Good ol’ boys back in action

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To the editor:
The good ol’ boys are still running the show in Sunset Beach. Just a few weeks after former councilwoman Karen Joseph finished dead last in her failed re-election attempt — in no small part for her handling of the Jaguar’s Lair fiasco — councilmen Lou DeVita, Mike Williams, and Wilson Sherrill have mocked the Sunset Beach electorate by voting to return her to Sunset Beach’s sorry Jaguar’s Lair “negotiating team.”
As the author of an international bestseller on negotiating, I can say with some authority that there isn’t the remotest relationship between negotiating and what Karen Joseph and company have been doing over Jaguar’s Lair. In fact, considering the abundance of prezzies they’ve handed developer Mark Saunders, they look more like Santas than negotiators.
DeVita, Williams, and Sherrill then proceeded to pointedly exclude newly-elected councilman Terry Johnson — the No. 2 vote-getter in the election — from all nine of council’s community liaison positions.
This is exactly the kind of high-handed, voters-be-damned effrontery that we’ve come to expect from DeVita and his pals on council. Sadly, it will be two more years before the voters will get another chance to stop it.
Jim Thomas
Sunset Beach