Jaguar’s Lair proposal seems to defy logic

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To the editor:

Is Sunset Beach condemning Jaguar’s Lair owners to the Dark Ages?

Sunset Beach Town Council proposes to make an ongoing nightmare even “darker” for property owners in the Jaguar’s Lair subdivision of Ocean Ridge Plantation. It plans to release a Coastal Communities performance bond before the developer installs an estimated $160,000 of central underground electric cables in the community.

This trusting gift to Coastal would be grossly negligent after the company repeatedly defaulted on a town contract to install basic infrastructure by March 31. It burdens property owners with unnecessary risk of having no working electric service to their community if Coastal fails to install the lines. It also contradicts logic.

Why bother to bond other essential infrastructure in a development without complete electric service, too? What about that specific line item in the bond calling for “6,000 feet of underground electric cable?”

Unless the town assumes liability or provides an alternative guarantee for installation of the electric lines, releasing the bonds leaves individual owners with only absurd recourse. One would either need to take legal action against Coastal or pay for the lines on behalf of all owners. Avoiding such a ridiculous outcome is the fundamental purpose of the bonding process.

So, will lot owners risk building homes in Jaguar’s Lair without a guarantee of electric service from Coastal or the town? Perhaps, if there’s a local supplier that sells candles by the truckload and air conditioners that run on coal or firewood.


Monte Simpson