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By Staff Brunswick Beacon


Beachcombers results from May 8. Low gross: 90, Ed Kinney; 91, Hal Riebesehl. Low nets: 66, Ed Kinney; 67, Bob Smith. Team modified Stableford: +12, Kinney, Riebesehl and Smith. Golfer of the week: Ed Kinney.

Beachcombers results from May 15 at Carolina Shores. Low gross: 88, Hal Riebesehl; 89, Bob Smith. Low net: 64, Bob Smith; 71, Riebesehl. Team two-best ball: Smith and Jim Beairsto won 1-up over Riebesehl and Stu Cleveland. In the four-man, two best nets, Cleveland, Smith, Riebesehl and Beairsto were 26-under par. Bob Smith was golfer of the week.



The weekly tournament was May 12. Format was individual flighted (four flights).

Flight 1, first was Dave Biesack, net 64; second was Glen Gayheart, net 66. Flight 2, first was Pete Fedeli, net 71; second was Dwight Christenbury, net 75. Flight 3, first was Eric Nelson, net 64; second was Geln Gayheart, net 66. Flight 4, first was Bob Grabb, net 67; second was Dale Berkheimer, net 69.

The Brick Landing Men’s Club Shootout was May 16. George Jacob, Ted Lide, Dale Berkheimer and Mike Mattera were first (+16.5 points). Gene Bonstein, Bud Hollowell, Bob Grabb and a blind draw were second at (+7.5 points). Al Zyga, Larry Agrimonti, Brian Walker and Alan Morrissey were third (+7.0 points).

Individually, Gene Bonstein was first with +9.5 points. Ted Lide was second with +8.0 points. Al Zyga and Bob Grabb tied for third at +5.0 points.



Lois Huber made a hole-in-one at the second hole at Brick Landing during the Rally for the Cure golf tournament April 23. She used a 6-iron.



The team of Fran Thomas, Sharon Beavers, Rita DuGan and Ralph Trimmer took first in the Brierwood nine-hole mixed scramble May 13, with a score of 2-over par. In second with a 3-over-par score was the team of Marian Johnson, Odie Johnson and John Beavers.


The format for the Brierwood Women’s Golf Association event May 12 was low gross, low net. In the first flight, Mona Dye had a low gross of 82 and Nancy Kumlin tied with Sara McCullough for low net at 67. Hilda Hall had the fewest putts (26). In flight 2, Carolu Waldron had the low gross of 94 and fewest putts (27). A low net of 70 was by Cindy Northrup. In flight 3, Gloria Brkal had low gross with 110 and fewest putts (30). Tied for the low-net award were Jean Lacerenza and Florence Hopkins (71).

Chip-ins were made by Nancy Kumlin on No. 14, Rita DuGan on No. 4 and Gloria Brkal on No. 13. Birdies were made by Mona Dye and Sara McCullough on No. 6 and Nancy Kumlin on No. 14.


Results of the 1-2-3 match May 11. Dogwood-Azalea: First-place team score, 56: Janet Iekel, Jan Geissing, blind draw and Lyn Haines. Magnolia-Azalea: First-place team score, 58: Moe MacDonald, blind draw, Ellie Grant, Joan Harris. Second-place team score, 61: Grace Bryne, Geri Conroy, Helen Kaehler, Kathy Rosenberg. Chip-in: Wanda Krazniewicz, Dogwood No. 3; Alcina Davis, Dogwood No. 3. Birdies: Alcina Davis, Dogwood No. 3; Jan Geissing, Dogwood No. 5 and Azalea No. 3.


On May 11 at Meadowlands, Sid Pennington, Jerry Rubin, John Methvin and Joe Gallo placed first with a 69. Format for the day was cha-cha-cha, with play suspended after nine holes because of rain. Steve Maiorca, Joe Meo, Ron Doeblin and Ned Meier were second with a 72.

On May 13 at Farmstead, Sid Pennington, John Ducey, Jody Serensits and Joe Gallo placed first with a 146. Teams scored three nets on holes 1-6, two nets on 7-12 and one net on 13-18. Ned Meier, Jen Dearborn, Hugh Chinn and John Methvin were second with a 147.

On Friday at Meadowlands, Sid Pennington, Ron Doeblin, John Ducey and Joe Meo placed first with a 140. Format for the day was cha-cha-cha. Placing second with a 144 were Jim Kennedy, Jerry Rubin, Cliff Musselman and Joe Gallo.

For the second time in two weeks, 92-year-old Joe Meo has beaten his age. Meo shot a 90 on May 6 and an 86 on Friday, both rounds at the Meadowlands Golf Course.

Also on Friday, Sid Pennington scored a eagle on the 471-yard, par-five ninth hole. Pennington used a driver, a 5-wood and one-putted.


The Calabashers played at the Valley at the Eastport Golf Course. The Stableford was used as a format. The winning team was a threesome of Phil Smith, James Smith and Charlie Weber. Its score was +1 1/2. In second was the team of Wash Dayton, Rod Rodriguez and John Duthie at +1.


The Calabash Elks League played May 13 at Carolina Shores. In the A flight, Bob Pidgeon was first (68) and Ted Acton second (69). In the B flight, Bob Herre was first (61) and Bob Murphy second (68). In the C flight, John Owens was first (63) and Mike McCormack second (68).

Closest to the pin: on 3, Ted Acton, 15 feet; on 7, Bill Malloy, 6-0; on 12, Bob Herre, 7-10; on 17, Bill Malloy, 3-0.



Bob Ebert got a hole-in-one May 13 at the 17th hole at Carolina Shores.


Results of the event May 12 at Brierwood Golf Club. Low gross, A: 1. Dick Wilson, 83; 2. Larry Frazier and Bill Allen, 84; 3. Raleigh Putnam, 89. Low gross, B: 1. Pat Perryman, 92; 2. Corbin Ledford, 93; 3. Ron Watson, 98. Low net, A: 1. Dick Wilson, Larry Frazier, 68; 2. Noel Christie, Raleigh Putnam, 69. Low net, B: 1. Corbin Ledford, 63; 2. Pat Perryman, 66; 3. Ron Watson, 68.

Closest to the pin at No. 3: Flight A, Larry Frazier; B, Tom O’Reilly. Fewest putts: Dick Wilson, Raleigh Putnam, Bill Allen, 29; Pat Perryman, 30; Corbin Ledford, 31; Mike Donahue, 32.


The game Friday was sixes: one ball on holes 1-6, two balls on 7-12 and three balls on 13-18. First: Joe Farmarco, George Bridges, Jim Burke and Joe Clark, 118. Second: Art Hahl, Frank Talak, Mal Mac Raild and Roger Thompson, 120. Third: Arnie Northrop, Bob Barrett, Bob Fyock and Dick Boyle on a match of cards, 123. Low gross: Gary Stewart, 78. Low net: Dick Boyle, 63. Closest to the pin: at 3, Joe Broderick; at 7, Joe Fiorvanti; at 12, Gary Stewart; at 17, Jim Burke. Skins Paul Jordan, Dick Polonski, Dick Boyle, Gary Stewart, Joe Farmarco, Arnie Northrop, Dan Roberts and Gary Hertling.


Results of the event May 12. First flight, low gross, Anna Arlington, 85; low net, Bev Ibbott, 75. Second flight, low gross, Carole Hickey, 104. Low net, Joan Zimmerman, 70. Chip-ins: Sue Nordberg, Anna Arlington, Charlotte Darrow. Birdie and chip-in: Joan Hannah at 13.


Using quota points, the three-man-team winners May 12 were Jerry Dickson, Andy McCorison and Ray Hickey (+9). In second were Royal Philpott, John Huntey and Al Ricozzi (+5). Tying for with a +4 were Brian Nordberg, Ed Darrow and John Buddemeyer along with Richard Bye, Dick Reardon and Ed Scanlon. Individual flight, best net quota points: A, Brian Nordberg (+2); B, Dick Reardon (+6); C, Ray Hickey (+7).


May 15 results from the Stableford event at Lion’s Paw. Front-nine winners at +4 1/2 were Donnie Studds, Mickey Blaze and Mickey Golden. Back-nine winners at +5 1/2 and overall at +5 were Ed Kerr, Jack Christensen, Ed Castinidos and Earl Dushane. Flight winners: A, +9, Ed Kerr; B, +2 ½, Jerry Way; C, + 1 ½, Frank Case; D, +2, Jim Simmons. Closest to the pin: at No. 11 at 12 feet, 7 inches, was John Koester.


Modified Stableford winners from the event May 12 at Farmstead. Front: Roger Gietzen, Keith Heyn, Gary Sessi, Pat Finnegan, +17. Dick Turner, Duane Durbin, Bill Cleaver, Jim Marsh, +9.5. Larry Zub, Kevin Lutzy, Al Lourie, M. Pilkington, +9. Back: Bill Blewitt, Ron Mayo, Tom Holcomb, Russ Thompson, +16. Paul Groves, Bill Tencza, Bill Southard, Jakob McLamb, +14.5. Roger Gietzen, Keith Heyn, Gary Sessi, Pat Finnegan, +14.5. Overall: Roger Gietzen, Keith Heyn, Gary Sessi, Pat Finnegan, +31.5. Bill Blewitt, Ron Mayo, Tom Holcomb, Russ Thompson, +18.5. Bob McKissock, Owen Fletcher, Richard Smith, Roger Royley, +17.


The good weather brought out eight teams to play in the May 13 tourney. The winning team was Jim Garrigan, Chet Drouin, Paul Wuthrich and Jim Burk at +10. Second with a +8 was the team of Bob Barrett, Arnie Northrop, Mark Graham and a blind draw. In third was the team of Jerry Strickler, Dick Boyle, George Bridges and Mal Mac Raild at +7. In fourth at +3 were Don Rose, John Baron, Ron Buck and a blind draw.


The Grand Strand Seniors Men’s Golf Association played its weekly event May 11 at International Club in Murrells Inlet, S.C. The format is stroke play with handicap. Each flight is awarded a low-gross and low-net winner. This week it had 85 golfers, so there were six flights, A through F. All par 3s have closest-to-the-pin awards for white and gold tees. The following are the winners for this week:

A flight: Mike Depauw (76 gross), John Young (73 net). B flight: Henry Powell (83 gross), Bill Jones (68 net). C flight: Wes Filipow (79 gross), Jim Moloney (63 net). D flight: Jack Haught (88 gross), Frank Masi (68 net). E flight: John McCloy (92 gross), Chuck Dembrosky (66 net). F flight: Ernie Dionne (99 gross), Ed Barber (70 net). Closest to the pin, white tee: No. 3, Michael Basmagy, 25 feet, 0 inches; No. 6, Rick Del Busse, 10-10; No. 11, Mike Smith, 7-1; No. 14, Frank Hess, 3-1. Gold tee: No. 3, Jimmy Fox, 10-10; No. 6, Ed Barber, 22-0; No. 11, Charles Lincoln, 3-10; No. 14, Frank Woodruff, 4-0.


The Ocean Ridge LGA played a “cart partners” event May 11 at Lion’s Paw. First: Pat Brooks, Linda Johnston, Mary Hankes and blind draw Skip Lindstrom. Second: Peggy Jones, Jan Cameron, Joanie Marsh and Val Ratchford. Chip-in: Carole Schuster at No. 1. Birdies: Linda Johnston at No. 3 and Val Ratchford at No. 2.

Results of the event May 13 at Panther’s Run. Format: Holes that total 13. Teams of four picked three combinations of holes that equaled 13 and added one best net from each of those holes to get their final score. First: Lynn Howlett, Nancy MacDonald, Vickie Powers, Debbie Vankoski. Second: Carole Milnichuk, Carole Schuster, Patti Ducan, Becky Williams. Third: Diane Wright, Kathleen Wicke, Valerie Ratchford, Jan Hall. Eagle: Diane Wright, No. 1. Birdies: Sally Duffy at 1, Carole Milnichuk at 5 and 17; Becy Williams at 6, Skip Lindstrom at 6; Pam Hartman at 2; Judy Dwyer at 6; Doris McLaughlin at 6, Diane Wright at 6.

Chip-in birdies: Toni Roe at 17. Chip-ins: Pam Hartman at 4; Marita Sasser at 17; Debbie Vankowski at 17, Vickie Powers at 15. Low gross: Carole Milnichuk, 86; low net: Kathy Wicke, 64.



Results of the May 11 match at Lion’s Paw (two net scores): 1. George James, Greg Paynter, Paul Socha, Bill Smith; 2. Guy Giancarlo, John Wehner, Sandy Lonsinger, Bill MacKenzie; 3. Doug MacDonald, Eric Dunham, Reece Hoben, Bob Ludman. Closest to pin on holes 6 and 17: team of George James.

Results of the May 13 match at Panther’s Run, flighted, net scores. A: Al Keegan (66), Gordon Wicke (71). B: Vince Barbera (70), Ray Stanley (71). C: Rich Scaler (61), Joe Vankoski (70). D: Lou Branflick (65); Jack Anderson (68). Closest to pin: at 6, Dick Sherwood; at 17, Chuck Gibson.



Results of the Ocean Ridge Mixed Couples event played May 17 at Lion’s Paw. The game counted two scores on each hole: the two best gross scores on the par 3s and the two best net scores on all the par 4s and par 5s. First: Roger Bevan, Fred Bank, Peggy Rowland and Judy Keegan, at -16. Second: A tie between the team of Al Keegan, Don Rowland, Pam Bank and Debbie Sisk and the team of Frank Burianek, Ed Gruver, Linda Buck and Pat Brooks (blind draw), at -12. Third: A tie between the team of George Brooks, Pete Williams, Judy Harlow and Dusty Burianek and the team of Guy Giancarlo, John Harlow, Debby Bevan, and Sally Duffy, at -9.

Birdies: George Brooks at 18, Dusty Burianek at 3, Fred Bank at 7 and 9, Guy Giancarlo at 17, John Harlow at 3 (a chip-in), Al Keegan at 13. Low nets were Don Rowland at 62, Dusty Burianek at 65, Fred Bank at 66, Peggy Rowland and Judy Keegan at 67 and Linda Buck at 68.


The Piperettes played a tourney May 12 in which nine holes are blindly picked and only those nine holes were counted. Use one-half handicap, low score wins. Piper to Bay: 1. Ro Martere, 30.5; 2. Jacquie Bridge, 31.5; T. 3. Joanne Clements and Beth Pethtal, 32; T. 5. Kathie McIlroy and Lynn Hamlin, 32.5. Bay to Piper: 1. Mary Stern, 33.5; 2. Wanda Green, 34; T. 3. Deanna Donnelly, Ann Pollock and Keety Fitzpatrick, 35. Birdies: Mary Stern, Piper No. 3; Judy Nicoletti, Piper No. 5; Lynn Hamlin, Piper No. 6 and Bay No. 4; Marcia Crosby, Piper No. 6; Beth Pethtal, Piper No. 3. Chip-ins: Judy Nicoletti, Piper No. 7; Jane Duvall, Bay No. 1; Ro Martere, Bay No. 1 and Bay No. 2; Beth Pethtal, Piper No. 4; Ella Mae Brooks, Piper No. 1.


The Players Golf Association weekly tournament was played May 14 at Farmstead Golf Course. The game played was modified Stableford and broken down into two flights. Winners in the A flight were Ernie Weeks at + 6, Nick Samela at + 4 and Hal Moore at +4 (match of cards). In the B flight, Bob Lange was first at + 8, Bob Flack second at +6 and Wil Garvin third at +3.5 over Dick Pearce by a match of cards. Closest to the pin were Bob Lange at 12 and Bill Favro at 17.


The event May 15 was Stableford. First place: 19 points, Don Moore and Dick Lehrer. Second: 17.5 points, Jim Creighton and Mike Matlock. Third: 16.5 points, Joe Cramer and Otto Nolke. Fourth: 13 points, Ron Redman and Bill Pohlman. Fifth: 9.5 points, Barney Evangelista and John Grossglass. Closest-to-the- pin winners: at No. 3 Bay, Al Bowman; at No. 5 Bay, Jim Creighton.



The event May 13 was count one best ball for the first five holes, two best balls for the next five holes, three best balls for holes 11 to 15 and all four balls on the last three holes. Bay to Sand flight: First place was a tie between the team of Bob Knisley, Hal Foley, John Grossglass and Bill Soellicy and the team of Dan Copeland, Steve Logan, Lee Parker and Tom Ioven, with a score of -19. The team of Denny Sams, Bill Snyder, Warren Higgons and Frank Alcaraz took third with -17 points. Sand to Piper flight: First place went to Sam Milora, Gordy Coulson, Bob Arace and Bernie Fowler, who scored a -25. Second was a -16 by Gary Swanson, Don Capretta, Charles Richardson and Ron Donley. Third was -15 by Chris Christie, John Donnelly, Doug Stokes and Bill Pohlman.



Results of the team game event May 13 at the Byrd Course. First: Linda Hogan, Hazel Forlidas, Louise Sensenig, Virginia Foulds, 108. Second: Nadine Cybyske, Candy Fowler, Sharon Markatos, Elaine Poston, 110. Third: Jo Larsen, Julie Burton, Janet Keppler, Marilyn Ferguson, 113. Fourth (match of cards): Louisa Clatterbuck, Pat Demattia, Mary Alice Jerome, JoAnn Barton, 114. Fifth: Karen Rastocky, Eileen Barr, Irene Jones, Amy Boardman, 114. Sixth: Sally Arendt, Mary Couch, Kate Goodrich, Birgit Carpenter, 115. Seventh: Susan Ferguson, Kathy Ivey, Diane Locke, Bette Vallillo, 116.

Birdies: Pat Demattia, No. 3, Sharon Markatos; No. 9, Sandy Reynolds; No. 11, Ilene McAllister; No. 12, Mary Alice Jerome; No. 13, Sharon Markatos, No. 15; Pam Fisher, No. 15; Hazel Forlidas, No. 16; Barbara Glenning, No. 18. Chip-ins: Madeline Dubas, No. 1; Louise Sensenig, No. 1; Joan Scheidle, No. 2; Betsey Irwin, No. 4; Virginia Foulds, No. 4; Joanne Muckridge, No. 5; Joan Mason, No. 5; Ilene McAllister, No. 5; Sally Arendt, No. 5; Kathy Johnston, No. 5; Joan Scheidle, No. 6; Mary Alice Jerome, No. 10; Sharron Young, No. 11; Sharon Markatos, No. 15.



The Sea Trail Men’s Golf Association played its annual three-round, team match-play tournament April 28, May 5 and May 12 on the Byrd, Jones and Maples courses. There were four 20-man teams vying for six points per hole. The red team was first with 1,682 points followed by the white team with 1,657, blue with 1,616 and green with 1,525. Red team roster: Gene Method (captain), Brian Blaine, Rich Chamberlain, Norm Christen, Dick Couch, Bill Connor, Roy Cundiff, Dan Davis, Dennis Delagarde, Lou DeVita, Jim Foley, Nick Forlidas, Tom Glick, Jim Hitchcock, Ron Jenei, Ralph Kennedy, John Lupi, Dennis Morris, Skip O’Leary, Bob Perna, Bob Perry, Dave Salisch, George Spinatch, Bill Taylor, Dick Zinser.



The net scores of the Winding River Ladies Golf Association event May 12 at Carolina National Golf Course. The game was “ones.” Scores were counted on holes one, six, seven, eight, nine, 11, 16, 17 and 18, minus 50 percent handicap. Flight I: 1. Linda Bergstrom and Penny Sillery, 32.5. Second: Judy Myers, 34.5. Flight II: 1. Dawn Cloutier, 32.5; 2. Mil Crane, 34.0; 3. Barbara Paolicelli, 36.0. Flight III: 1. Kathy Gustafson, 31.5; 2. Louise Widmyer, 34.0; 3. Jane Hack, 35.0. Flight IV: 1. Karen Entwistle, 32.5; 2. Cathy Genander, 34.5; 3. Judy Proffitt, 35.5. Flight V: 1. Marlene Staplefeld, 32.02. Bobbie Walker, Ceil Washo, 38.5.