Has writer lost her mind?

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To the editor:
Re: Rachel Johnson’s column of Jan. 17.
Rachel’s comment, “I believe in my right to not live in fear,” is mind-boggling. Practically every word in her article says, “I’m living in fear.” By packing a gun, she’s not living in fear? How bizarre. It stands the truth on its head.
Are you gun owners so confused that you can’t think straight anymore? You’re afraid they are going to take your Bible away? Have you lost your mind?
With 300 million guns in this country, the devil has found his playground. I know it would take a Herculean effort to rein in this insanity. Only the strictest gun laws can make a dent into it—30,000 dead, 66,000 wounded and increasing every year should be enough of an incentive to do something about it.
And please, don’t mention our forefathers. Slave owners proclaiming that all men are created equal are hardly the gods to write you a constitution for eternity.
You need to go visit a country where you’re really safe to know the joy of living without fear.
Bert Kuthe
Ocean Isle Beach