Just say no to Sunset boat ramp

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: Thanks to an article by Laura Lewis in the Beacon’s Feb. 3 edition regarding the potential purchase of two tracts of land at 101 Sunset Blvd. N., by the town of Sunset Beach, I called the town administrator to inquire as to the town’s intended use of said property.

I was told it would be used for a boat ramp and fishing pier and, possibly, a park.

Apparently, the town council feels that, despite there being three ramps and a fishing pier presently within the town limits, the expenditure of $500,000 to $1 million or more is an acceptable use of taxpayers’ money for a facility that would most likely be used more by nonresidents than residents.

It is an idea that was floated about a year ago when the town wanted to buy Bill’s Seafood property for more than $1 million. Fortunately for all, that plan was dropped.

Unless Sunset Beach property owners immediately contact Mayor Klein and other council members to voice their displeasure at this willful waste of our money, I believe this scheme will proceed despite its obvious deficiencies.

I have written to them. You can write, call or e-mail. Do it. It will only take a minute to say, “no more boat ramps.”

EDITOR’see^NOTE: One of the boat ramps in question, the privately owned one on the island, will be displaced by the new 65-foot bridge and there is only one other boat ramp at the end of Beach Drive. It has no available parking.