Milliken brings out the broom at Myrtle Beach Speedway

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Justin Milliken had a two-win sweep Saturday at Myrtle Beach Speedway. Lucas Willliams won his first race Limited Late Model race of the 2010 season.

Anxious and feisty were the only words to describe the Limited-Late Model drivers. With many drivers taking advantage to the new payout agreement, the field was the largest field of the season. 

During the first of the two heat races, Randall Roberts and Bobby June got loose in turn four, spinning each other around. While trying to dodge the wreck, Anthony Flannery got locked up and smashed into the side of June. 

Hunter Bledsoe and Remington Prince brought out another caution in the second Limited Late Model heat race. The two were battling for position, when Bledsoe literally drove on top of the left front of Prince’s car and ripped the front left fender loose. 

After the two-hour delay due to rain, things seemed to settle down among the drivers during the feature race. Williams grabbed the lead from the beginning. By lap nine, he began to lap the end of the field. Bledsoe had a strong car as he worked his way through the field. With an eight-place qualifying position, Bledsoe had to battle with two top competitors, Dal Wright and Randall Roberts, to get his third-place finish. 

The caution on lap 28 was due to hard racing between Caleb Harrelson and Anthony Flannery. The two made little contact on the backstretch, leaving Harrelson with a dented right side and Flannery out of the race. Williams led the whole race and celebrated his first victory with a traditional burnout. 

Justin Milliken was on it during the NASCAR Whelen All-American Late Model races. He qualified fourth and worked his way to the lead by lap 20 of the first race. Rick Smith won the pole with a lap of 21.402 seconds during the qualifying session. Although Jeremy McDowell led the first three laps, Smith bounced back in and led some laps. During the second race, the track inverted the first four cars. Matt Cox and McDowell were on the front row, but Milliken made a sneak attack at the end to win both races. 

The Mini-Stocks ran their 20-lap race between the rain showers. Michael McKinnon and Dub Fulford started on the front row. Fulford jumped to the inside to grab the lead, where he stayed the whole night. Adam Fulford had a fast car as he made his way from ninth position to fifth by lap four. 

At the halfway mark of the race, Mark Evans began challenging McKinnon for second. McKinnon seemed to be fighting with a loose racecar and lost a couple positions but still came home with a top-five finish. Adam Fulford made his way around McKinnon and tried to chase down Evans for second, but he only had enough momentum for a third-place finish. 

Tommy Poole won the pole and had a great start as he led the first lap. Mark Hale was on the hunt and made it from the back to the front by lap five. Hale and Poole drove side-by- side for the remainder of the race. They were neck-and-neck until the last lap, when Hale had a little bit more and took his ninth win of the season.

Before the heat and feature racing started, the Young Guns and Hot Rods took the track for their largest bike race of the season. The first of the two races was the Young Guns. Adam Fulford Jr., who has been dominating the races, fought hard for his seventh win. First-timer Jyrell Lewis grabbed the lead at the beginning of the race, but Adam held strong for the win. Also in the Young Guns race were Easton Swain, Glenn Evans, Hudson Hale and Jack Barnhill. 

The Hot Rods division also had a new rider, Boomer Hartfield. Along with Boomer were Christopher Chestnut, Jason Graiger, Kasey Gossett and Brandon Patterson. Patterson got a great start and won his second race of the season. 



1. 72-Dub Fulford,  2. 22-Mark Evans, 3. 71-Adam Fulford, 4. 18-Michael McKinnon, 5. 63-Harry Floyd, 6. 6-Craig Schiel, 7. 13-Joey Stevens, 8. 98-Chris Mills, 9. 70-Willie Fulford.

Limited-Late Models

1. 11-Lucas Williams, 2. 22-Willie Granger, 3. 18-Hunter Bledsoe, 4. 8-Dal Wright, 5. 13-Randall Roberts, 6. 55-Brian Vause, 7. 15-Kevin Barnhill, 8. 88-Tony Powell, 9. 25-Remington Prince, 10. 7-Caleb Harrelson, 11. 3-Glenn Todd, 12. 24-Anthony Flannery, 13. 5-Bobby June, 14. 30-Richard Burgess, 15. 63-Christian Pahud.

Street Stock

1. 55-Mark Hale, 2. 3-Tommy Poole, 3. 47-Clay Gossett, 4. 14-Cam Herrington, 5. 12-Glenn Todd Jr.

First Whelen All-American Late Models

1. 02-Justin Milliken, 2.  83-Jeremy McDowell, 3. 28-Rick Smith, 4. 33-Jamie Weatherford, 5. 20-Terry Evans, 6. 4-Edward Jordan, 7. 25-Robbie Mew, 8. 1-Brent Brinson, 9. 51-Matt Cox.

Second Whelen All-American Late Models

1. 02-Justin Milliken, 2. 28-Rick Smith, 3. 83-Jeremy McDowell, 4. 51-Matt Cox, 5. 4-Edward Jordan, 6. 33-Jamie Weatherford, 7. 20-Terry Evans, 8, 25-Robbie Mew, 9. 1-Brent Brinson.