Now is the time to start learning about candidates

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November may seem like it’s a long time away, but before you know it, tourists will be packing up their bags and heading out of Brunswick County and back to their homes until the next tourist season rolls around.

When that happens, those of us who live here full time will be ready to settle back into a quieter pace, where traffic congestion is eased and local beaches are mostly empty.

Before you think about getting your sweatshirts and sweaters out of the closet, now is the time to look ahead to the November General Election.

In some areas, voter turnout may be low because this year there won’t be a presidential election driving voters out. However, the elections here in Brunswick County will still be important.

This November, Brunswick Countians will have a chance to elect the people who will represent them on a variety of town councils and boards. Last Friday, the candidate filing window for towns in our area closed, creating a roster full of new and familiar faces that will be on the ballot.

Several towns, like Shallotte, Sunset Beach, Calabash and Carolina Shores are all going to have new town leaders, as the people currently acting as mayors in those communities have declined to rerun for election.

Don’t wait until November before you start getting to know the people who are vying for your vote. Get to know them now. Think about issues and problems where you live and reflect on dreams and growth you hope to see for your communities. Then, formulate questions. Find opportunities to meet with, call or email the people in your communities who want to be your elected officials. See how they respond now, and support them as they learn more about the process and government along the way.

As always, you can count on The Brunswick Beacon for comprehensive election coverage. In this issue, you’ll find a story about some of the key players in local politics who aren’t seeking re-election, as well as a story listing all candidates who got on the official filing list before last Friday’s deadline.

In the weeks before the election, near the kickoff to early voting, you’ll have the opportunity to read more about candidates in the Beacon. We plan to do our regular candidate profiles that will show you the faces of candidates and highlight some of their accomplishments and objectives. 

Then, we’ll get to know candidates even better when our reporters interview contested candidates in the South Brunswick Islands for stories that will appear in the weeks leading up to the election.

 Don’t wait until November to see who these people are. Educate yourself now and make an informed vote later.