Newsletter nonsense

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To the editor:
The following are excerpts from [Sunset Beach Mayor] Rich Cerrato’s June 2013 Taxpayers Digest (TD) in exact quotes:
“Sunset Gate: The records indicate: Conflict of interest violations confirmed by two State Agencies.”
What conflicts specifically, and what agencies specifically? “The town informed the LGC there are no financial records for 2008-2010. Reportedly, the issues are being investigated.” Reportedly… that’s clever wording. Furthermore, it’s not true.  
Cerrato states that [former Fire] Chief Barbee before his retirement in 2012 brought to his attention that the town failed to initiate corrective action to install the second water line to the island, and according to Cerrato there was a “cover-up.” That also is not true. The county advised town officials of the situation, and both parties were aware of it and working on it since late 2008. These are just two examples of the nonsense in Cerrato’s Taxpayers Digest.
All I suggest is that people use common sense in reading his diatribes. If even a fraction of the things printed in that political flier about town officials were true, we would all be in jail.
Mr. Cerrato states, “The data in the Taxpayer Digest was obtained from Sunset Beach public records and proceedings, with full recognition that such data is subject to different interpretations and opinions.”
How slyly worded to CYA from liability, Mr. Cerrato!   
Cerrato previously reported town officials to FEMA, the State Elections Board, and the LGC, who all found no wrongdoing.  That was not printed in his newsletter.
Gary Parker
Town administrator
Sunset Beach