Park will enhance Sunset Beach

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To the editor:
A place to relax, to contemplate nature, watch the sunrise with a cup of coffee, read a book, stroll the walking paths, while away the time while swinging on an adult swing or sitting on a bench by the water after a great dinner—that’s what I think of when I think about the possibilities for the proposed Sunset Beach Town Park.
I believe the proposed park is a payoff for our area economically and in terms of resident and visitor satisfaction. The park adds another dimension to the Sunset Beach experience.
A walking loop will naturally be created that will attract people to that part of the mainland. People will begin their visit to the Old Bridge, maybe enjoying programming offered by the Old Bridge Preservation Society, then spend time wandering through the shops, walking to the new pier, watching boats launch, strolling to the waterfront restaurants, spending some time at the new park and then crossing back over the street for a snack and a cup of coffee.
The town park will be the foundation for that walking loop. That entire area of Sunset Beach will be energized, bringing in new visitors who will support our town’s economy. The proposed park will be the crown jewel of the walking loop.
Without a doubt, when finished, the Sunset Beach Town Park will be a draw for the town. Thanks and credit to the current and past council members and townspeople for helping to make this vision a reality.
Carolyn Hirst-Loucks
Sunset Beach