Meeting was not meant to be public

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To the editor:
In last week’s Beacon, I was accused of improperly closing a regularly scheduled sewer meeting to reporter Laura Lewis. The truth is the meeting in question (set up to try and resolve sewer issues for the benefit of the citizens of Sunset Beach) was not one of the scheduled advertised open meetings we have each month to keep us up on sewer progress.
Wilson Sherrill and I (and not a quorum of council, which would require an open meeting) asked to meet with county officials to discuss contract terms, try and make sure our citizens will not be charged for improper installations from contractors, and express our unhappiness with county employees.
I have been a strong supporter of open government rules and free availability of information upon request of any citizen, and to be unjustly accused otherwise is shameful.
Mr. Cerrato has asked council to apologize to the Beacon and to the town for not permitting Laura to attend a regularly scheduled meeting. Rather, Mr. Cerrato needs to apologize to me for what he told Laura Lewis about the status of the meeting, and continuing to set forth incorrect or incomplete information in an effort to discredit everyone but himself.
Councilwoman Carol Scott
Sunset Beach