It may actually be my fault snow found its way to Brunswick County

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

When I first heard last week there was a chance of snow for Brunswick County, I thought someone was joking. I moved to the coast to escape the colder, often-snowy winter months of Kentucky, and the last thing I thought about encountering here was a chance of snow.

As a matter of fact, the weekend before the snow came into town, I had been back home in the Bluegrass State only to have a fairly heavy snow start to fall on my way out of town. I drove southeast out of central Kentucky with the snow falling hard. It chased me down state roads and the interstate right over into Tennessee.

When I finally got to the Volunteer State, the snow switched to sleet and then rain. By the time I made my way into North Carolina, I encountered a heavy blanket of fog that at times made driving impractical.

But once back in Brunswick County, I was glad to have traded the cold snow for the thick layer of fog. I bragged to people back home how I escaped just in time.

On Tuesday morning, I tuned into a local television station only to be surprised by the list of closings and delays scrolling across the screen. The snow must have followed me here. I hadn’t escaped after all! But when I looked outside, I saw nothing. At first it was clear, then came rain.

Things were closed for what? It made me laugh about all the times I fussed in Kentucky when an inch or two of snow closed everything and made finding a loaf of bread or a gallon of milk at a local store virtually impossible.

In contrast, I thought about my times in Alberta, Canada. There, when it snows, no matter how deep, life goes on. I remembered trying to drive my car through downtown Edmonton streets late one October when the snow was so thick my car bottomed out. I had to turn around and go back, but the Canadians dashed around me like the roads were clear.

As a matter of fact, when I was there earlier this month I stood mid-shin in snow and then later managed to drive a couple of hours back to the airport, keeping pace with the northerners.

Whatever Brunswick County was about to get, I was ready. Oh, and this might be the appropriate time to blame last week’s winter weather on me. Not only did I try to dash away from it from Kentucky, after my last trip to Canada, I bragged about how it never gets really cold here and it never snows.

Karma? Oops.

Throughout the day Tuesday, I waited eagerly for the ground to turn white. I couldn’t wait to see the predicted “significant” snowfall. Unfortunately, it never came here. Somehow, I missed out. In Shallotte, we had a dusting at best, and by the time I got off work that night the roads were completely dry and not a trace of snow was left to be seen.

When I was safely home, I took the chance to call/e-mail people in Kentucky and Canada to laugh about the “big” winter storm here and how excited people in this coastal community were to actually get a glimpse of the white stuff.

Maybe I haven’t yet learned that thing about karma. If we get snowed-in anytime soon, it’s OK to blame me…maybe then I’ll learn my karma weather lesson.