Group makes act about race, not health care

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To the editor:
“The Tea Party” he said loudly. “I’ll tell you about the Tea Party. They are a bunch of homophobic, hypocritical, bigots and haters.”
Saying it, by stringing all those descriptive adjectives and nouns together, provided some humor while venting. Playing the scene forward to the next election would not change one vote.
The idea that a black man is in charge of the most powerful country in the world and is probably the most powerful individual in the world cannot be understood or accepted by white people.
The deep-rooted hatred of blacks in America grows from a white population that is unhappy about many things, mostly its own failings. And, it is not just in the South, where these feelings are found. From the gas-fracking fields of southwestern Pennsylvania to the wheat fields in Kansas, black people are cited as scapegoats for frustrated white ambitions.
To a Tea Party member, logic means nothing. All discussion is lost in rhetoric and innuendo.
The Affordable Care Act is an example. The Tea Party people somehow know the Act will bankrupt the United States and encumber their children and grandchildren with debt forever. How do they know this when credentialed economic analysts do not know this? The abuses and failures of the past health-care system finally won a place in history and will be replaced for better or for worse. Sadly, the Tea Party people cannot get it right.
And, simply put, they make it more about race than health.

Duane Lewis
Sunset Beach