High taxes, high insurance rates

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: All property owners on the beaches of Brunswick County are in the same situation concerning ridiculously high property taxes and insurance costs.

When they revaluated property taxes two years ago, they went up more than 300 percent on the property I owned on Holden Beach and I’m sure everyone else. That is why “For Sale” signs are everywhere, but no “Sold” signs.

I own two lots and a small 1,000 square foot cottage, not on the oceanfront, and my property taxes are almost $12,000 per year. Just the county portion of my property taxes went up more than $3,000 per year. Needless to say, my property has been for sale for quite some time, but there are no buyers.

How does the county get away with this robbery and avoid a taxpayer revolt? Very simple. Non-residents who do not vote in Brunswick County own most of the property on the beaches. Those who vote and own property inland did not get these kind of tax increases.

Property taxes on the beaches should be rolled back immediately, but the commissioners bury their heads and pretend there is no problem. The dream of owning a piece of Brunswick County beaches has become a nightmare and the word is spreading fast.

Unless something is done, the day when middle-income people could buy a beach home is over. Real estate companies are not going to fight to get taxes reduced because they are making a killing off the renting of these properties; meanwhile, the poor real estate agents are having to look for jobs elsewhere.

I’ve been told one real estate company on Holden Beach has dropped from 14 agents down to five agents. We are like the rat after getting caught in the trap—forget the cheese, just let us get out of this trap.