McIntyre attacking own party

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To the editor: Democrat Mike McIntyre is a disgrace to his party. He is attacking his own party leaders in political ads. He claims to be a Blue Dog Democrat, which supports the Republican agenda.

Mike, your color is not blue but yellow. You voted against the healthcare bill, and you voted against some of the stimulus programs to help the country out of the financial collapse the Republican Party put us in.

Yet you are taking political contributions from organizations like the chamber of commerce, a big Republican contributor. What a “chameleon” you

Mike, you had 14 years in Congress. If you had been more loyal to your party, Brunswick County perhaps may have had a full veteran facility at the old
Brunswick Hospital. You are now all over the area bragging how you got a VA first-aid station in the county. Big deal!

Mike, you are a phony playing both ends against the middle, not for the people, but for your own political agenda.

The bottom line is you have now joined the political Hall of Shame by being in Congress too long, where it is, “the hell with the people of your district and hello for your political career.” After 14 years of being on the public payroll, you have had enough (time).

Charles Johnson