Park statement laughable

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To the editor:
Ref: Sunset Park in Towns section of latest Beacon.
I just finished reading the latest edition of the Beacon. I must admit I had to read the article about the Sunset Beach park three times to believe what I was reading.
It is well known that Mayor Rich Cerrato has opposed the park from its inception. His statement, “keeping the area as green as possible, because we don’t know what the use of this facility is going to be. Every time I drive by, I don’t see anyone in there,” is laughable.
Of course there is no one there. That’s because there is nothing there to do. Cut the grass, clean it up, put in some benches in the shade and adjacent to the water and a gazebo. Then people would have a reason to visit. Right now, the only reason would be to test-drive a lawn mower.
Has Mayor Cerrato ever heard of the phrase, “If you build it, they will come?”
If the mayor had his way, the park would be just another empty lot in Sunset Beach. Thank God our council members have forward vision.
Paul Piatek
Sunset Beach