Master Gardeners lend a hand to spruce up Carolina Shores

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A group of Master Gardeners from the Brunswick County Community Extension Service, all of whom live in Carolina Shores and the Carolina Shores Golf Course, have all come together for a beautification project that benefits everyone.
A small island of land on golf course property that that leads to the entrance of the golf course had become overgrown and unsightly but, because of the golf course’s financial difficulties, the course could not do the necessary pruning and landscaping that it had previously done before.
Master Gardener Joanne Bendy, who lives in the town, contacted the Brunswick County Community Extension Service Master Gardener Program and asked if she could gather a group of Master Gardeners from within Carolina Shores to make a Master Gardener project of this piece of land.
She also went to the golf course management and they welcomed the help.
During a period of 10 hours, the volunteer Master Gardeners, which included the president of the Carolina Shores POA, clipped, cut, pruned and weeded the area to get it looking beautiful again. The leader was Bendy, and her fellow Master Gardeners included Jack Bendy, Pete Gulliver, Ellen Pecina, John Dougherty, Carol deLude and Ken Aadsen.