How will Obama’s tax cut work?

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor:

The media has never questioned how Obama can give 95 percent of Americans a tax cut when only 45 percent of people pay income taxes.

He can only do this by giving taxpayer money to non-taxpayers—in other words—income redistribution. If people can’t see this as another step toward socialism they are ostriches with their heads in the sand.

I don’t care whether you’re a Republican or Democrat—all incumbents need to be voted out. Most people think it’s the other person’s representative—theirs is OK. With a congressional approval rating of 6 percent, rest assured it’s all of them. They only come out of the woodwork at election time and then go back to ignoring the people. Most all think they are tenured and don’t give a damn about anything but their plush lives.

Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the liberal left should get ready for a second American Revolution that just might be around the corner.

John A. Difloure