Golf action

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon


The Beachcombers played at Sandpiper Bay (format was team low nets, one on par-5s, two on par-4s, three on par-3s). Winning on a match of cards on second hole with a score of 116 were Larry Bollinger, Hal Riebesehl, Dan O’Connell and Stu Cleveland. Low gross: Paul Mical and Stu Cleveland, 84; Bob Byrne and Jim Beairsto, 85. Low nets: Beairsto, 66; Michal, 67; Byrne, Cleveland and Bollinger, 68. Golfer of the week was Paul Michal.


The Brick Landing Plantation league day play July 23 was an ace day, with the lowest net score taking ace of the month honors if not previously won. All aces will compete in an ace of the year competition in November.

The first-flight winner was Dale Calhoon with a net 64. Second was Pat Christenbury with a 70 and third was Keith Webb with a 75. Winning in the second flight was Cathy Shanley with a 66. Jackie Seidler and Barbara Karkut tied for second with 67s. Pat Baumgartner won the third flight with a 63. Bernice Logan was second with a 74 and Sue Nelson came in third with a 77.

Dale Calhoon took ace of the month honors. She had birdies on Nos. 6, 12 and 15. Keith Webb birdied No. 4. Pat Christenbury had a birdie on No. 5.



The weekly tournament was July 21. The format was two best net on even-numbered holes, three best net on odd-numbered holes. First was the team of Bill Shanley, Eric Nelson, Bob Melleky and a blind draw at -41. Second was the team of Gene Bonstein, Jim Edes, Larry Agrimonti and Jim McAvoy at -27.

The Brick Landing Men’s Club shootout was Saturday. Ray Audette, Mike O’Brien, Eric Nelson and Bob Grabb were first (+6.5 points). Jim Edes, Ted Lide, Dick Giehl and Mike Mattera were second (+5.0 points). Individually, Mike O’Brien was first with +4 points. Jim Edes and Bill Wells were tied for second with +3.5 points.


On July 23, the format was best ball. In first at 16 under were Bob Nobes, Odie Johnson, Jack Harrison and a blind draw. Tying for second at 12 under was the team of George Edwards, Dick Bayton, Chuck Hornfeck and a blind draw and the team of Dave Harper, Tom Bowen, Mike Prokop and Jim Pope.

On July 16, the game was points. In first with 67 points was the team of George Edwards, Chuck Hornfeck, Tom Bowen and a blind draw and the team of Paul Salerno, Dave Harper, Les Craft and Joe Brust. In second with 65 points was the team of Howard Boyd, Mike Prokop, Jim Pope and Jack Harrison.

In the couples tournament July 18 (best ball of the foursome), tying for first at 18 under was the team of Chuck and Carola Hornfeck and Wayne and Nancy McGlothlin and the team of Alan and Mimi Ostrager and Jim Pope and Rita Dugan. Tying for second at 14 under was the team of Reggie and Carol Fitz-Geral and Jim and Cherry Robinson and the team of Tom and Jean Bowen and Morris and Hilda Hall.


In the mixed scramble July 22, the team of Larry Boyer, Odie Johnson and Deloris Gausch tied with the team of Bob Nobes, Carola Hornfeck and Rita DuGan for first at 1 under par. Second went to the team of Ralph Trimmer, Fran Thomas and Liz Boyer at 2 over par. The team of Chuck Hornfeck, Cindy Graves, Marian Johnson and Marianne Nobes came in third.


On July 20 at Farmstead, Boomer Needham, Joe Meo, Bob Jaeger and Jim Kennedy placed first with a 143. Teams scored two nets per hole. Ned Meier, Ron Doeblin, Jody Serensits and John Methvin were second with a 148.

On July 22 at Meadowlands, Jim Kennedy, Steve Maiorca, John Ogden and Sterling Watts placed first with a 147. Format for the day was cha-cha-cha. Placing second with a 151 were Jerry Rubin, Bob Jaeger, Rich West and Joe Gallo. Pete Scott, Hugh Chinn, Jen Dearborn and Joe Meo were third with a 152.

On Friday at Meadowlands, Steve Maiorca, Cliff Musselman and Sterling Watts placed first on a match of cards. The three-man teams scored one net and one gross per hole. John Ducey, Ron Doeblin and John Methvin were second.


Sid Pennington eagled the 491-yard, par-5 14th July 20 at Farmstead. He used a driver, a hybrid-3 and one-putted.


The Calabashers played a Stableford match the Lakes golf course at Boiling Springs. The winning team was Joe Roundy, Charlie Weber, Tom Nally and Bill Miller at +9.5.


Results of the Calabash Elks Golf League match July 22 at Carolina Shores: In the A flight, Jim Beairsto was first (63). In the B flight, Joe Franklin and John Owens were first with 66s. In the C flight, Jim Filkins and Bob Schuster were first with 72s.

Closest to the pin: On No. 3, Herb Johnson 6 feet, 5 inches. On No. 7, Jim Beairsto, 4-0.

On No. 12, Roger Polidon 6-0. On No. 17, Ed Hennessery 8-11.


On July 20, the Calabash VFW Golf League played its weekly modified Stableford match at Sandpiper Bay. First: Bobby Hall, Pat Perryman, John Koester and Jim Cadiz at +18.5. Second: Vince Krasniewicz, Denny Wise, Dave Enfeld and George Bourgeois at +7. Third: Billy James, Rick Ballweg, John Goss and Reggie Auten at -3.

Bobby Hall had two skins. Bob Haight, John Koester, George Bourgeois, Ken Anthony, and Benny Bruno had one skin each. Low rounds of the day were John Koester, 72; Bobby Hall, Mark Mason, and Jim Cadiz, 81; and Rick Ballweg and George Bourgeois, 82.


Results of the event July 21 at Carolina Shores. Low gross, A: Bill Allen, 77; Bob Earp, 78; Dick Wilson and Larry Frazier, 86. Low gross, B: Mike Donohue, 98; John Ciemniewski, 100; Ken Hodous and Ron Watson, 102. Low net, A: Bill Allen, 63; Jim Burke, 65; Larry Frazier, 71. Low net, B: Ron Watson, 70; 2. John Ciemniewski, 74; Mike Donohue, 75.

Closest to the pin: A, Bob Earp; B, Corbin Ledford. Fewest putts: Bill Allen, 26; Dick Wilson, 29; Ralph Phillips, 31; Bob Earp, 32; Ken Hodous and John Ciemniewski, 34.


Results of the Crow Creek Men’s Golf Association match July 21, in which four-man team gross quota points was used. 1. John Krug (+5), John Huntey (+2), Joe Russell (+3) and Mike Murphy (E) for a team total of +10; 2. Brian Nordberg (+7), John Buddemeyer (-3), Chris Yentema (+1) and Ed Scanlon (E) for a team total of +5.

Brian Nordberg shot a gross score of 73 (1-over par) while John Krug shot a gross score of 74 (2-over par).


On July 21, the ladies at Crow Creek played the game crossover. Flight 1: Dorine Stoecker, 29; Linda Bye, 29.5. Flight 2: Sue Pennell and Joan Zimmerman, 28; Dorine Stoecker got the only birdie, on No. 11.


The Fadeaways played a modified Stableford match July 22 at Crown Park. Jack Christensen, Ray Brewer and Mickey Baze swept the front at +3, the back at +6.5 and overall at +9.5. Closest to pin on 18: Ed Peters, 11 feet, 2 inches.

On July 23 at Crow Creek, Mike Hedfeld, Woody Woodgred, Ed Peters and Ed Castinidos swept the front at +9.5, the back at +13.5 and overall at +23.

Closest to pin at 8: Mickey Blaze, 7-6. Fadeaways flight winners: A, +2.5, Gerry Speck; B, +3.5, Jack Christensen; C, + 10.5, Ed Peters; D, +5, Ed Castinidos.


Ted Peters eagled the 11th hole at Crown Park using a driver, a 5-wood and holing out an 8-iron.


Results of the match at Farmstead: front nine, Lee Heroux, Tom Holcome, Bill Southard, Bill Tenya, +8.5; Ed Dodson, Richard Smith, Bob Wiltbank, Gordon Much, +3. Back: Larry Zub, Jacob McLamb, Pat Finnegan, +4.5; Steve Lawson, Dan Bruscella, Roger Rowley, Bob Mecleary, +3. Overall: Lee Heroux, Tom Holcome, Bill Southard, Bill Tenya, +10; Ed Dodson, Richard Smith, Bob Wiltbank, Gordon Much, +5.5; Larry Zub, Jacob McLamb, Pat Finnegan, +3. Individual: A, Lee Heroux, +7; B, Ted Fletcher, +7; C, Jacob McLamb, +5.5; D, Gordon Much +8. Superflight: Gordon Much,+8.


The Foxy Ladies Golf group played July 23 at The Lakes Golf Course. Five teams played a format of two best balls of foursome. The winning team was Mimi Ostrager, Gayle Todd, Nancy McGlothlin and Margaret Wood. In second were was Pat Abell, Cindy Northrup, Shirley Groff and Rita DuGan (blind draw).


Winners of the Al Graham tourney July 22, who finished at +10, were Don Currutt, Jim Barnett, Leo Jarmusz and John Baron. Second went to Steve Jones, Tony Sneska, John Kain and Harry Cramer at +4. In third at +2 were Don Kerwood, Mike Donahew, Joe Fioravanti and Buddy Broadnax.


The Grand Strand Seniors Men’s Golf Association played its weekly event July 20 at Crown Park in Longs, S.C. The format is stroke play with handicap. Each flight is awarded a low-gross and low-net winner. This week it had 92 golfers, so there were six flights, A through F. All par-3s have closest-to-the-pin awards for white and gold tees. The following are the winners for this week: A flight: Ron Pazur (76 gross), Mitch Jordan (67 net). B flight: Larry Gorski (79 gross), Dick Pearce (64 net). C flight: Stan Rifkin (85 gross), Dave Salisch (66 net). D flight: Ray Mara (82 gross), John McCloy (64 net). E flight: Chuck Dembrosky (89 gross), Dick Zinser (65 net). F flight: Jim Fox (92 gross), Tom Beaver (68 net). Closest to the pin: White tee: No. 4, Mitch Jordan, 7 feet, 6 inches; No. 8, Don Chappell, 6-5; No. 13, Larry Mathias, 10-1; No. 18, Ron Pazur, 3-0. Gold tee: No. 4, Bob Barrett, 5-0; No. 8, Bob Bennett, 5-6; No. 13, Bob Cantwell, 3-2 No. 18, Bob Butkevicius, 8-4.


Results of the S and T event July 23: 1, Judy Galletto, net 33; Dianne Lock, 33.5; 3. Karen Manor, 34.5. Birdies: Susann Thompson, No. 2. Chip-ins: Fran Hursh, No. 9;

Diane Sandoval, No. 13.


The Missfits Golf Ladies played July 20 at Farmstead Golf Course. The game was flighted for low gross, low net and putts. Flight A, low gross, Sally Manifold, 87; low net, Bev Ibbott, Anna Hackathorn, 69. Fewest putts, Janis Ortmeyer, 34. Flight B, low gross, Lori Schommer, 90; low net, Barb Finn, 69; fewest putts, Pat Hamrick, 30. Flight C, low gross, Frances Pritchard, 98; low net, Wilma Mowery, Delores Dulaski, 69, fewest putts, Thelma Albrecht, 36.

Birdies: Dorine Stoecker, No. 12; Donna Phelps, No. 6; Janis Ortmeyer, Nos. 1, 12; Bev Ibbott, No. 9, Nancy Andrews, No. 1. Chip-ins: Dorine Stoecker, No. 12; Nancy Andrews, No. 1.


The match was played Sunday at Tiger’s Eye. Format: Best net from the couple and you must use six nets from each team member. Despite the hot weather, more than 19 golfers finished with net 60s. Front nine: Peggy and Chappy Jones, 26; Diane and Larry Wright, 27; Margaret and Gerry Dinda, 27; Carole and Carl Schuster, 28; Peggy and Don Rowland, 29; Pam and Rich McCafferty, 29. Back nine: Tom and Marie Best, 24; Pam and Rick McCafferty, 26; Betty and Joe Coffini, 27; Pat and George Brooks, 27; Deb MacFarlane and Greg Lipscomb, 28; Sally and Dick Duffy, 28.

With 29 couples competing, there were more than 38 birdies. Low nets for the day were Rick McCafferty, 61; Larry Wright, 62 and Chappy Jones, 62.


Greg Lipscomb eagled the 15th hole at Tiger’s Eye during the Ocean Ridge couples match Sunday.


Results of the event July 22 at Lion’s Paw. Flight A: gross, Karen McCloskey; net, Diane Wright. Flight B: gross, Frankie Neal; net, Carole Schuster. Flight C: gross, Kathy Giancarlo; net, Judy Keegan. Flight D: gross, Mary Hankes; net, Valerie Ratchford.

Birdies: Karen McCloskey at Nos. 5, 8, 10; Kathy Giancarlo at No. 6. Chip-ins: Kathy Giancarlo at No. 10, Mary Hankes at Nos. 2 and 18.

Results of the match Monday at Tiger’s Eye (1 point net bogey, 2 points par, 3 points net birdie, 4 points net eagle or better): First: Mickie Underhill, 44 points. Second: Joan Hill, 39 (match of cards).

Birdies: Karen McCloskey, No. 1;Michelle Sherwood, No. 10; Cathy Story, No. 18. Chip-ins: Nancy MacDonald, No. 5; Joan Hill, No. 15. Chip-in birdies: Cathy Story, No. 7; Sue Kane, No. 8. Low gross: Mickie Underhill, 85. Low net: Sue Kane and Joan Hill, 69.


Results of the Stableford match July 21 at Grande Dunes. First: Stan Mays, George Woodard, Bill Edwards, Fred Thorne (84 points). Second: Ed McCloskey, George Cassidy, Bill DeHaan, Glenn Hess (80). Third: Doug MacDonald, Bob Kirkpatrick, Earl Miller, Mike Ratchford (77, match of cards). Fourth: Gary Prock, Hank Vogt, John MacAlpine, Kurt Lindstrom (77). Fifth: Al Keegan, Roger Mitchell, Bill Hall, Dick Treible (77). Sixth: Chuck Gibson, Gordon Wicke, Russ Johnson, Milt Bailey (74).


The Piperettes played a tournament July 21 in which the player subtracted her three- highest hole scores. Full handicap. Low net wins. 1. Judy DeStefon, 38; 2. Ethel Nobles, 40; 3. Betty Swain, 41; T-4. Ro Martere, Jane Duvall and Carol Christie, 44; 7. Barb DeMore, 45; T-8. Joyce Westcott and Loretta Delamere, 46.

Birdies: Judy Nicoletti, Sand No. 2; Barb DeMore, Sand No. 8; Michaela Richardson, Bay No. 4 and 5; Deanna Donnelly, Sand No. 2. Chip-ins: Mary Stern, Bay No. 1; Jane Duvall, Sand No. 1; Deanna Donnelly, Sand No. 2 and 5.


The game Friday was low net with blind-draw partners. Front and back nines were treated as separate competitions. First nine, first: Norm Burgess and R. Jones tied with Harvey Stratton and Lou Zotter at 63. In second, P.J. Jones and Mike Casagranda tied with Chris Christie and Denny Sams at 65. Second nine, first: Chris Christie and Denny Sams tied with Bob Morley and Al Paynter at 65. In second, Bill Croxton and Bill Spellicy tied with Tony Rossi and Bob Zambri at 67.

Closest to the pin winners: at No. 5 Bay, Bill Croxton; at No. 6 Sand, Mike Casagranda.


Playing the game of ones and using half handicaps, the winner was Kay Craig with a 29. Second was Sharon Donahue with a 31. Lin Penta was third with a 32. Low-gross winner was Carol Groner, 95. Second was Lin Penta, 96, and Barbara Malina was third, 98. Low-net winner was Lin Penta, 65. Kay Craig shot a 66 and Barbara Maline’s 68 beat Sharon Donahue’s 68 by a match of cards.

Barbara Malina had the fewest putts (27). Chip-ins: Kay Craig on 9 and Carol Groner on 15 and 4. Kathy Hahl birdied No. 12. Carol Groner birdied No. 15.


The game July 22 was surprise: count one best ball for the first three holes, two for the next five, three for the next five and all four for the last five holes. Sand to Bay: Phil Whitaker, Denny Sams, Mike Matlock and Frank Testa took first at -26. Second was a -21 tie between the team of Lou Zotter, Bob Radcliffe, Tony Hanna and Otto Nelke and the team of John Donnelly, Chuck Denny, Steve Logan and John Wilkes.

Bay to Sand: the team of Bob Nicoletti, Norm Burgess, Bill Pohlman and Paul Backman tied with team of Bob Knisley, Harvey Stratton, Charles Richardson and Joe Martere for first at -19. Third were Al Hooker, Don Capretta, Frank Gajderowicz and Don DeMore at -17.

The game July 20 was the waltz, where the team counted two best balls on the first hole, three on the second and all four on the third. Repeat throughout the round.

Bay to Sand: first with a -21 were Gary Swanson, Norm Burgess, Bill Pohlman and Mike Casagranda. Second with a -20 were Chris Christie, Frank DeStefon, Doug Williams and Joe Martere. Third at -18 were Hal Foley, Joe Mcllory, Tom Ioven and a blind draw.

Sand to Bay: first with a -33 were John Donnelley, Al Bowman, Bill Sirk and Jim Wiseman. Second at -29 were Don Baker, Barney Evangelista, Tony Hanna and Bill Croxton. Third at -28 were Ed Killgoar, Ron Robichaud, Jack Hinte and Jack Dobson.


Sea Trail Plantation played two-man teams, better net ball on the Jones back and Byrd front courses July 21. A/C flight: 1. Lou DeVita and Ralph Gardner, 60; 2. Dick Couch and Tony Imondi, 61 (match of cards); 3. Jim Arendt and Jerry Burbank, 61; 4. Tony Novalis and Larry Tedesco, 62 (mc); 5. Dennis Morris and Charlie Schorpp, 62; 6. Jim Hitchcock and Blind Draw, 63 (mc). B/D flight: 1. George Hill and Ches Burton, 59 (mc); 2. Mike Campbell and Howard Van Dusen, 59; 3. Jim Foley and Dick Zinser, 62; 4. Norm Melanson and Ron Klein, 63 (mc); 5. Tom Robbins and a blind draw, 63; 6. Mike Jerome and Paul Laputka, 64 (mc).


Results of the match July 22 at the Jones Course (convert worst hole to par). Flight one: 1. Bobbie deLagarde, 67; 2. Lynn James, 69 (match of cards); 3. Pat Gooding, 69. Flight two: 1. Flo Hill, 63; 2. Pat Sutton, 66; 3. Mary Lou Dunbar, 68. Flight three: 1. Marge Layden, 63; 2. Madeline Dunbar, 64; 3. Kathy Ivey, 65. Flight four: 1. Irene Jones, 65; 2. Cheri Lambert, 68; 3. Myrt Crowe, 69.

Birdies: Pat Gooding, No. 2. Joan Mason, No. 5. Lynn James, No. 9. Pat Gooding, No. 14. Chip-ins: Gloria Lee, No. 7. Nancy Santisi, No. 13. Nancy Santisi, No. 17. Sally Arndt, No. 18.


Results of the Winding River Ladies 18-hole league event July 21 at Carolina National. Flight 1: gross, Pat Schutzman, 83; net, Linda Bergstrom, 71. Flight 2: gross, Ann Phlegar, 86; net, Honey Martin and Chris Peacock, 69. Flight 3: gross, Joanne Lynch, Barbara Paolicelli, Judy Proffitt, 101. Net, Chris Trickett and Karen Entwistle, 76. Second net: Carol Rogers Marianne Caruana, 77. Flight 4: gross, Cathy Wood, 96; net: Nancy Salerno, 66; Donna Agopsowicz, 71; Susan Czarnecki, 72; Jane Dereshinsky, Judy Taylor, 74. Birdies: Ann Phlegar, Nancy Salerno, Pat Steele and Bobbie Walker.