How did we get here?

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: How did we get in this mess? Answer: Liberal Democrats, greedy politicians and executives and the liberal media.

There is general consensus these bad residential loans to people who couldn’t afford them (promoted by liberals) started this credit disaster so all could have a house whether they could afford it or not. That leads to more votes for liberals. It then hit the fan that the quasi-governmental entities Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were financially unstable.

Guess who the top recipients of campaign money were? Chris Dodd and Barack Obama.

Dodd is the head of a committee to watch this type of thing and Obama now thinks we need to watch those people.

Why would government agencies even be allowed to give campaign money? Duh! Three years ago, Alan Greenspan warned of such problems with Freddie and Fannie and Democrats in Congress would not allow corrective action to even come to a vote.

While executives in these various agencies and companies that have gone belly-up should lose all of the 2008 and future compensation, the politicians who supported this stupidity should be singled out for their roles in this fiasco.

Certainly liberal Democrats should be held accountable (as well as Republicans). McCain in the past has tried to correct these situations only to be shot down by liberal Democrats.

The bottom line is we need oversight without government dominance, term limits to limit arrogance of those senators you see on the evening news, FCC control of the liberal media who ask for your liberal vote each evening (check out MSNBC, including Cafferty on CNN). They should be removed from the airways as being detrimental to an unbiased press, which was the original concept by the founding fathers.

To clear this house of garbage, we need the election of McCain and Palin. We may not be able to solve all our problems, but we don’t need to continue to be smothered with the greed and self-promotion of today.

The height of dishonesty is exemplified by senators and congressmen who are on the oversight committees for the financial industry and now sit in judgment of everyone else (at the hearings) as if they have no idea there was a long-standing problem and their indifference, or worse, was a major cause of this mess.