Park plans get personal

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To the editor:
The recent recommendation by council members DeVita and Joseph, and rubber-stamped by Sherrill and Williams, to have the veterans memorial site located at the park is just another example of how town hall forces its interests upon citizens. Most memorial sites are visible for all to observe and to reflect.
Town hall’s responsibility is to help facilitate this noble effort introduced by citizens who have assured us that the site will be privately funded and maintained.
The many citizens I have communicated with, along with several members of the committee, prefer to have the site at town hall. Why not? We have the land that could be easily redesigned to accommodate this precious gift.
The same four council members were also disappointed the park survey results only indicated citizens’ desire to save trees, nature trails, benches and restrooms and to maintain the area as a sanctuary, even though they attempted to manipulate the survey for their own wish list. Moreover, although listed on the survey, the memorial was not selected, as was the $65,000 park pavilion that councilman Joseph now wants and rubber-stamped by the same members.
The $900,000 park proposal should be cause for concern, as the council will continue to inject their personal desires by playing their “tit-for-tat” wish list with your money to attract hundreds to the park that residents do not want.
Once again, our council needs to be reminded who they work for.
Mayor Rich Cerrato
Sunset Beach