kronyak and a blind draw. In second, with 80 points, was the team of Dave Harper, Chuck Hornfeck, Jim Pope and a blind draw. In third, with 68 points, was the team of Harvey Hundley, Paul Salerno, Tom Bowen and Jack Harrison.

On Feb. 19, the format was one best ball on the par 5s, two best balls on the par 4s and three best balls on the par 3s. In first at 15 under was the team of Paul Salerno, Jim Pope, Chuck Hornfeck and Rich Hornfeck. In second at 10 under was the team of Dave Harper, Tom Kronyak, Jack Harrison and a blind draw. In third at 8 under was the team of Bernie Gruzlewski, Tom Bowen, Morris Hall and a blind draw.


The Brick Landing Men’s Sports Club weekly tournament was Feb. 17. The format was two best nets on the front nine, three best nets on the back. Chuck Dixon, Dwight Christenbury, Mike O’Brien and a blind draw were first at -25. John McGuirt, Glen Gayheart, Bob Melleky and Alan Morrissey were second at -24. Al Zyga, Dick Brown, Jim Campana and Ron Wetherington were third at -21.

The Men’s Club shootout was Saturday. Dave Biesack, Al Zyga, John McGuirt and Bob Melleky were first (+9.0 points). John Kupstas, Jim Campana, Alan Morrissey and a blind draw were second at (+7.0 points). Jim Barrett, Glen Gayheart, Owen Letter and Brian Walker were third (-2.5 points).

Individually, John McGuirt was first with +6.0 points. John Kupstas tied for second with Brian Walker at +4.5 points.


Results of the two-man, better-ball event Feb. 3. A-B: 1. Gary Abby and Bryan Kantner, -9; 2. Bill Jennings and Steve Tufts, -8; 3. George Tuccinardi and Chris Johnson, -7; 4. Lee Marsh and Rich Davis, -7, match of cards. C-D: 1. Roger Pogoda and Mike Fiore, -12; 2. Ole Boyd and Joe Cantello, -10; 3. Frank Suppa and Tom Lesniewicz, -8; 4. Wyman Shaw and Lou Berinoto, -5, match of cards.

Results of the Stableford matches Jan. 15: Magolia-Azalea: 1. Tony Ingorgia, +6; 2. Gary Kershner, +3, match of cards; 3. Rich Davis, +3; 4. Bill Jennings, +2. Azalea-Dogwood: 1. Ole Boyd, +7; 2. Andy Smyka, +6; 3. Steve Seibert, +5, match of cards; 4. Dean Campbell, +5.


On Friday, the Calabashers played Woodland Valley. The format was low net on all par 5s, two low nets on par 4s, and three low nets on par 3s. The winning team was Phil Smith, Tony O’Brien, Al Wright, and Ted Campbell. They won the match by three strokes.



On Feb. 16 at Meadowlands, Sid Pennington, Ron Doeblin, John Ducey and Joe Gallo placed first at 154. Teams playing off a low handicap of five scored one net and one gross per hole. Ned Meier, Steve Maiorca, Steve Maiorca Jr. and a blind draw were second at 155.

On Friday at Meadowlands, Steve Maiorca, Sid Pennington, Cliff Musselman and Steve Maiorca Jr. placed first at 130. Scoring was two nets per hole. Frank Janton, Don Pallanack, George O’Connell and Von Hincher were second at 140.



Results Feb. 13 and Feb. 20. Game: two-man scramble, 36 holes. Flight 1: Bill Marsh and Dan Roberts with a score of 115. Second: Jay Leskowicz and Art Hahl with a score of 126. Flight 2: On a match of cards, Gary Hertling and Arnie Northrop were first with a score of 121. Second: Dick Polanski and Larry Enright with a score of 121. Flight 3: Glen Ikens and John Kain with a score of 107. Second: Joe Clark and Paul Jordan with a score of 120. Flight 4: Dick Boyle and Nick Depalo with a score of 113. Second: Wayne Burchfield and Chester Drouin.


The Crow Creek Men’s League played a three-man team gross quota match Feb. 17 in which each player was awarded points based on gross score per hole. Cart path restrictions had been lifted, given the dry conditions of the week.

Individual flight winners: In A was Jerry Dickson with a +6 points, in B was Rich Murphy with a +5 points, in C, tying at +4 points, were Bob Lesko and John Buddemeyer.

The three winning teams: First was the team of Jerry Dickson, Rich Murphy and Bob Lesko with +9 points. Second was the team of Carl Graves, Paul Murray and John Buddemeyer with -1 point. Third was the team of Don (Jake) Manning, Brian Nordberg and Ron Perry with -5 quota points.


The CVGA played its weekly tournament Feb. 16 at Aberdeen Country Club. The format was team Stableford and the winners with a score of plus 16 were Hal Riebesehl, Phil Smith, Bob Ebert and Woody Knox. Closest-to-the-pin winners were Woody Knox, Tony O’Brien and Wash Dayton.


The league championship was played Feb. 10 at Farmstead and Feb. 15 at Meadowlands. A flight: Roger Gietzer +9, Jake Mathiew +7.5, Ray LaConte +2.5. B flight: Keith Heyn +7, Dick Turner +6.5, Steve Lawson +6.5. C flight: Geoff Browne +6.5, Bill Cleaver +4.5, Dick Celsius +3. D flight: Bob Mecleary +6, Roger Rawley +3.5 Bill Kasper +2.

A modified Stableford match was played Feb. 17 at Meadowlands.

Front-nine winners: Rick Ellwanger, Larry Zub, Jim Poole, +8. Back-nine winners: Paul Hourigan, Dick Klesius, W. Curtis Brenk, +3. Overall: 1. Rick Ellwanger, Larry Zub, Jim Poole, +4; 2. Paul Hourigan, Dick Klesius, W. Curtis Brenk, +2; 3. Ray LaConte, Ed Hobgood, Pat Weese, Roger Rawley, +15.

Individually: A, Jake Mathiew, +5; B, Ed Hobgood,+5.5; C, Richard Smith, +7; D, Bob MecLeary, +2.


On Feb. 10, Steve Lawson eagled a 343-yard par 4 at Farmstead using a driver and a 9-iron.


The Grand Strand Senior Men’s Golf Association played its weekly event Feb. 16 at Farmstead Golf Links in Calabash. The format is stroke play with handicap. Each flight is awarded a low-gross and low-net winner. This week it had 125 golfers, so there were six flights, A through F. All par 3s have closest-to-the-pin awards for white and gold tees. The following are the winners for this week:

A flight: Monte Beebe (70 gross), Charles Naspinski (68 net). B flight: Dave Pelletier (82 gross), John Olson (64 net). C flight: George Keeler (84 gross), Hugh McCall (64 net). D flight: Don Clark (91 gross), Barry Pryor (69 net). E flight: Sal Fiorentino (87 gross), Michael Basmagy (67 net). F flight: Chuck Davis (93 gross), Charlie Robinson (66 net). Closest to the pin: White tee: No. 3, Jeff Adams, 5 feet, 2 inches; No. 6, Dean Fuller, 9-6; No. 12, Curt Miel, 13-5; No. 17, Rich Larson, 16-6. Gold tee: No. 3, Hugh McCall, 21-4; No. 6, Art Silviera, 1-0; No. 12, Art Silviera, 14-2; No.17, John Olson, 13-5.

The Grand Strand Senior Men’s Golf Association played its weekly event Feb. 23 at Azalea Sands in North Myrtle Beach. The format is stroke play with handicap. Each flight is awarded a low-gross and low-net winner. This week it had 92 golfers, so there were six flights, A through F. All par 3s have closest-to-the-pin awards for white and gold tees. The following are the winners for this week:

A flight: John Stokley (75 gross), Curt Miel (68 net). B flight: Tony Giresi (82 gross), Clark Everleth (69 net). C flight: Angelo Bertolozzi (88 gross), Fred Welch (68 net). D flight: Norm Melanson (87 gross), Sal Fiorentino (68 net). E flight: Mike Malik (91 gross), Ron Wetherington (65 net). F flight: Bernie D’Alosio (99 gross), Ed Barber (70 net). Closest to the pin: White tee: No. 5, Richard Larsen, 15 feet, 11 inches; No. 8, Ray Laconte, 12-8; No. 12, Ron McConnell, 9-11; No. 15, Ron Pazur, 19-10. Gold tee: No. 5, Ray O’Donnell, 3-7; No. 8, Nick Samela, 7-1; No. 12, Ed Barber, 7-0; No. 15, Bob Lange, 20-0.


Results of the Lockwood ladies golf tournament Feb. 12 at Lockwood Folly. The format was to count holes starting with O, N, E and S; subtract one-half handicap. First: Jeanne Mavis, 31.5. Second: Susann Thompson, 32.5. Third: Gerry Brewer, 33 (match of cards).


The Meadowlands Missfits counted T and F holes and putts in an event Feb. 16 at Meadowlands Missfits. Gross: 1. Nancy Griffin, 84; 2. Barbara Finn, 90; 3. Janice Ortmeyer, 92. Net: 1. Barb Sammons, 65; 2. Linda Bye, 67; 3. Ellen Hartlage, 71.

Birdies: Penny Crawford, No. 15; Judy Hardin, No. 8. Chip-ins: Ann Fiore, No. 3; Barb Sammons, No. 3; Betty McMorrow, No. 4; Linda Bye, No. 11; Barb Finn, No. 16. Fewest putts: 1. Penny Crawford, 29; 2. Barb Finn, 30.


Here are the results of the Ocean Ridge Sunday mixed couples event played Feb. 22 at Panther’s Run. The game counted two nets per four-person team per hole.

First: Brian Roe, Al Bassett, Peggy Jones, Diana Gruver at -17. Second: Bob Larkin, Ed Gruver, Kathy Wicke and Kathy Bassett and the team of Frank Burianek, Bob Hartman, Linda Buck and Bev Furman at -16.

Birdies: Frank Burianek, No. 14 (chip-in); Brian Roe, No. 13.

Other chip-ins: Linda Buck. No. 10; Kathy Bassett, No. 16. Low nets were Diana Gruver and Kathy Wicke, each at 70 (2-under par).


Results of the event Feb. 16 at Tiger’s Eye. The format was one low net. Winners: Karen McCloskey, Mickie Underhill, Val Ratchford. Birdies: Jeanne Maxon at No. 4, Karen McCloskey at No. 6. Chip-ins: Michelle Sherwood at No. 15. Low net: Mickie Underhill, 79. Low gross: Karen McCloskey, 90.


Results of the match Feb. 16 at Tiger’s Eye (three net scores per hole, one specified). 1. Ed McCloskey, Bob Larkin II, John Olio, Mike Ratchford (-15). 2. Doug MacDonald, Guy Giancarlo, Gordon Wicke, Bill Edwards (-12). 3. Rich O’Connor, Bill Walker, Rick McCafferty, Eric Dunham (-8). Closest to the pin: Bob Callihan, No. 6; Guy Giancarlo, No. 11.



Ed McCloskey eagled the par-4 13th hole Friday at Tiger’s Eye. On the 340-yard hole, he used a driver and holed out an 8-iron from 153 yards.


The game Friday at Sandpiper Bay was Chicago with a blind-draw for partners. Count one for bogey, two for par, three for birdie and five for anything better than birdie.

First: Mike Casagranda and Bob Arace with a +5. Second was a tie with John Murphy and Al Paynter equaling the +1 score of Tim Salius and John Hannigan.

Fourth was also a tie, with Wayne Purdy and Guy Tavel equaling the zero total of Gordy Coulson and John Grossglass.

Closest-to-the-pin winners were John Radziewski on No. 6 on the Sand course and Al Bowman on No. 3 on the Piper course.


Playing Feb. 19 at Carolina Shores, in a game where only par-4 scores counted with half handicaps, the winner was Barbara Malina with a score of 41 on a match of cards over Karen Hertling. Coming in third was Donna Watkins with a 43.

Low-gross winner was Donna Watkins with a score of 98, followed by Jean Falls with a 100 and Barbara Malina with a 103.

Low-net winners were Donna Watkins with a 71 on a match of cards over Barbara Malina with a 71. Jean Falls was third with a net 75. Falls a had chip-in birdie on No. 2.

Also, Lin Penta shot a gross score of 100 the week before.


The game of the day was a variation of the Stableford scoring system on a team basis: one point for bogey, two points for par, four for birdie and eight for anything better than birdie.

Sand to Piper flight: First with a +6 were Al Hooker, Chick Scinto, Norm Burgess and Guy Tavel. Second at -4 were Gordy Coulson, Hal Foley, John Hannigan and Frank Gajderowicz. Third at -9 were John Radziewski, Al Roder, Tom Townsend and Jack Hinte.

Piper to Bay flight: The team of Chuck Denney, Herb Wheelock, Ron Redman and Jack Dobson took first with a +8. Second with a +5 was the team of Lance Lewin, Joe Martere and Frank Alcaraz. Third went to Jim Creighton, Bill Sirk, Tom Ioven and Al Paynter with a +2.


Results of the Bingo, Bango, Bungo tournament: First: Charlene (Chuck) Doolittle and Lucy (Goosey) Imondi; third: Babe (Baba) Madura. The winners of Couples Valentine’s tournament on the Maples Course: first, Stephanie and Bob Sullivan and Ruth Maurer and Betty Hewell; Diane and Nick Carcich and Carol and Marvin Peters. Second, Lucy and Tony Imondi and Charlene and Allen Doolittle; Karen and Frank Baker and Babe and Ben Madura. Third, Julie and John Sullivan and Carol and Bob Gartner; Katie and Dick Bodner and Kathy and Dave Cyrulik.


Bob Vislocky was the championship flight winner in the Martin’s PGA Tour Superstore Amateur Golf Tour event over the weekend at Brunswick Plantation. Vislocky shot a 76 in winning the tour’s first event of the season. Phil Pfeiffer shot an 82. In the A flight, Rick Lundy was the winner with a 76 over Pat Cullifer, who shot an 82. The B flight was won by John Moyer with an 80 over Walt Woodell. The C flight was won by Ron Payne and the D flight was won by Dale VanDeBogart.

In the senior division, the championship flight was won by Fred Riley, who had a 77. Tom Capowski was second. The A flight winner was Tom Garceau over Larry Smothers. The B flight winner was Mitch Jordon, who had a 78. Wayne Turbeville shot an 82. In the C flight, the winner was Paul O’Bryant.



The fourth Annual Military Appreciation Day at St. James is May 9. The field will be limited to 420 golfers (over three courses) and golf slots will be filled on a first-pay basis. To be eligible, you must have a USGA handicap. The golf tournament will be a two-person, better-ball team event. Teams will be assigned to flights based on team handicaps. You pick your own partner (both team players must be of the same gender but foursomes can be mixed).

Sign-up starts March 1. Non-St. James golf members can sign-up in person at the St. James Players Club or call (910) 457-0049 and ask for Steve Elkins. The golf entry fee is $100, which includes golf and cart fees plus the picnic ($30 of the entry fee is tax deductible). All prizes will be paid in golf shop credits. There will be a special drawing with a grand prize of $1,000 cash. Non-golfers can enjoy the traditional American picnic at 3:30 p.m. at Waterway Park for $20 per person (includes tax and gratuities).

All proceeds go to The Special Operations Warrior Foundation, which provides assistance to the families of those Special Operations members who have died in the wars. This assistance includes scholarships, educational and psychological counseling and support for all family members from the time they enter the Foundation family.