Open your closet door, Superintendent McGee

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor:

Many years ago there was a weekly radio program that featured a character named Fibber McGee who had a closet filled with all sorts of junk. His wife would warn him not to open the closet door, but each week Fibber opened the door and all its contents would come spilling out.

Brunswick County has another McGee who also has a closet. Unlike Fibber, this McGee seems to want to keep that door closed with its contents out of view. That hasn’t always been the case.

After McGee’s first year as superintendent and after receiving an excellent evaluation, she flung that door wide open and spread its contents for all to see. It should be noted here that many feel the board’s first evaluation may have been influenced by the hefty price taxpayers shelled out to get the then assistant superintendent. They had just fired the former superintendent before the school year had begun and also paid him a full year’s salary. Their objectivity at evaluation time was questioned by many.

Now in her fifth year as the highest paid employee in our county school system, her excellent evaluation is a dim memory and a door once opened is now closed. Last year, McGee received a satisfactory evaluation that was immediately placed inside her door. This year, before the evaluation came out, she indicated to a Beacon reporter the “closed door” policy might be at an end. That was before she received an “average” evaluation. Now, she claims she has spoken to other not named sources who state their districts do not have full disclosure. As a former educator with more than 30 years experience in three school districts, I know of no instance when an annual evaluation has not been publicly displayed to the taxpayers.

It should also be noted that, as with our schoolchildren, a grade of “A” is excellent and a grade of “C” is average. McGee stated she was very pleased with her ”C” evaluation. She may be pleased, but many in the community are disheartened. Meanwhile, Superintendent McGee, do have the courage to open your closet door.