Man asks woman to marry him high above Holden Beach

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High-flying proposal

By Laura Lewis, Reporter

Christy Nesbitt got the proposal of a lifetime Jan. 17 from fiancé Terry Chavis.


That’s the day Chavis’ proposal, “Marry me, Christy,” was inscribed in the Holden Beach sand.

Then the Laurinburg couple took flight over the coast so Christy, a nursing student, could see the proposal for herself.

The popping of the big sand-question was originally supposed to take place a day earlier, on Nesbitt’s birthday.

Laurinburg pilot Mike Walters came to Holden Beach to write out the message before returning home to get his passengers.

Walters’ sister Chrisa Powell and her friend Sarah Perkins, both of Supply, were afraid the day’s wind and people walking on the beach might require a message touch-up. So at 3 p.m. they went out to dig the letters deeper for better contrast.

Powell said they waited and waited for the sound of a plane, then Walters sent a text message.

While the beach weather was beautiful, rain was moving across Lumberton, grounding Walters, Chavis and Nesbitt from making the 100-mile flight to Holden Beach.

The proposal was delayed.

Chavis and Nesbitt, meanwhile, decided to come on down to the beach that Wednesday night with Nesbitt’s son and his friends.

The next day, Thursday, Powell and Perkins took extended lunch breaks to re-dig the big question for Chavis, a police lieutenant with the Laurinburg Police Department.

Chavis and Nesbitt took off on a flight with Brunswick Air. As the private plane soared over Holden Beach with its passengers, the pilot asked Nesbitt about the sand message below.

“We had to fly over three times before I actually noticed it,” Nesbitt said, laughing. “I told them I had a blonde moment.”

Chavis, seated in front of his bride-to-be aboard the plane, reached over his shoulder to hand Nesbitt a diamond engagement ring.

“I tried to kiss him, but we had on headphones,” Nesbitt laughed.

That same day Powell received a new text message from her brother.

“Thanks, dude,” Chavis had written in a forwarded message to Walters.

“& she said YES.”


Laura Lewis is a staff writer at the Beacon. Reach her at 754-6890 or email llewis@brunswickbeacon.com.