Hahl, Stricklers win Carolina Shores Valentine's Tournament

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

Art Hahl and Marie and Jerry Strickler teamed for a 66 to win Carolina Shores Golf and Country Club’s Two Thorns and a Rose or A Thorn between Two Roses Valentine’s Tournament on Feb. 9.

Three teams tied with 68s. On a match of cards, second place was awarded to Donna and Harold Bowers and Loretta Swanson.

Ed and Bernice Morris and Frank Talak took third.

Longest drives went to Hahl and Marie Strickler.

Closest to the pin honors went to Mike Van Dertoorn and Sharon White.

Carol Enright and Carol Hamilton won door prizes for the non-winning ladies.

Sea Trail Men

Dick Couch, Jim Hitchcock, Lou Perna and Dick Sellers turned in a 117 to take top honors in Flight A in the Sea Trail men’s tournament Feb. 5 on the Jones Course.

Each foursome counted three best balls on the par 3s, two best balls on the par 4s and one best ball on the par 5s.

Al Bayley, Mike Campbell, Lou DeVita and Jim Hunt finished second with 118 and a winning match of cards.

John Barton, Vince Brown, Roy Cundiff and Bo Sellers captured Flight B with 109.

The team of Brad Dague, George Hill, Ron Jenei and Tom Robbins posted a 113 to take second.

Joe Carpinello, Dick Lehrer, Frank Santisi and Fred Stephens led the way in Flight C with 114.

Jim Gooding, Niels Kaas, John Rothermel and James Wagner were second at 115.

Burt Kellogg, George Scheidle, George Spinatsch and a blind draw finished first in Flight D with 113.

Bob Gallick, Bob Leahy, Mike Pozdol and Larry Tedesco came in second at 115.

On Feb. 7, Couch scored a hole-in-one on the 137-yard third hole of the Maples Course using a 9-iron.

Lakes Women

Judy Sawyers took first place in The Lakes women’s tournament Jan. 30. Gerri Sovak was the runner-up.

Mary Borszich and Sally Thomas tied for low putts.

Jane Boyce had chip-ins on Nos. 7 and 17 and Borszich on No. 1.

Sharon Burns won the Jan. 23 tournament with Sawyers taking second.

Boyce won low putts.

Sovak was the winner of the Jan. 9 tournament with Sawyers second.

Borszich and Sally Thomas tied for low putts.

Sandpiper Bay Men

Don J. Baker, Tom Townsend, Ronnie Redman and a blind draw turned in a minus 14 to win the Sand to Piper Flight of the Sandpiper Bay men’s tournament on Feb. 11.

The game was one score on the first three holes, two scores on the next five holes, three scores on the second five holes and four scores on the last five holes.

John Radziewski, Chic Shinto, Mike Matlock, and Dick Eby came in second at minus 13 with Radziewski shooting a 75 and getting a hole-in-one on the 159-yard eighth hole on Piper using a 5-wood.

Dan Copeland, Bob Zambri, Dan Norman and Paul Maultsby were third at minus 10.

Jim Creighton, Gary Swanson, Vince Niland and Jim Braddock captured the Piper to Sand Flight with a minus 15.

Al Bowman, Greg Scalzi, Billy Sirk and Wayne Purdy were second at minus 7.

Sharing third place at minus 4 were the teams of Bob Nicoletti, Norman Burgess, Tom Ioven and a blind draw with Tim Salius, Guy Tavel, Jim King and a blind draw.

Ron Donley also scored an ace during the competition, using a 7-iron on the 123-yard No. 8 Sand.

Bruce Ladrick, Tavel, Jim King and Tony Hanna combined for a minus 19 to win the Sand to Piper Flight of the Feb. 6 tournament.

Teams used one net ball on par 3s, two on par 4s and three on par 5s.

Sam Milora, Gene McDonald, Sirk and Jack Dobson were second at minus 17 with Jim Creighton, Gary Swanson, Ray Cooksey and Frank Testa third at minus 16.

Bob Knisley, Paul Jones, Doug Williams and Redman came in at minus 28 to capture the Piper to Bay Flight.

Chris Christie, Steve Logan, Bob Conway and John Murphy were second at minus 25.

Bob Radcliffe, Bob Zambri, Marvin Pethtal and John Grossglass won the Bay to Sand Flight with a minus 20.

Copeland, John Hannigan, Jim Barker and John Wilkes took second at minus 19.

Brierwood Women

Sara McCullough, Carolu Waldron, Jean Billie and Joanne Davis teamed for a 71 and the win in the Brierwood women’s scramble on Feb. 5.

Sarah Lula, Mary Scrivani, Janice Owens and Rita DuGan were second at 73.

Nancy Kumlin, Betty Gabor, Ellie Scutt and Jean Lacerenza finished third at 76.

Sea Trail Ladies

Lynn James shot an 87 to win First Flight low gross honors as the Sea Trail ladies played a low gross, low net tournament Feb. 6 on the Maples Course.

Hal White was second at 91.

Mary Bergere won low net with a 67 with Bobbie deLaGarde next at 73.

Patty Sutton was the Second Flight low gross winner with a 92 with Ilene McAllister at 94.

Louisa Clatterbuck won low net with a 70 with Joan Scheidle winning a match of cards for second at 71.

JoDonna O’Leary had a 96 to take Third Flight low gross. Marge Layden was second at 102.

Loretta DeVita took low net honors with a 66 with Elaine Poston at 73.

Lynn Wiedman’s 104 won Fourth Flight low gross. Dorrie McGurn was second at 107.

Joyce Hellmann won low net with a 69 and Maureen Foley was at 70.

Closest to the pin winners were Layden on No. 3 (5 feet, 8 inches), Wiedman on No. 5 (2 feet, 6 inches), Pat Reid on No. 11 (11 inches) and Layden on No. 17 (11 feet, 2 inches).

Joan Mason chipped in for birdie on No. 13 and birdied No. 7. Jan Bohlinger chipped in for birdie on No 11.

Reid, Flo Hill, James, Susan Shackleton, deLaGarde and DeVita each had a birdie on No. 11. Layden had birdies on Nos. 3 and 17, Gail Cafaro and Bergere on No. 14, Linda Perna on No. 17, Pat Gooding on No. 16, Wiedman on No. 5 and Maureen Foley on No. 3.

Janet Keppler chipped in on No. 17, Ruth Apalinski on No. 4 and Diane Locke on No. 7.

Carolina Shores CC Men

Gary Stewart, Larry Enright, Gene Sanborn and Gary Hertling teamed for a 122 to win the Carolina Shores Country Club men’s tournament Feb. 8.

Teams counted one net on holes 1-6, two nets on holes 7-12 and three nets on holes 13-18.

George Balbach, Clyde Juergens, Tony Sneska and a blind draw won a match of cards from Art Hahl, Ray Girard, Dick Polonski and John Myers for second at 124.

Keith Rogerson, Bill Gibbs, Don Rose and Roger Thompson were fourth at 125.

Stewart won low gross with Myers taking low net.

Closest to the pin winners were Rich Hamilton on No. 3, Joe Farmarco on No. 7, Balbach on No. 12 and Hertling on No. 17.

Winning skins were Stewart, Frank Talak, Hamilton, Rose, Hertling, John Kain, Thompson, Balbach, Ron Buck, Girard, Sanborn, and Joe Fioravanti.

Hertling, Polonski, Ernie Schober and Sneska took first place with a plus 7 in the Stableford tournament.

Monty Craig, Chet Drouin, Kain and Sanborn were second at plus 6.

Hamilton, Fioravanti, Myers and Tony Languell were third with Bill Marsh, Bill Teschler, Rogerson and Arnie Northrop fourth by winning a match of cards.

Winning skins were Schober, Girard, Teschler, Rogerson and Farmarco.

Ocean Ridge Ladies

Karen McCloskey captured Flight One low gross by shooting a 92 as the Ocean Ridge ladies held a low gross, low net tournament Feb. 6 on Lion’s Paw.

Sally Duffy was second at 93.

Linda VanHorn was the low net winner with a 75, winning a match of cards from Carole Milnichuck.

Peggy Jones had a 99 to win Flight Two low gross with Pam Bank next at 100.

Jan Cameron and Joanie Marsh each had a 74 net with Cameron taking the match of cards.

Kathy Giancarlo came in with a 109 to win Flight Three low gross, besting Linda Johnston in a match of cards.

Ann Turner won low net at 75, beating Diane Wright in a match of cards.

Margaret Dinda was the Flight Four low gross winner at 113 with Roberta Drummond at 116.

Kathy Wickersham won low net with a 78 with Gwen Fitzgerald second at 82.

Duffy birdied No. 12 and Bank No. 11.

Grace Loyack had a chip-in on No. 4 and Fitzgerald on No. 1.

McCloskey, Jones, Cameron and Judy Keegan had a 121 to win the two low nets tournament Feb. 4 on Lion’s Paw.

McCloskey took low gross honors with an 88 with Johnston winning low net at 72.

Brierwood Men

Jim Robinson, Bernie Gruzlewski, Chuck Hornfeck and Bob Sterner finished at 20 under par to win the Brierwood men’s tournament on Feb. 7.

Teams counted one best ball on the odd holes and two on the even holes.

Tom Arney, Guy DeRasmo, Les Craft and a blind draw were second at 17 under.

Harvey Hundley, Paul Salerno, Jack Harrison and a blind draw took third at 16 under.

In the Feb. 4 two best balls tournament, the team of Arney, Gruzlewski, Hornfeck and Tom Bowen came in first at 29 under par.

Bob Nobes, Morris Hall, Mike Prokop and Harrison were second at 21 under.

Al Ostrager, Odie Johnson, DeRasmo and Bob Janovic finished third at 19 under.

Ocean Ridge Men

Ted Pounds scored his first hole-in-one Feb. 5 on No. 6 at Panther's Run. He used a 3-iron on the 137-yard hole.

Tom Johnson, Norm Fitzgerald, Bob Ludman and a blind draw teamed for a minus 9 to win front nine honors in the Ocean Ridge men’s tournament Feb. 6 on Lion’s Paw.

Teams counted two nets on even holes and three nets on the odd in the nine-hole event.

Frank McGrath, Bob Larkin 2, Paul Socha and Bill Hotop were second at minus 3.

Bill Wakefield, Lynn Furman, David Ayres and Pounds won a match of cards from Gordon Wicke, John Olio, Joe Neal and Kurt Lindstrom at minus 2.

Dave Patterson, Jim Crosby, Earl Miller and a blind draw were fifth at plus 1.

Jim McCombs, Vince Barbera, Dave Arnold and John Pugh finished at minus 8 to take the back nine.

Bob Dugan, Bert Kuthe, Craig VanHorn and Ron Sorice were second at minus 5.

Ed McCloskey, Pete Williams, Emil Gnam and a blind draw came in third at minus 3.

Steve Westfall, Russ Johnson, Bob Kish and Mike Ratchford were fourth at minus 2.

Bernie Powers, Dave Patterson, Rich Scaler, Tom Best turned in a minus 20 and won a match of cards from Chuck Gibson, Mike Sullivan, Bill Edwards and a blind draw to win the two net scores tournament Feb. 4 on Lion’s Paw.

Tom Johnson, Tom Montanya, Earl Miller and Carl Schuster came in third at minus 17.

Jim Story, Ed Gruver, David Ayres and Jack Anderson won a match of cards from Ratchford, Paul Socha, Bill DeHaan and a blind draw at minus 16.


Mike Matlock and Bill Sale teamed for a 138 to win the GlensRovers two-man total net tournament Feb. 7 at Glen Dornoch.

Al Magee and Al Roeder were second at 144.

Bill Bushkie and Tom Leach were third, followed by Jerry Moore and Tom McMasters.

Roeder, Matlock, McMasters and Sale fired a minus 23 to win the Feb. 5 tournament at Heather Glen.

Bushkie, Jay Valkenburg, Jack Brooks and Moore came in second at minus 14.

Mickey Turner, Tom Leach, Magee and Ed Sheets took third at minus 7.


Plantation Ladies

Sandy Owens, Nancy Smyka, Diane Lucarelli and Celia Cionek posted a 131 to win the Brunswick Plantation ladies two best balls tournament on Feb. 4.

Grace Byrne, Jackie Raymond, Margaret Mason and Barbara Berinoto came in second at 132.

Jan Spessard, Janet Iekel, Pat Moreau and Marge Neilson finished third at 138.

Renee December chipped in for birdie on No. 1 Azalea.

Owens birdied No. 3 Magnolia and chipped in on No. 9 Magnolia.

Moe MacDonald birdied No. 4 Magnolia.


Ned Meier, Boomer Needham, Steve Maiorca and Bill Tyson won the C.F.A.G. tournament Feb. 8 at Meadowlands with a 60.

Teams scored one net per hole.

Joe Meo, John Ducey, Jim Kennedy and a blind draw were second with 62.

Needham, Cliff Musselman, Kennedy and Rich West were the winners in the Feb. 6 tournament at Meadowlands with a 128.

Format for the day was cha-cha-cha.

Ducey, Meo, Jen Dearborn and Meier took second on a match of cards with 131.

John Methvin, John Ogden, Needham and a blind draw had a 122 to win the Feb. 4 tournament at Farmstead.

Teams scored two nets per hole.

Jody Serensits, Maiorca, Bill Tyson and Kennedy were second on a match of cards with 131.


Gary Guthiel, Ed Kinney, Jim Ritter and Hal Riebesehl came in at 122 to win the Beachcombers tournament at Crown Park.

Teams counted one net on par 5s, two on par 4s and three on par 3s.

Reese Evens shot an 82 to win low gross with Guthiel second at 87.

Ritter took low net with a 70. Bill Cammeron was second at 73 with Riebesehl third at 74.


Larry Bollinger, Al Wright, Charlie Weber and Denny Wise posted a plus 6 to win the Calabashers Stableford tournament Feb. 8 at Crown Park.

Bill Bowden, Tony O’Brien, Art Willms and John Emerson were second at plus 5.


Martha Hannon posted a 29 to win the Renegades tournament at Carolina Shores on Feb. 7.

The format was best nine holes (front or back) using one-half handicap.

Kathy Harniman and Kim Balbach tied with 31s with Harniman winning a match of cards.

Carolyn Bosman and Balbach each shot a 95 with Bosman taking low gross on a match of cards. Donna Watkins was third with a 99.

Hannon and Harniman each had a net 65, with Hannon taking the match of cards. Bosman was third at 67.

Balbach captured low putts with 32. She had a birdie on No. 2 and chipped in on No. 3.

Bosman birdied No. 12.

Rita Kielty chipped in on No. 8, Watkins and Betty Johnston on No. 9, Pat Soule on No. 11 and Carol Groner on No. 15.


John Koester, Ted Peters, John Parisi and Ed Castinidos teamed to win back nine and overall honors in the Fadeaways modified Stableford tournament Feb. 7 at Oyster Bay. They finished plus 1 overall and plus 2 on the back.

Gerry Speck, George O’Connell, John Tronicke and Fred Langston won the front nine with a plus 6.

Flight winners were Ed Kerr in A at plus 5, Ray Ketcham in B at even, Parisi in C at plus 2 and Hank Mattutat in D at plus 4 .

Kerr eagled No. 9, a 440-yard par 5, using driver, 5-wood and pitching wedge.

Calabash Elks

Al Timczyk won A Flight with a net 69 in the Calabash Elks tournament Feb. 6 at Brierwood.

Bill Parr won the B Flight with a 67 and Richard Hartley and Jim Newmeyer tied for C Flight with 66s.

Don Mayo and John Parisi were second in the A Flight with 71s.

Bill Woods was the run ner-up in B Flight with 69 with Ralph Capuano and Joe Vulpis tied for second in C Flight with 70.

Closest to the pin winners were Bob Pidgeon, Parisi, Fred Ortiz and Jack Christensen.

Carolina Shores Ladies

Betty Ikens had a net 52 to win the Carolina Shores ladies tournament on Feb. 7.

Players tossed out their worst hole on the front and back nines, using one-half handicap.

Carol Hamilton was second at net 55, followed by Judy Nicoletti and Karen Hertling at 56 (Nicoletti winning the match of cards) and Lynn Jerr at 57.

Nicoletti and Bernice Morris tied for low putts with 31. Nicoletti won low gross with a 78.

Patty Buck chipped in for birdie on No. 15.

Nicoletti had a birdie on No. 12, Morris on No. 10 and Dawn Rubin on No. 14.

Helen Marsh had a chip-in on No. 5, Hertling on No. 14 and Dottie Russo on No. 9.

Ocean Ridge Couples

Tom Russell, Larry Wright, Jan Cameron and Marita Sasser came in with a minus 8 to win the Ocean Ridge Couples captain’s choice scramble Feb. 10 on Lion’s Paw.

George James, Walter Milnichuk, Pam Fitzgerald and Ruth Ray were second at minus 6.

Guy Giancarlo, Pete Williams, Linda Buck and Margaret Dinda tied with Howard Ray, Norm Fitzgerald, Peggy Rolland and Margo Russell for third at minus 5.

Ed Gruver, Wayne Cameron, Jeanne Maxon and Diane Wright were fifth at minus 4.

Brierwood Scramble

Deloris Gausch, Marianne Nobes, Rita DuGan and Joe Reiter took first place with an even par in the Brierwood nine-hole mixed scramble on Feb. 6.

Rose Reiter, Sharon Beavers, Bob Nobes and John Beavers came in second with 1 over par.

Meadowlands Men

The team of Roger Geitzen, Jim Marsh, Glen Haffield and Larry Robinson won overall and back nine honors in the Meadowlands men’s Stableford tournament on Feb. 5. They were plus 12.5 overall and plus 14.5 on the back nine.

Ray Laconte, Ken Dube, Nick Calderaro and a blind draw took front nine honors with plus 3.5.

Paul Groves, Richard Smith, Larry Zub and W. Curtis Brenk were second overall at plus 9 with Laconte’s foursome taking third at plus 8.

Tim Oliver, Gary Sessi, Bill Blefko and Mickey Blazejowski were second on the front nine at plus 2.5 with Bill Favro, Earl Dushane, Bud Pierce and Ed Peters third at plus 2.

The Groves team was second on the back nine at plus 9.5. Bill Blewitt, Jim Boone, Jack Monahan and Bill Kasper were third at plus 8.

Flight winners were Groves in A at plus 8.5, Bill Southard in B at plus 8.5, Marsh in C at plus 9.5 and Calderaro in D at plus 7.

Calabash Veterans

The father and son team of James and Phil Smith had a net 61 to win the Calabash Veterans tournament Feb. 11 at Crown Park.

Closest to the pin winners were Al Branham (2) and Bill Lawrence.


J. Roger Mitchell of Ocean Isle Beach had a hole-in-one on the Parkland Course at The Legends Resort on Jan. 15. He aced the 200-yard No. 16 hole using a 5-iron.

Tom Ward of Ocean Isle Beach had a hole-in-one at Panther’s Run Dec. 14. Ward used a 3-iron at the 160-yard 11th hole.