Jessie Mae principal, parent to appear in court Friday

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By Kathryn Jacewicz, Staff writer

BOLIVIA—A Brunswick County Schools principal and a parent of former Brunswick County students are scheduled to appear in court Friday morning on charges stemming from an altercation that occurred on school property.

Patricia Rourk, Jessie Mae Monroe Elementary School principal, and Tracey Danka, a parent of two former Jessie Mae students, will appear in Brunswick County District Court at 9:30 a.m. Friday, Jan. 16, before District Judge Marion Warren, according to the district attorney’s office.

Rourk, 53, was charged with communicating threats and was served with a criminal summons Wednesday, Sept. 17. She was served after Danka filed a complaint with the magistrate’s office, alleging Rourk threatened to kill her following a verbal altercation between the two and Rourk’s mother following a Brunswick County Board of Education meeting Tuesday, Sept. 16.

Danka said after the public address section of the board’s September meeting, she went outside to speak with other parents when she, Rourk and Meriam Reid, Rourk’s mother, became involved in a verbal altercation.

Danka said the altercation escalated and Rourk called her a “white piece of trash,” told her she had no right to be at the board meeting and said “I’ll kill you.”

“I pressed charges against Patricia Rourk for the simple fact she said three words to me— ‘I’ll kill you,’” Danka said in September. “I took that threat very seriously, and that’s why I pressed charges.”

Rourk has not responded to multiple calls and messages left by the Beacon.

Danka, 39, was arrested and charged with simple assault against Reid six days after Danka filed the initial complaint against Rourk.

According to the arrest warrant, Reid claims Danka motioned her hands toward her several times in a manner in which Reid believed Danka would strike her during the Sept. 16 altercation.

Danka was released on her own recognizance and on a $500 unsecured bond.

Danka denies physically assaulting anyone the night of Sept. 16.

“I never raised my hand to anyone in a violent manner, I do not believe in violence,” she said. “I may be loud; I may be abrasive, and I may be crass at times, but I do not believe in violence.”

The two previously appeared in court in October, but both cases were continued.