Hanna hollers, 'Fore,' but golfers play through

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

Despite a tropical storm watch and the impending arrival of Hanna, golfers got in their rounds of golf Sept. 5. At least four leagues played Sept. 5, the day Hanna’s rain and wind first swept through the area.


The Beachcombers played Sept. 5 at Cypress Bay. In the team Stableford format, Bob Devore, Matt Beairsto and Jim Beairsto were first at +3.5.

The low-gross winner was Matt Beairsto (75). Stu Cleveland shot an 81, Jim Beairsto an 88 and Paul Michal an 89.

The low-net winner was Fred Ortiz (67). Stu Cleveland shot a 68 and Matt Beairsto a 69. Matt Beairsto was chosen golfer of the week.



On Sept. 5 at Meadowlands, George O’Connell, Art Thompson and Larry Laws placed first at 126. The three-man teams scored two nets per hole. Sid Pennington, John Ducey and Steve Maiorca placed second at 131.


The game Sept. 5 was individual low net. First, 64, Bill Spellicy. Second, 66, Jack Hinte. Third, 67, Gary Swanson. Fourth, a tie at 69 between Al Paynter and Gene McDonald. Fifth, a tie at 70 between John Radziewski and Don Moore.

Closest to the pin, No. 6 Piper, Gene McDonald. Closest to the pin, No. 5 Bay, Chris Christie.


The Renegades played a two-best-low-nets-per-team game Sept. 5 at Carolina Shores. The team of Lin Penta, Dolores Sanborn, Teddy Altreuter and Betty Johnston won (144). The low-gross winners were Barbara Malina, with a 97, followed by Teddy Altreuter and Dolores Sanborn, at 101. Barbara Malina also won low net, with a 69. Teddy Altreuter and Kay Craig both scored net 72 and won by a match of cards with Betty Johnston. Chip-ins were made by Teddy Altreuter on No. 13, Kathy Hahl on No. 4 and Kay Craig on No. 12. Making birdies were Teddy Altreuter on No. 12 and Donna Powers on No. 3. Kay Craig and Teddy Altreuter tied for fewest putts (30).

Here are the results of the other leagues that beat the arrival of Hanna.


The Sept. 4 league game for the Brick Landing Plantation Ladies Golf Association was substitute par. Players threw out the worst hole on the front nine and the worst hole on the back nine and substituted par in their places. Subtract full handicap.

First flight: Irene Dowdy placed first with a 61. Barbara Karkut and Kathy Mularczyk tied for second with a 67.

Second flight: Peg Campana came in first with a 63. Jackie Seidler was second with a 67 and Pat Baumgartner was third with a 69.



The Men’s Club played a tournament Sept. 2, and the format was was two best nets on odd holes, three best nets on even holes.

Ray Audette, Bob Gorman, Ron Jordan and Alan Morrissey were first (-29). Bob Koegel, Bob Melleky, Ted Lide and Bob Grabb were second (-28). Dwight Christenbury, Neil Nucci, Gus Mast and Bill Healy were third (-24).

Skins were won by Bob Grabb (two), Bob Mularczyk (one) and Ron Jordan (one).


The team of Fran Thomas, Nancy McGlothlin and Bob Nobes tied for first with the team of Ralph Trimmer, Wayne McGlothlin, Glen Green and Marianne Nobes at even par in the Brierwood nine-hole mixed scramble Sept. 3. Second place went to the team of Chuck Hornfeck, Carola Hornfeck, Rita Dugan and Deloris Gausch (2 over par).


The format Sept. 1 was points: one for par, three for birdie, five for eagle, eight for double eagle.

In first at 126 was the team of Bob Nobes, Bob Sterner, Les Craft and Bob Janovic. In second at 93 was the team of Paul Salerno, Jim Pope, Tom Kronyak and Joe Brust. In third at 90 was the team of Marty Waldron, Dave Harper, Jack Harrison and George Edwards.

On Sept. 4, the format was two best balls. In first at 26-under par was the team of Paul Salerno, Bob Janovic, George Edwards and a blind draw. In second at 19-under par was the team of Bob Snopek, Bernie Gruzlewski, Chuck Hornfeck and Joe Brust. In third at 14-under par was the team of Jim Robinson, Odie Johnson, Tom Bowen and Jim Pope and the team of Len Henderson, Dave Harper, Mike Prokop and Jack Harrison.


The Brierwood WGA had 19 players in a game of low gross, low net (minus full handicap) on Sept. 2.

In the first flight, Sherry Pittman was low-gross winner (91) and Mickey Salerno had low net (69). Fewest putts (28) went to Mary Schaack.

The low-gross winner in the second flight went to Betty Gabor (102). Low net of 73 went to Shirley Groff. Gabor had the fewest putts (32).

Marianne Nobes was the third-flight low-gross winner (114) and had the fewest putts (38). Rita DuGan came in as the low-net winner (85).

There was a chip-in by Florence Hopkins on No. 9 and a birdie on No. 2 by Marje Roach.


On Sept. 1, the format for the Brunswick Plantation Ladies Golf Association was three clubs and a putter. Barbara Johnson was first at 74. Mae Drezek was second at 76. Tying for third at 77 were Wanda Krasniewica and Moe MacDonald.

Birdies: Barbara Johnson at No. 2 Azalea. Chip-ins: Barbara Johnson at No. 8 Magnolia and Joanne Kardole at No. 5 Magnolia.


The Carolina Bogey Busters played Sept. 2 at Brierwood.

In low gross, flight A: 1. Larry Frazier, 85; 2. Steve White and Mark Segar, 86; 4. Bruce Kertcher, 87. In low gross, flight B: 1. Pat Perryman, 92; 2. Jim Burke, 99; 3. Dennis Sullivan and Ralph Phillips, 100.

In low net, flight A: 1. Steve White, 67; 2. Bruce Kertcher, 69; 3. Larry Frazier, 70. In low net, flight B: 1. Pat Perryman, 67; 2. Ralph Phillips, 71; 3. Jim Burke, 75.

Closest to the pin: In flight A, Steve White; in flight B, Corbin Ledford. Fewest putts: Bill Allen and Jim Parsch (29), Bruce Kertcher, Pete McGerr, Tom Ditzler, Mark Segar (30), Ralph Phillips (31).


On Sept. 1 at Farmstead, Ned Meier, Larry Laws, Cliff Musselman and John Methvin placed first at 115. Teams scored one net on the par 5s, two nets on the par 4s and three nets on the par 3s. Sid Pennington, Steve Maiorca, Art Thompson and Joe Gallo were second at 118.

On Sept. 3 at Meadowlands, Sid Pennington, Bob Jaeger, George O’Connell and Cliff Musselman placed first at 121. Format for the day was cha-cha-cha. Jerry Rubin, Rich West, Steve Maiorca and John Methvin placed first at 130.


The Women’s Golf Association at Carolina National played the tee-to-green game Sept. 2. Flight I: Judy Myers, first at 43. Honey Martin, second at 43.5. Dottie Reynolds, third at 45.5. Flight II: Chris Peacock, first at 39.5. Sue Mukoda, second at 51. Flight III: Kathy Gustafson, first at 45.5. Susan Desloge, second at 46.5. Cathy Genander, third at 47. Flight IV: Pat Barclay, first at 46. Maggie Holcomb, second at 47. Karen Entwistle, third at 52.


The format for the Sept. 4 game was for each nine holes, revert one hole to par. Use full handicap.

First was Phyllis Welch, with a net 63. Second was Judy Nicoletti, with a net 65. Third was Dottie Meader, with a net 66. Fourth was Betty Kibblehouse, with a net 67 (winning by a match of cards.)

Fewest putts: There was a four-way tie at 30 among Marie Strickler, Marlene Cleary, B.J. Juergens and Sue Greiner. Birdies: Marlene Cleary at No. 17, Phyllis Welch at No. 3, Marie Strickler at No. 18, Judy Nicoletti and Dawn Rubin at No. 16.

Chip-ins: Fran Pritchard at No. 13, Betty Kibblehouse at No. 6, Marlene Cleary at No. 17. Low gross: Judy Nicoletti, with a 76. Low net: Phyllis Welch, with a 66.


The Crow Creek Golf Club Men’s League played Sept. 1. First-place team: Mike Travers, Rich Swimm, Mike Murphy. Second-place team: Brian Nordberg, Bob Lesko, John Buddemeyer. Third-place team: Bill Spencer, John Huntey, Al Ricozzi. Fourth-place team: Royal Philpott, Don Manning, Ed Darrow.

The flight A winner: Mike Travers. The flight B winner: John Huntey. The flight C winner: John Buddemeyer.


The team of Bill Favro, Dick Pearce, Don Clark and Ernie Schober shot a 126 and won the weekly Players Golf Association tournament at Farmstead Golf Course. The format was two low nets on the first six holes, three nets on the second six and one gross on the last six holes.

Second with a 127 were Ernie Weeks, Nick Samela, George Griffin and John McCloy. Third at 136 were Bob Davis, Bob Flack, Ray O’Donnell and Bill Kasper. Closest to the pin were Bob Davis at No. 3, Don Chappell at No. 6, Bob Lange at No. 12 and Ernie Weeks at No. 17.


The modified Stableford winners for Sept. 2 in the matches at Meadowlands.

Front nine: 1. The team of Bill Favro, Ken Dube, Dick Cecil and Lee Heroux (+3).

2. The team of Rick Ellwanger, Paul Hourigan, Dick Klesius and Jim Bonne and the team of Jim Weter, Bill Southard, Pat Finnegan and Bill Kasper (+2).

Back nine: 1. Rick Ellwanger, Paul Hourigan, Dick Klesius and Jim Bonne (+11.5). 2. Jim Weter, Bill Southard, Pat Finnegan and Bill Kasper (+9.5). 3. Keath Heyn, Bill Tencza, Ken Elis and Bill Tyson (+9).

Overall: 1. Rick Ellwanger, Paul Hourigan, Dick Klesius and Jim Bonne (+13.5). 2. Jim Weter, Bill Southard, Pat Finnegan and Bill Kasper (+11.5). 3. Keath Heyn, Bill Tencza, Ken Elis and Bill Tyson (+4).

Flights: A, Rick Ellwagner, +7.5; B, Larry Zub, +3; C, Bill Blefko, +3.5; D, Bill Kasper, +8.5. Superflight: Bill Kasper, +8.5.


Eight teams played in the Al Graham tourney Sept. 3, which was won by the team of Bill Harniman, Tony Languell, Clyde Juergens and Jerry Strickler (+1, by a match of cards).

Joe McDonough, Leo Jarmusz, George Balbach and Arnie Northrop were second. Third place went to Al Beard, John Kain, Steve Jones and Don Koebel (0). Fourth place went to Dan Roberts, Don Rose, Buddy Broadnax and Ray Girard (-1).

In the skins game, two went to Clyde Juergens and one each to Balbach, Roberts and Ernie Schober.


Results of the tourney Suday at Panther’s Run. The format was there nets on par 3s, two nets on par 4s, one net on par 5s. First: Lew Hankes, Norm Fitzgerald, Sally Duffy, Jan Hall (-28). Second: Bob Simon, Larry Wright, Pam Fitzgerald, Olive Larson (-23). Third: Wally Milnichuk, Rich Kane, Linda Buck, Peggy Rowland (-22). Fourth: Ed Gruver, Don Rowland, Jan Cameron, Mary Hankes (-20). Fifth: Dick Duffy, Bill Hall, Carole Milnichuk, Diana Gruver (-19). Birdies: Bill Hall, No. 3; Don Rowland, No. 15; Lew Hankes, No. 6; Norm Fitzgerald, No. 8, No. 10; Bob Hartman, No. 11; Al Keegan, No. 15; John Olio, No. 2, No. 8; Gordon Wicke, No. 6 (chipped in from 100 yards). Other Chip-ins: Toni Roe, No. 15. Low Gross: John Olio and Norm Fitzgerald at 80. Low net: Norm Fitzgerald (60), John Olio (65), Sharon Simon and Bob Simon (68), Gordon Wicke (69).


The Ocean Ridge Ladies Golf Association played Aug. 29 at Leopard’s Chase. Foursomes played their own game. Notables were as follows:

Chip-in: Debbie Vankoski at No. 2. Birdies: Michelle Sherwood at No. 16, Joanie Marsh at No. 2, Sue Kane at No. 16, Pam Bank at No. 3, Grace Loyack at No. 16, Becky Williams at No. 2 and Pam Hartman at No. 1 and No. 8.

On Sept. 1, the LGA played at Tiger’s Eye. First flight, low gross, was Karen McCloskey (79). Low net was Sally Duffy (70).

Second flight, low gross, was Peggy Jones (95). Low net was Pam Bank (70).

Third flight, low gross, was Carole Schuster (106). Low net was Peggy Rowland (76).

Birdies: Karen McCloskey at No. 10 and No. 18, Sally Duffy No. 4 and No. 18, Mickie Underhill at No. 6. Chip-in birdie: Sally Duffy at No. 5.

On Sept. 3, the LGA played at Tiger’s Eye. The format was odd and even (nine-hole game).

First: Linda VanHorn, Kathleen Wicke, Jan Cameron and Valerie Ratchford (-15). Second: Sally Duffy, Pam Hartman, Carole Schuster and Betty Coffini (-12). Third: Linda Johnston, Pam Bank, Judy Keegan and Marie Pugh (-11, winning on a match of cards.) Fourth: Erma Krahl, Kathy Giancarlo, Mary Hankes and Liz Waldron (-11). Fifth: Jeanne Maxon, Debbie Vankoski, Beverly Furman and Karen Browning (-10).

Birdies: Linda VanHorn at No. 6, Karen McCloskey at No. 1, Sally Duffy at No. 1 and No. 7. Chip-in birdies: Linda VanHorn at No. 4 and Jeanne Maxon at No. 4. Chip-in: Carole Milnichuk at No. 4.



Results of the Sept. 1 matches at Tiger’s Eye. The format: one net, two net, three net, repeat. First: Greg Lipscomb, Dick Orndoff, Stan Mays and Larry Wright (-28). Second: Gary Prock, Roger Buck, John Wehner and Lou Stamboni (-23). Third: Kevin Cotter, Ed Gruver, Joe Coffini and Bob Ludman (-21).

On Sept. 3 at Tiger’s Eye, the format was modified Stableford. First: George Brooks, John Olio, Clyde Crowl and Jack Anderson (21 points). Second: Jim McCombs, Bill Bixler, Bob Hartman and Larry Wright (13). Third: Bill Wakefield, Paul Gully, Rich Scaler and Bill Hotop (11, by match of cards). Fourth: Dave Janowski, Mike Sullivan, Bill Prophet and Bob Fatzinger (11). Fifth: Bob Larkin I, Chappy Jones, Pete Wiliams and Bob Theiss (7). Sixth: Terry Zuk, Wayne Underhill, Bill Hall and a blind draw (3). Seventh: Ed McCloskey, Don Bridwell, Joe Coffini and Frank Thomas (3).

Low gross: Ed McCloskey (72). Low net: John Olio (62).


The Piperettes played Sept. 2 and the format was field shots. Count all strokes except those made on the putting surface. Subtract 1/2 handicap for your score. Low team wins.

First with a score of 192 were Lynn Hamlin, Ethel Nobles and Michela Richrdson. Second with a score of 204 were Mique Luckett, Sharon Pies and Deanna Donnelly.

Third with a score of 209.5 were Carol Christie, Fran Killgoar, Kathy Manning and Wanda Green. Fourth with a score of 210.5 were Barb Swanson, Ella Mae Brooks, Joyce Westcott and Judy DeStefon.

Birdies: Lynn Hamlin at Piper No. 5, Michela Richardson at Piper No. 6, Carol Christie at Sand No. 6, Judy Nicoletti at Piper No. 5, Donna Phelps at Sand No. 3, Jane Duvall at Sand No. 3, Judy Hanna at Sand No. 2. Chip-ins: Lynn Hamlin at Sand No. 7, Ethel Nobles at Piper No. 8, Judy Hanna at Sand No. 2 and Sand No. 4.



On Sept. 3, the format was Chicago. Count one for bogey, two for par, three for birdie and five for anything under birdie. Establish team goal by subtracting individual handicaps from 36.

Sand to Piper flight: The team of Don Capretta, Ron Thompson, John Donnelly and Burnie Fowler came through with a +13 and took first place. Second place went to Tom Townsend, Frank DeStefon and Al Paynter with a +6.

Piper to Bay flight: A +10 by Dan Copeland, Bill Lester, Bill Sarkisian and Tony Hanna took first. Second, not far behind, was Dick Pillon, Gary Swanson, Ed Kilgoar and Jim Wiseman.

Bay to Sand flight: First place was split between the team of Chris Christie, Wayne Purdy, Charles Richardson and the team of Dick Eby and Lou Zotter, Don Moore, Hal Foley and John Murphy at +8.



The highlight of the match Sept. 3 was a hole-in-one by a guest of Gary Swanson, Dick Pillion. He aced the eighth hole on the Piper course. Pillion used his 6-iron and was playing with Swanson, Ed Kilgoar and Jim Wiseman.



On Sept. 1, the game was team low-net score. Two courses were used. The rounds of the day were: Gary Swanson with a 73 for a net 62. John Hannigan with a 75 for a net 62

Sand to Piper flight: First place, at -10, Bob Eason, Ed Kilgoar, Barney Evanglista and a blind draw. Second place, at -9, John Hannigan, Ralph Bowman, Billy Sirk and Al Paynter. Third place, at -3, John Radziewski, Joe Martere Jim King and Dick Eby.

Bay to Sand flight: First place, at -3, Jack Robbins, Mike Matlock, Lee Parker and Bill Spellicy. Second place, at -2, Al Hooker, Bob Arace, Tom Townsend and Dave Foreman. Third place was a tie at +2 between the team of Gary Swanson, Bill Lester, Frank Gajderowicz and John Wilkes and the team of Bob Nicoletti, Al Bowman, Bill Sarkisian and Gene McDonald.



These are the results of the Sept. 3 matches. Low gross in flight one was Lynn James (85). Joan Mason was second (86) and Gloria Wimmer third (91, by match of cards.)

In flight two, the low-gross winner was Sue Shackleton (85). Mary Alice Jerome was second (89) and Jo Ann Barton third (98). In flight three, the low-gross winner was Birgit Carpenter (96). Ellen Bombolis was second (101) and Mary Fox third (104).

Low net in flight one was Louise Clatterbuck (68). Bobbie deLagarde was second (69) and Louise Sensenig was third (74). In flight two, Marilyn Ferguson was first (66). Gail Cafaro was second (73) and Marge Layden third (75). In flight three, Susan Ferguson was first (69). Donna Morris was second (71) and Elaine Poston third (77).

Birdies: Joan Mason at No. 17, Lynn James at No. 7, Susan Shackleton at No. 1 and No. 18, Jo Ann Barton at No. 7, Louise Clatterbuck at No. 18 and Ellen Bombolis at No. 12.

Chip-ins: Diane Scheck at No. 17, Louise Sensenig at No. 5, Marge Layden at No. 4, Gail Carfaro at No. 10 and No. 17, Bobbie deLagarde at No. 14, Ellen Bombolis at No. 12 and Marilyn Ferguson at No. 11.

Closest to the pin: Pat Gooding at No. 2, Lynn James at No. 7, Joan Mason at No. 12 and Sue Shacketon at No. 16.



The Sea Trail Men’s Golf Association played a four-man team, three-best net ball tournament Sept. 2 on the Byrd Course.

In flight A, Dave Casquarelli, Dan Davis, Frank Santisi and Bo Sellers were first (196). Al Bayley, Jim Godding, Paul Laputka and Dick Sellers were second (200).

In flight B, Niels Kass, Gene Method, Harry Snyder and Howard Van Dusen were first (202). Roy Cundiff, Tom Robbins, Lee Sutton, and Dick Zinser were second (206).

In flight C, Bob Bobinski, Ron Dubas, Gary Keife and Frank Martorelli were first (195). Bill Connor, John Goodrich, Jim Hitchcock, and Ben Madura were second (204).

Eagle: On Aug. 29, Lee Sutton holed out a wedge on the par-5, 4th hole of the Maples Course for an eagle-3.



The Calabash VFW Golf League played its modified Stableford match Sept. 1 at Farmstead Golf Links. Bill James, J.J. O’Donnell, Bill Hertline and Jack Christensen placed first at +7. Second went to the threesome of Dennis O’Brien, Tom O’Brien and Bob Miele at + 4 1/2. Jim Milstead, Don Fidura, Dave Enfeld and Ken Anthony finished third at +2. Fourth place went to Bob Poulton, Tom Baston, Mark Mason and Herb Johnson at + 1/2.

Nineteen of the players participated in the skins match. Jack Christensen and Bob Miele each won a skin.