Mike is a moderate

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To the editor:
David Rouzer’s campaign has spent millions of dollars trying to convince voters in our district that Congressman Mike McIntyre toes the party line. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Friends, don’t let yourselves be bought. Get the facts about McIntyre’s bipartisan voting record.
The National Journal, a nonpartisan publication, recently scored McIntyre’s voting record and ranked him one of the most moderate members of Congress. That’s because Congressman McIntyre’s votes aren’t dictated by party leadership but by the needs of our communities here in southeastern North Carolina.
Need proof? Just ask the overwhelming majority of mayors from our district, including Republicans, Democrats and independents, who recently endorsed McIntyre over Rouzer. They’ve seen the results McIntyre has produced by working in a bipartisan manner to bring taxpayer dollars back to our district.
Need more proof? Look at all the organizations from across the political spectrum that endorse McIntyre. These groups meticulously study voting records, not rhetoric, before supporting any candidate.
Mike’s voting record has earned him endorsements from the pro-business Chamber of Commerce and National Federation of Independent Businesses, the North Carolina Association of Educators, the pro-family group Concerned Women for America, the anti-amnesty organization Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, the National Rifle Association and the pro-life National Right to Life Committee.
At a time when our nation is crippled by partisan bickering, I’m proud to be represented by Mike McIntyre, who has the courage to put party labels aside and vote in our best interest.
Col. Roger F. Hall (retired)