High school SAT scores show improvement across Brunswick County

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

Results released Tuesday show a record number of students took the SAT this year, according to The College Board.

There were more than 1.5 million SAT test takers this year, an 8 percent increase from last year. In Brunswick County, 284 students—43 percent—took the test, and each school improved its average scores.

North Brunswick High School students scored a 944 average, with 464 in critical reading, 480 in math, and 458 in writing.

South Brunswick High School students scored a 1032 average, with 513 in critical reading, 519 in math and 495 in writing, beating all state and national averages.

West Brunswick High School students scores a 1001 average, with 494 in critical reading, 507 in math and 476 in writing.

National average scores were considered “stable” by The College Board, with 502 for critical reading, 515 for mathematics and 494 for writing. A combined score of 1017 was the national average of critical reading and math scores, while Brunswick County’s average came in just under average at 1003.

Scores in all categories at every county school rose compared to 2007 results. The district’s average of critical reading and math scores rose 25 points from last year.

“The district’s increase in SAT scores further illustrates the strong academic preparation occurring in our classrooms,” Superintendent Katie McGee said in a press release. “The journey of continuous improvement as noted in the district’s strategic plan and the goal of recruiting, and retaining a high quality staff has positively impacted student achievement for students in Brunswick County Schools.”

National statistics show this year’s test takers are the most diverse in SAT history, with increased numbers of Hispanic, African-American and Asian-American test takers. Minority students made up 40 percent of the total test takers.

Male students continue to test slightly higher than females in critical reading, scoring four points higher this year. Female students traditionally score higher than males in writing and scored 13 points higher.