Not quite a Christmas present, but new recycling carts are a gift enough

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By Stacey Manning, Managing Editor

It wasn’t a “Pepsi blue Christmas” from Shallotte after all.

The town board of aldermen had hoped to have new, larger recycling receptacles delivered to town residents around Christmastime. They were delayed and finally were pulled off trucks and delivered to area driveways in Shallotte last week.

I almost squealed in delight when I turned into my neighborhood and saw a truckload of the bright blue cans at the entrance.

I drove along watching driveway after driveway twinkle blue with the new deliveries.

OK, so maybe I get excited really easily.

But seriously, the new recycling bin, at least for our household, is certainly welcome.

My husband and I try to recycle everything we can. That means we’re constantly washing containers, crushing them and stacking them before we get an armload full to carry out to the recycle bin.

Problem was, the previous green container provided by the town was never big enough. We’d always start out optimistically but within about a week, the little container was always overflowing. That created a mess in the garage and sometimes large garbage bags worth of recycling left to be picked up biweekly.

However, once the recycling load got too large to fit in the tiny green bin, we often decided to forego the weekly curbside pickup all together and instead agreed to drive the recyclables to a convenience site.

There was always recycling piling up in an already too-full garage. I couldn’t wait for the new bins to get here.

When they finally arrived last week, my husband breathed a sigh of relief. We had already filled and surpassed the little green bin, and he was slated to load up the car and head off to a convenience center. Instead, he transferred the recycling pile in the garage straight to the new container.

We’ve had the container less than a week, and already it’s almost full. That’s good news because recycling day is almost here. According to the Town of Shallotte, the new bins will be picked up every Wednesday in January, then starting Feb. 2, the carts will be picked up every other Wednesday.

This sounds great. This will give us a chance to get the pile of recyclables (mostly plastic bottles) out of the garage and back on schedule.

While recycling can become a hassle (it’s always there; there’s always something to do), we appreciate the opportunity. While we’ll have to regularly wheel the recycling bin out to the curb, the trashcan gets to go out much less frequently.

Are you recycling in your home? If you’re not, and especially if you live in the town of Shallotte, now is the time to start.

If you’re looking for more information about recycling in Shallotte, visit www.townofshallotte.org and click on the link “Welcome to Shallotte Package” near the bottom of the page to find out more about recycling and other services offered in Shallotte.

If you live outside Shallotte city limits, don’t forget other towns offer recycling options and so does the county. You can find out more about the county’s recycling centers and convenience sites by going to www.brunsco.net. Look for the Solid Waste and Recycling Department for more information.