If you want change in Sunset Beach, run for office

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To the editor:
Only once every four years do Sunset Beach voters get a chance to change the direction of our town.
Three council members whose terms expire next year are up for re-election. Four years ago, they promised us “transparency, communication, and fiscal responsibility.” Only one, Carol Scott, kept that promise.
Instead, we got more self-important town employees, raises and bonuses for all, an overpriced sweetheart deal on a park ($2.65 million, plus possibly another million to develop it), lavish dinners and picnics, the “pier-head alignment” giveaway, “closed session” meetings and sealed minutes, no-bid contract awards and $75,000 air-conditioned bathrooms.
Recession? Never heard of it. Meanwhile, we have dirt roads, broken (or no) sidewalks, and parking chaos all over Sunset Beach.
We cannot afford to repeat the last four years. If you want to change things in Sunset Beach, please consider running for council. Step up and challenge council’s arrogance, secrecy and fiscal irresponsibility. If you, like me, have responsibilities that don’t allow you to serve at the present time, then help us find good candidates.
Time is very short. Candidates for council must file a notice of candidacy with the Brunswick County Board of Elections in Bolivia between noon July 5 and noon July 19. Otherwise, it’s four more of the last four years.
If you really want to improve Sunset Beach, be a candidate. Just two seats on council will bring common sense back to Sunset Beach.
Jim Thomas
Sunset Beach