Now is the time to keep campaign promises, look to the future

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

This week several elected officials representing Brunswick County Commissioners, the register of deeds, county coroner and the Brunswick County Board of Education were sworn into office.

As they stood before family, friends, government leaders and their constituents, for many the moment highlighted the hard work each of these invested into getting elected.

But just because the election is over and the swearing-in has taken place, doesn’t mean it’s time for any of them to rest. The job ahead of each of these representatives—newly elected and incumbents—is just beginning, and it’s likely to be a long, hard one.

Now is the time for each of these elected officials to open his or her ears to the constituents he or she serves. What did they hear about on the campaign trail? What issues were important to voters? What commitments were made during the election process that helped ensure victory over other contenders? What experience do they bring to the table that will initiate positive change in an ever-growing, ever-changing county?

With a new year around the corner, it’s imperative these elected officials educate themselves about the issues at hand, and keep promises previously made to voters.

These elected officials should determine what topics Brunswick County residents feel are of the utmost importance, and draw up plans as to what their agency or group needs to do to get those things accomplished.

And, in light of the current economic downturn, those who have been chosen to lead our county and schools should make wise, economically sound decisions. Are there areas in government and education that have considerable waste? Are there ways to make changes or cuts, without shortchanging the community? We hope a fresh set of eyes to old issues can help lead the community toward a better future, and we call upon the expertise of incumbents to guide newcomers through this challenging process.

Working together, despite personal backgrounds or political affiliations, will be key to providing a progressive, top-notch quality of life in this community.

It’s been a difficult year for many Brunswick Countians. From job cuts to home foreclosures, residents are looking to their elected officials to make real, meaningful change to this community. They’re relying on those who have been selected to make these important decisions to do so well-informed.

We wish them the best on the long journey ahead and look forward to seeing what comes next for this community.