Help BCC with president search

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On Thursday, the community is invited to come to Brunswick Community College and share thoughts and feedback about qualities and characteristics for the college’s next president.

Stephen Greiner, who has led the college since summer 2005, has left to become the new president and CEO of Hazard Community and Technical College in Kentucky.

Brunswick County and BCC are different than they were when Greiner took the helm five years ago. The college’s new leader will have a new set of challenges and goals.

When Greiner began, the college was facing record growth, and a number of bond projects were in the works that needed to be completed. Greiner was given a list of goals the board of trustees wanted him to accomplish during his tenure which included increasing student enrollment, starting and finishing bond construction projects, increasing collaboration and partnerships in the community and increasing fundraising.

By all accounts Greiner met each of these goals, and today, with an increasing student population and new campuses and facilities, BCC is making ground on providing quality, affordable education for students throughout Brunswick County.

In recent years, Brunswick County has changed from a booming real-estate market and retirement community, to a community where lost jobs and economic difficulties have forced many people to rethink their career and education paths. BCC plays a vital role in this process.

A new BCC leader will have to understand how the college can continue to meet the community’s education and retooling needs, while stimulating an economy that has long been reliant on tourism and real estate.

What can BCC do to create a well-educated workforce with diverse and marketable, employable skills that meet the needs of Brunswick County’s changing economic climate?

Can the college help in job creation and industry recruitment for our area?

How will BCC continue to handle a growing number of students from the area who enroll for two years to get a quality, affordable education before moving on to a four-year college? And what more can it do to recruit students to its programs?

While the board of trustees will ultimately guide the direction the new president takes the college—and provide answers to questions such as these—it’s important this new official understands all the things that make Brunswick County a unique place to live and work.

As the college builds its foundation for its next head official, it’s important the community take part in this process.

Come to the public forum at 4:30 p.m. Thursday and share your thoughts with BCC. Be a part of the process that will help select a leader who has the potential to impact Brunswick County for generations to come.