Lost deposit

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To the editor:
My sisters and I came to Brunswick County for the first time in 1989 and fell in love with Holden Beach. As our families grew, so did our need for more space. We rent three to four houses close together. Over the past 25 years, we have used all the rental agencies on the island. Everyone has always been honest, courteous and professional.
In early October, I received a call from a Holden Beach-based realty telling me that the house I had placed a $50 reservation fee on was no longer available. The young woman who called tried to find another house that met our needs, but was unsuccessful and she told me I would be receiving a $50 refund. It’s two months later and all I have received are excuses.
A woman from the
realty agency told me that possibly someone
in my home had thrown it away thinking it was junk mail. She pointed out that their mail is very slow and sometimes takes 30 days. She offered to put a stop payment on my check if I would pay a $35 fee. She then called with a final offer of early check-in and late checkout, a $100 value, on any of their rental houses.
I am out $50, but it will not change the way my family and I feel about Holden Beach. We may not use this realty again, but we hope to continue to spend our tourist dollars there for many years to come.
Sandra Glass