New business commission is a good step forward

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Board could have positive effect on the community

New Brunswick County commissioner Frank Williams is off to a good start.
The Leland-area businessman had already been making a name for himself in state and local politics, long before he signed up to serve the county as a commissioner.
The small business owner has also been a steadfast voice for businesses and growth in Brunswick County.
The owner of Pioneer Strategies, Williams, a member of several civic organizations, often makes presentations and gives speeches about things business owners can do to survive and thrive in this tough economy.
When he campaigned for his current seat, he pledged to carry forth that commitment to businesses.
Just two months into the new year, it appears Williams has the walk to back up his talk.
He has been instrumental in creating the county’s new small business advisory committee. What started out as an idea, one Williams credits coming from the county’s business owners, has developed into a nearly filled board. Its first meeting is just around the corner.
This commission is exactly what the county has needed. It is going to provide a sounding board from people out in the field—in several business and economic sectors—to county commissioners.
This group will be able to relate real life experiences directly to the people who make and regulate the ordinances that guide and develop the county’s economic growth.
It’s not uncommon for this newspaper to hear comments from people about how difficult it can be to get all of the permits and papers in order to start a small business here.
And because many people identify with the towns where their businesses are located, some often feel alone and detached from others in the county. This group can provide a sense of unity and understanding.
It may also help those making regulations and ordinances have a better understanding of how rules are put into practice and what might be done to make things more streamlined and effective.
In this economy, where we’ve seen far too many business owners give up their dreams, anything that helps businesses get up and running—and stay running—is likely going to have a long-term positive impact.
We’re excited about the formation of this committee. We hope this will be a positive experience for all involved and look forward to hearing about the ideas they come up with.
We hope this group will work well with county officials and help lead this community forward on the road of economic recovery.