Healthcare is not a right

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: Webster defines a right as: “that which a person has a just claim to that belongs to that person by law, nature, or tradition.”

It has taken about 40 years for the left to, unfortunately, convince most Americans that healthcare is a right.

I know of no law, including the Constitution, which legislates healthcare as a right. That would leave nature and tradition, which I would argue also, does not apply; however, the argument has already been lost and, correctly or incorrectly, we have been convinced and accepted that healthcare is a right.

Under legislation, currently being debated in Congress, that right is now becoming a mandate. You will have no choice, and if you cannot afford coverage (or do not even want it), the government (i.e., taxpayers), will foot the bill.

I do not have the answer as to how to correct our healthcare system. Perhaps it is not as broken as we have been led to believe. Would Congress dare to hold hearings on that subject? Or, maybe we should rethink the assertion that healthcare is a “right.”

Throwing more money (just as we did with various welfare programs) into the system will not solve the problem—if there is one. I am also concerned with the bureaucratic nightmare that would result from another government-run program.