Obama isn’t the answer

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor:

Barack Obama is a product of the Saul Alinsky radical socialism and redistribution of wealth. For Alinsky, the mantra was “change,” as outlined in his book “Reveille for Radicals.”

For Obama, this is the same. He has avoided being exposed until “Joe the Plumber” came along and questioned him.

For Alinsky and Obama, there is a careful calculation of tactics where the end always justifies the means. They ridicule opponents when the arguments of the opponent could not be refuted by logic, evidence or argument.

This is the old Communist adage derision would cause audiences to laugh at the opponent rather than listen to what they were saying. Sound familiar?

Just look at the campaign tactics of Obama and his media elite friends. Obama has tired hard to hide all his and his wife’s records and sealed many of them until after Election Day.

The campaign uses ACORN to fraudulently register voters and submit thousands of applications at the last minute to clog up the voter registration offices. They use their media elite friends to mock Sarah Palin’s voice and mannerisms and deride her new clothes while wearing thousand dollar suits.

They use the campaign allies to spread false statements about the Iraq War that find their way into every media outlet. They intimidate those who dare oppose him with calls to the Secret Service, keying cars, shooting up campaign headquarters and more.

They will not accept responsibility for the housing crisis caused by the Democratic Congress. End justifies the means; grab power any way possible, mock the opponents, lie and never discuss the real issues in an open debate.

Be afraid my friends, very afraid.

Chris Jacobson