Heart aches for wreck victims

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: I am writing this letter in regard to the five students involved in the car accident on Friday morning.

My heart goes out to all the families affected by such a tragic accident. As a parent, I understand the heartache all are facing today.

I would like to commend Stephanie Allen, Andrea Allen, Emily Craven and Joseph Crawford for stopping at the scene of the accident and being Good Samaritans. In today’s society, many people would have walked away or not even stopped to lend a hand because they are worried about themselves.

This is a true test of one’s character and these four students proved to be outstanding citizens as well as friends in a situation that warranted a great amount of courage.

In addition, I would like all your readers to know several of these Good Samaritans were trained in CPR and first aid administration by Jeannette Mintz when they took her health occupations class at West Brunswick High School.

My daughter took this class from her when she was in high school, and I am so appreciative of the lifesaving techniques she has taught these students. The first thing one of these students shared with me regarding the events of that night was she remembered everything Mrs. Mintz taught her.

Finally, I want to express the importance of always being a Good Samaritan in every situation because one does not know when they will be tasked to act as these young adults were called to do.