Involuntary annexation

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: Re: St. James involuntary annexation proposal.

I never cease to be amazed at the audacity of the St. James mayor and town council. Their move toward involuntary annexation on N.C. 211 and Midway to control commercial and private property associated with the new Oak Island bridge corridor is opportunistic and unacceptable.

Contrary to their assertions, N.C. 211 (named Southport-Supply Road for a reason) is not the entrance to St. James; it merely passes by the entrance.

N.C. 211 is not the St. James “Main Street” or “front door.” St. James Drive has that honor. That private street is the “gateway,” literally, to the town and each and every resident thereof.

St. James has no need or right to “protect” N.C. 211, except possibly from the endless stream of St. James billboards and signs that adorn both sides of the road for miles.

Their further assertion that St. James is “backed into a corner” is ludicrous. They aren’t backed in—they bought in. They chose to live in that private development/town. Its restricted access, isolated/insulated upscale lifestyle is exactly what they wanted. So be it.

The St. James mayor and town council need to recognize and appreciate all the ramifications of their collective choice of domicile and to respect the right and freedom of the rest of the residents and property owners of Brunswick County.