Great wife, cooking soothe worries

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To the editor:
In a world that is fraught with turmoil, stress and uncertainty, it is so soothing that we have something we can count on.
Marriage itself can be a gamble. I have a great wife, and without question I have perfect pasta.
The Astros got Nolan Ryan, the Reds got Pete Rose, and I got Maria Quintano.
She is descended from Sicilian parents. Her gift in the kitchen is she cannot cook a sub-standard meal.
In the midst of a dark, stress-filled day, she will cook, and the results will lift your spirits faster than a dose of morphine, not that I would know.
Today, we had a mortgage crisis that unnerved us both, as well as bankers from here to Shallotte. We did not say much to each other, but she asked if I wanted dinner. I sat quietly, watching the ballet taking place in the kitchen.
Before I knew it, a plate of al dente pasta with homemade-from-scratch sauce, hot Italian sausage and meatballs was presented to me. Good is a word that barely describes the magic of this meal.
I’m not a gambler, but I got it right for once. Pasta can’t guarantee a great marriage, but it sure can’t hurt.
Robert Quintano
Ocean Isle Beach