Obama won't get us out of war

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: About one half, maybe more, of the American people are stupid. Their stupidity grows out of lack of education and failure to keep themselves informed.

I shall take this opportunity to expose my own stupidity. I hear people say they are going to vote for Obama because he will get us out of this war. No president can get us out of this war.

The Muslim extremists have been killing us for years and will continue to do so. They killed more than 200 Marines in their barracks in Lebanon; they killed sailors on the U.S.S. Cole. They brought down Pam Am 103. They attacked our embassies all around the world.

The American people paid no attention until 9/11.

The Muslim faction I am writing about believes Islam is the only true religion and all non-believers are not worthy of life. It is their duty to kill us and by doing so they ensure their place in heaven. They teach their boys and young men this in their schools, like the one Obama attended in Jakarta as a small boy.

They have already elected two Muslims to our Congress. They will flood another political district and elect others. Perhaps they will have a president who has written that if he has to make a choice, he will favor Islam, or words to that effect.

If Obama is elected, he will nominate liberal judges for the Supreme Court, and the Democratic Congress will approve them. I predict reversal of the recent decision on our right to bear arms.

Then will come registration of all weapons, which will prepare the way for confiscation. Of course, the stupid American people think such a thing could never happen to them.

In addition to being stupid, many American people are moral cowards. We make treaties and give promises to people, then abandon them.

Now the American people want to pull out of Iraq. Whether one agrees or does not agree on our going to Iraq, it is a certainty we should stay until the people of Iraq can take care of themselves.

To abandon them now would lead to another genocide and a victory for our enemies. A democratic Iraq would be a blessing for the whole world, an ally in our fight against the so-called terrorists and a source of oil while we stumble along trying to find our own source of energy.

What experience or talent does Obama have that qualifies him for the job of president and commander in chief?

I read and hear that more than 90 percent of blacks will vote for him. I understand that. I also hear women younger than the age of 35 or 40 will vote for him. I do not understand that.

I told you I would expose my own stupidity, but I am not stupid enough to vote for Obama.