Good support for Dickens Festival

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To the editor:
Sincerest thanks to the Shallotte community, The Brunswick Beacon and sponsors for your support of the Charles Dickens Christmas Festival. Your outpouring of goodwill and cheer during two sunny, glorious days in Southport was absolutely wonderful.
Our deepest appreciation to our performing arts and volunteer communities who contributed enormous time and talent and were at the heart of our first-ever Charles Dickens Festival.
The following people assisted on the festival planning committee: John Cifelli, Lee Godfrey, Janet Ferraioli, Liz Boyer, Reggie Smith, Linda Barnwell, Mary Anne Fagerquist, Yvonne Pagan and Bonnie Laserna.
Sue MacCallum, festival chair
Meg Dellinger, festival co-chair
Jeanette Serens, festival liaison